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EDITOR: Com. PRAHLAD RAI, General Secretary; CHQ ADDRESS: C-8/230, Yamuna Vihar, Delhi-110053

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Com. Kishan Singh
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All Communications to: Shri Prahlad Rai, General Secretary, 122/85, Vijay Path, Agarwal Farm, Mansarovar, Jaipur-302020


AIRBSNLEWA is all set to file Writ Petition in Delhi High Court challenging the judgment of PCAT on our 1st pension arrear case. (OA 2260/2017). For this all applicants of the case need to sign fresh Vakalatnama and send to Sh Kishan Singh, C-8/230 Yamuna Vihar, Delhi 110053 by 10th of September 2019 along with court subscription of Rs 500/- each. The money is to be sent by A/C payee cheque in favour of AIRBSNLEWA CHQ. <<VAKALATNAMA>> is to be printed in LEGAL SIZE paper only. Following are the instructions:

1) Each applicant has to fill up only one line in the vakalatnama. Full Name as appearing in OA 2260, S/O in short form, R/O in short like Kolkata or Lucknow UP or Kunnur Kerala only, then Applicant No (A.N. No) also as per OA 2260 and finally short signature. With the main page number of additional pages as in page 2 can be added for more applicants

2) DO NOT put any serial number either in main page or in additional pages. Pl Leave the upper portion of main page blank. Nothing to be filled up there

3)All Branch Secretaries/ Circle Secretaries are to organize camps for the purpose. Care has to be taken so that the information are entered correctly as in OA 2260. Send the filled up forms with cheque to Sh Kishan Singh ji positively by 10-9-2019.

4) Individual or small group of members in those places where our branch do not exist, may send the filled up <<vakalatnama>> with cheque to Sh Kishan Sing ji positively by 10-9-2019

5) Download the <<Vakalatnama>> and print it only in legal size paper otherwise it will not be valid.

6) No action to be taken for those applicants who expired by this time.

7) Only applicants of 1st case OA 2260/2017 are to fill up vakalatnama and deposit the court subscription of Rs500/- each. Other members need not take any action pl.

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21.09.2019: AGM(Admin), O/oCGM, STR issued letter regarding procedure for opting for CGHS Scheme by BSNL Pensioners - <<Click here for letter>>>     <<<Ref.-I>>    <<<Ref.-II>>
04.09.2019: Revival of BSNL / MTNL:- GS discussed regarding revival of BSNL / MTNL proposal with concern DoT officers and found that the legal opinion on 4G spectrum allocation to BSNL has been received from Solicitor General, Govt of India which is positive. Now negotions are going on with Ministers of Finance for the financial support to BSNL / MTNL. DoE comments are expected by the end of this week or in the beginning of next week thereafter only the Cabinet Note will be finalised and send to the cabinet for approval approval. The Cabinet approval on this issue may be received in the third or last week of this month. Other than SPV model all the items e.g. VRS, reduction of age from 60 to 58 years, 4G spectrum allocation, monetization of BSNL and MTNL assets etc remains unchanged .
27.08.2019: Revival of BSNL/MTNL- Comrade GS discussed regarding revival of BSNL/MTNL proposal with concern DoT officers and found that today up to now Cabinet Note on Revival of BSNL/MTNL couldn't be sent to PMO and Cabinet secretariat due non receipt of SG opinion on 4G spectrum allocation to BSNL /MTNL as per the Hon'ble Supreme court judgement on this issue. It is expected that SG opinion may be received by today evening. The matter may be discussed in the next Cabinet meeting in the first weak of September-2019. Pension revision of BSNL pensioners will get attention after its approval only.




TO One & All

22.08.2019: Meeting with Director (Fin.), BSNL Board:  GS and GS AIBSNLEA met Director (Fin.) BSNL Board and discussed regarding payment of pending medical bills of BSNL pensioners. We also explained that while processing the medical claims the income tax from these claims are detected by concerned DDO's which is reflected in 26AS whereas medical claims are not actually paid. Director (Fin.) appreciated our concern and assured to examine the matter and to release some funds for the reimbursement of pending medical bills. We further  requested and early action in this regard.
21.08.2019: Meeting with DoT officers on revival of BSNL/ MTNL : GS and GS AIBSNLEA met with the concern DoT officers and discuss regarding revival of BSNL/ MTNL. It is understood as under:-

Shri Nripendra Mishra ji, Principal Secretary to PM hold a meeting yesterday in the presence of DoE and DoT officers and discussed the revival of BSNL/ MTNL plan at DoT.

(i) 4G spectrum allocation to BSNL/ MTNL accepted as 100% capital infusion.

(ii) Proposal for SPV for land monetization and transfer of MTNL/ BSNL loan not accepted.

(iii) BSNL/MTNL merger proposal dropped.

(iv) MTNL/BSNL land monetization proposal accepted. It will be monitored by a committee consisting of BSNL/MTNL, DoT and DIPAM officers.

(v) VRS proposal followed by retirement age reduction to 58 years .

It is expected that by today evening the minutes of this meeting will be received in DoT and on that basis a revised cabinet note will be sent to cabinet directly. PMO have desired to brief  this proposal in the next Cabinet meeting schedule to be held on 28th August, 2019 and incase some process delay takes place then certainly will  be approved in the Union Cabinet in the first week of September, 2019. After this DoT may issue notification upto 15th September, 2019 opening VRS Window for one month from 1st October, 2019 to 31st October, 2019 and may  completed the VRS process in the month of November, 2019 itself. Thereafter reduction of retirement age from 60 years to 58 years will be effective from 1st January, 2020. Government is expecting 90,000 BSNL/ MTNL employees will go on VRS which will be on the basis of Gujarat Model.

21.08.2019:  Committee of BSNL/MTNL Pensioners' Associations [CBMPA] meeting held today at Delhi and discussed the present status of BSNL pensioners pension revision. After detail discussions CBMPA decided to use political channels to impress upon the Gov't for revision of pension and will further meet to decide the strategies.

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19.08.2019:   Meeting with CMD BSNL:  GS along with GS AIBSNLEA met CMD BSNL and discussed regarding

(A) Reimbursement of medical claims of BSNL pensioners: We requested CMD BSNL for reimbursement of medical claims of BSNL pensioners. The medical claims are not being paid for the last two years which has caused hardship and difficulties to BSNL pensioners even the medical claim bills in many circles have not been processed. CMD BSNL appreciated our concern and mentioned that due to non availability of funds this situation have been created however he assured  to allot some funds in this account on funds availability. He further advice that BSNL pensioners shell immediately opt the CGHS facility and the CGHS one time fee paid by individuals will be immediately reimbursed by the BSNL for which he will issue instructions to the circles.

(B)  Revival of BSNL / MTNL : On the issue of revival of BSNL,  CMD BSNL mentioned that tomorrow there is a meeting in PMO wherein revival of BSNL/ MTNL will be discussed for clarifying the apprehensions / queries of DoE in this regard. The main  apprehension of DoE is that even after government financial support whether  BSNL / MTNL will revive. CMD BSNL expressed his concern that BSNL is having 1.60 lakh employees and 70000 contractual workers even then it is unable to increase the revenue. We explained the financial constraints being faced in the field units in day to day maintenance and operations. CMD further mentioned that after the DoE and PMO clearance only revival of BSNL/ MTNL plans will be processed to Cabinet for approval.

19.08.2019:   Meeting with Director(CM/HR),  BSNL Board:  GS and GS AIBSNLEA met Director(CM/HR) BSNL Board and requested for the long pending medical reimbursement bills of BSNL pensioners. Directed(CM/HR), BSNL Board appreciated our concern and assured to discuss the matter with his IFA for releasing of some funds in this account.

(b) Revival of BSNL/MTNL:  Director (CM/HR) confirmed that tomorrow there is a meeting in PMO for revival of BSNL/MTNL but we should make sincere efforts to provide Quality Services to BSNL's customers. He also mentioned that Reliance JIO fiber launch will also be threat  to all the Telecom operators including BSNL/ MTNL.

(c) Flood relief funds to Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra circles: We requested to immediate release of funds to heavily affected states due to flood i.e. Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Director(CM/HR) mentioned that Rs. 2 crores have been given to Kerala circle and  Karnataka circle and Maharashtra circle will also be given relief funds on the the requisition of concerned circles etc.

11.08.2019:     Circle Conference of AIRBSNLEWA Rajasthan circle at Jaipur on 11-8-2019: Com GS and OS(North) attended and address the Circle Conference of AIRBSNLEWA Rajasthan circle at Jaipur in Totuka Bhawan. Com GS in his address explained the status of BSNL pensioners for example pension revision of BSNL pensioners, settlement of pending medical bills, CGHS facility, arrears of 78.2% fitment benefit to BSNL pensioners w.e.f. 1-1-2007, mobile phones to retired BSNL employees in view of WLL withdrawn etc. Com GS appreciate the efforts of CS and President in organising the conference. Jaipur station District branch body was also formed. Under the Chairmanship of Com. S. S Rawat, OS(N) the election of circle body was conducted. Com K G Arora, Com M L Ostwal and Com Vyas were elected as Circle President, Circle Secretary and Financial Secretary respectively unanimously along with other circle office bearers. Com M L Ostwal Circle Secretary in his CS report discussed the all India issues and circle issue. Com K G Arora, President welcomed the CHQ office bearers and the members. Com GS and OS N were felicitated in the conference. Com CS assured to form District branches in all the districts at the earliest. Com T. R. Nanda, District President extended Vote of thanks. Lunch followed. The Conference was a grand success.

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09.08.2019: GS, President and FS today met Shri PK Sinha Ji, Member(F), DoT and Shri P K Purwar Ji and greeted them on assuming the new assignments. Also met Member(S), Member(T), DoT on Courtney call meeting and introduced them with new CHQ office bearers of AIRBSNLEWA. PGM(Admn) & GM(SR) BSNL CO were requested to provide office and meeting space to BSNL pensioners in Corporate office. CMD BSNL was requested to release funds for the settlement of pending medical claims. CMD assured to book into the matter and advised to switchover to CGHS facility for which one time fees payment will be reimbursed by BSNL within 45 days. Member(Fin.) was requested to consider pension revision. He assured to look into our proposal. 

Regarding Revival package, CMD BSNL told that it may be notified by DoT in the first weak of September-2019.

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09.08.2019: Delhi Circle, AIRBSNLEWA 3rd Circle Conference on 08.08.2019:-  AIRBSNLEWA  Delhi Circle organized its 3rd Circle Conference at Kidwai  Bhawan, New Delhi on 08.08.2019.Com,R.D.Arora Circle Secretary apprised in details the organizational activities of AIRBSNLEA in Delhi Circle and discussed the burning issues of BSNL Pensioners. Com. Teja Singh Circle President welcomed all the newly elected CHQ office bearers Com Kishan Singh, President, Com. Prahlad Rai, General Secretary and Com. A..K. Jain, Financial Secretary of AIRBSNEWA who were elected in the 3rd AIC of AIRBSNLEWA held at Vijayawada on 17th July 2019. He also welcomed AIRBSNLEWA Legal Consultant Com. A.K.Kaushik and Com. S.Shivakumar ,General Secretary, AIBSNLEA .

Com. Kishan Singh, President (CHQ) in his address apprised the status of Court case in details on 78.2% fitment benefit w.e.f.01.01.2007 to BSNL Pensioners instead of 10.06.2013 and further legal actions in this regard.

Com. Prahlad Rai, GS in his address extended thanks to Delhi Circle for welcoming the newly elected CHQ office bearers and explained in detail the status of burning issues of BSNL Pensioners as under:-

1. Regarding delinking of Pension Revision from Pay Revision. He explained that AIRBSNLEWA is regularly perusing the matter with DOP&PW, DOT officers and to the Hon’ble MOC for its settlement .He also explained that recently formula for Pension Revision as per 7th CPC has been drafted and submitted to DOT under the banner of CBMPA,

2. Delay in settlement of Medical claims:- Com GS explained that BSNL management is delaying the settlement of medical claims of BSNL Pensioners for the last two years, it is a serious situation. AIRBSNLEWA has already written to CMD BSNL for early settlement of the long pending medical claims, AIRBSNLEWA will continue its efforts to ensure the settlement of  pending medical claims at the earliest.

3. CGHS medical facility: Com GS explained the active role of AIRBSNLEWA in getting implemented CGHS medical facility to BSNL Pensioners. When the policy was under consideration in DOT that time AIRBSNLEWA only discussed the matter in DOT and with the Medical & Health authorities for mapping of Pay Scales of 2nd PRC with 6th CPC etc. Further, the mapping of 2nd PRC Pay Scales with 7th CPC were persuaded in DOT and now BSNL Pensioners are getting CGHS Medical facility without any difficulty. Reimbursement of onetime Payment to CGHS by BSNL Pensioners is also being persuaded for early settlement.

4. 78.2% fitment benefit to BSNL Pensioners:- Com GS explained that  AIRBSNLEWA has played a very important role in getting implemented 78.2% benefit in DOT. AIRBSNLEWA representatives regularly met and persuaded in  DOT/BSNL for its settlement .The issue of 60:40 was a great hurdle in settling the 78.2% fitment benefit to BSNL Pensioners. Com. Amit Gupta, Dy. GS AIRBSNLEWA took  all the relevant documents from DOT,DOP&PW on 60:40 introduction in payment of Pension to BSNL Pensioners under RTI. On that basis the matter was persuaded in DOT and convince the officers that this 60:40 provision needs to be withdrawn and finally succeeded in getting withdrawn with from the approval of Cabinet .This was the effort of AIRBSNLEWA only.

5. Mobile Telephone Connection to BSNL Pensioners in view of withdrawal of WLL Connection:-BSNL C.O. in the year -2007 has already issued the instructions to circles to provide mobile Pre-Paid telephone connection to the retired/retiring employees of BSNL whose WLL Telephone connections has been withdrawn. Some circles have implement the orders. However, AIRBSNLEWA has written a letter to CMD BSNL for issuing reminder on this issue.

Com GS assured Delhi Circle to extend full support and requested to grow the AIRBSNLEWA in Delhi Circle.

Com S. Shiva Kumar GS AIBSNLEA in his address appreciated the efforts of AIRBSNLEWA is settling the issues of BSNL Pensioners and assured fullest supports &  cooperation of AIBSNLEA to AIRBSNLEWA.

Com A.K. Kaushik, Legal Consultant, AIRBSNLEWA in his address explained the status of the Court case and further efforts in this regard.

House elected the chairman election to Com. Venket Raman and he conducted the election for AIRBSNLEWA Delhi Circle after the dissolution of the existing Circle body by Com Teja Singh, Circle President.

Com. Nandi, Com. A.J.Ram and Com. K.M.Goyal were elected unanimously as President, Circle Secretary and Finance Secretary respectively .

The  house was adjourned with  the vote of thanks extended by Com. K.M. Goyal Financial Secretary. The Conference hall was Jam Packed.

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The Judgment of our First Pension Arrear Case (OA 2260/2017) is received. It is seen that a common Judgment has been delivered for both OAs 2260 and 2853. It has already been pointed out that the OA 2853 was filed by other Association in a later date but unfortunately linked with our case. From the Judgment it is clear that the court has not understood the case at all and perhaps got confused with the separate OAs, which were different in arguments. The case was for arrears of Pension and Pensionary benefits but the judgment is delivered considering as if the applications were for DA arrears. We are publishing here both OAs and the judgment for perusal of our esteem members. Pl go through carefully and advice the action you feel appropriate. The list of applicants for OA 2260 is also being published separately. The applicants may kindly keep a watch on this website for further action we shall be taking for filing appeal in Delhi High Court.

<<OA 2853>>   <<OA 2260>>    << Judgment>>    <<List of Applicant OA 2260>>

08.08.2019:    GS Writes to Secretary DOT informing new CHQ Body  <<Letter>>     
Good evening to all. The HYDERABAD branch General body  conducted in a grand manner. 125 meeting  attended.  After opening remarks by president Com Sivaramudu  two minutes  silence observed by members in memory  of departed souls. Com Branch Sec HYD addressed the gathering  and presented  AIC highlights specifically touching pension revision and medical bills. SEC also informed house the immediate steps taken by our G.S immediately taking our issues pension revision  and medical Bill's .COm. AGS K.Jairam also explained  medical/pension  issues. Com Divakar Rao Treasurer placed Financial status before the house. Com B.V. Rao advisor also explained status of pay revision and medical  claims. Co. M.N.Rao our CHQ Auditor also addressed the gathering and explained CGHS migration. Our Branch Organising SECRETARY Com P.Satayanarayana not only placed  welcome address but also proposed  vote of thanks. 27 New members  joined our Association today. Deliberations and Discussions went on well. Thanking all office beaers and active members for their in conducting  G.B in a grand manner. ThankYou all .DAKSHINAMURTHY K      SEC HYD & OS South
05.08.2019:     GS writes to CMD BSNL on allotment of Mobile Connections to Retired Employees in non feasible areas.  <<READ>>
05.08.2019:    CBMPA (Committee of BSNL MTNL Pensioners Associations) submits a fresh proposal to Secretary DOT on Pension Revision.   <<READ>>

02.08.2019:   Meeting with PGM(Pers.), BSNL CO: GS met PGM(Pers.), BSNL CO & discussed regarding

(i)    Clarification to DoT on EPP provision of 1st time bound promotion from 4 to 6 years- Objection raised by Pr. CCA Kolkata : We requested PGM(Pers.) for an early reply to DoT regarding 1st time bound promotion from 4 to 6 years under EPP. Pr CCA Kolkata has objected granting 1st time bound promotion on completion of 5 years of service by mis-interpretating  4 or 6 years of service. PGM(Pers.) confirmed that the DoT letter dated 21.05.2019 (attached herewith) has been received along with AIBSNLEA & Pr. CCA Kolkata letters. He assured for sending early reply to DoT in this regard.

(ii)    Implementation of Rule-206 of SDEs(T) Seniority: We requested PGM(Pers.) for the true implementation of Hon'ble SC Judgment on Rule-206 of SDEs(T) seniority case. PGM(Pers.) mentioned that the exercise for implementation of Rule-206 is under process wherein the notional pay fixation will be granted by conducting review DPC against the vacant available posts and accordingly pension will be re-fixed. We explained that the Hon'ble SC judgment, the consequential benefits are to be given to all seniors  w.r.t. the juniors. PGM(Pers.) assured to look into the matter.

30.07.2019:            COURT CASE ON PENSION ARREARS
                                                 BAD NEWS
Our pension arrear 1st case (OA 2260/2017) came up for hearing today in PCAT ND along with other OA 2853/2018 filed by other Association. Both the cases were heard simultaneously and argument continued for two and half hours. But the Judicial Judge, who is also chairman of PCAT was not satisfied with the arguments and dismissed both the OAs. We are now waiting for the judgment copy and then will decide future action.
Along with our advocate, our president com Kishan Singh and legal consultant Com A K Kaushik were present in the court
29.07.2019:       GS Writes to CMD BSNL on Medical Issues........   <<READ>>
26.07.2019:    GS Writes to Hon MOC on Pension Revision........    <<READ>>

Our Pension Arrear 1st case OA2260/2017 was listed in PCAT court 1 sl no 51 today. But could not be heard due to shortage of time. It is now listed for hearing on Monday 29th July in same court 1 sl 42.

25.07.2019:   Meeting with DDG(Estt.) DOT:-  Com, Prahlad Rai ,General Secretary All India Retired BSNL Executive' Welfare Association (AIRBSNLEWA) met with Sh.S.K.Jain, DDG(Estt.) DOT and apprised him regarding newly elected CHQ body of AIRBSNLEWA in the 3rd AIC held at Vijaywada (AP) ON 17TH July -2019.Director(Estt) was also present there.

a)He requested DDG(Estt.) for the settlement of the Pension Revision of BSNL Pensioners. DDG(Estt.) and  Director(Estt.) informed that recently a letter from DOP&PW has been received wherein some queries have been made w.r.t. delinking of Pension Revision from Pay Revision. They mention that matter is under discussion in DOT and after the approval of the competent authority, reply will be sent to DOP&PW at the earliest. They further mentioned that at present as per existing rule the Pension Revision with Pay Revision only. The decision for delinking of Pension Revision from Pay Revision is to be taken at top level.

(b) Mapping of Pay Scales of 2nd PRC with 7th CPC Pay Scales for the purpose of CGHS Contributions Payment from BSNL:- We extended thanks for issuing the order and now BSNL Pensioners are getting CGHS Card without any difficulty.

(3) Payment of Pension Contribution on Actual Basic Pay instead of Maximum of the Pay:-  DDG(E) informed that DOE has asked some queries regarding Pension Contribution from MTNL and it is awaited from MTNL .He further mentioned that since the Pension Contribution in MTNL is being paid on actual Basic Pay ,thus there will be no refund case as it is in BSNL to refund Rs. 2000/= Crores.  

(4) Recovery from Pension by Pr. CCA Kolkatta against the Pay fixation in E2A Pay Scale on completion of 5 years of service:- Director (Estt.) informed that our Association letter along with the Pr.CCA Kolkatta letter has sent to BSNL for comments but the reply is still awaited. He assured to talk with the concern officer in BSNL for early reply. He assured an early action in this regard.

(5) Revival of BSNL/MTNL:- It is understood that after the GOM meeting, DOT has drafted a Cabinet Note on following points:-

(a) 4 G Spectrum Allocation to BSNL/MTNL through SPV Model. Govt. will bear the spectrum fee.

(b) VRS to BSNL/MTNL employees after the age of 50 years and above. Roll out of age from 60to 58 years w.e.f.1.1.2020.

(c) Monetization of BSNL/MTNL land and assets.

(d) Merger of BSNL/MTNL etc.


AIRBSNLEWA held its 3rd All India Conference at Hotel Swarna Palace, Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh on 17th July 2019. 98 delegates from different part of country attended the conference. The conference was graced by the newly elected President and General Secretary  of AIBSNLEA Coms Subhasis Mitra and Shivakumar. Com A K Kaushik and Com Yadav from MTNL was also present at the meeting. The conference started at 10.00Hrs and continued upto 19.00 Hrs. All the important issue of the pensioners were discussed in details and future plan worked out. Com Kishan Singh and Com Prahlad Rai has been elected as President and General Secretary respectively. The details will be uploaded shortly.

Complete list of New CHQ Body

1. Chief Mentor                    Shri M K Bagchi  MTNL Delhi
2. Legal Consultant            Shri A K Kaushik MTNL Delhi                

3. President.                          Shri Kishan Singh  Delhi*
4. Vice President I.               Shri Manas Roy.   W B
5. Vice President II..             Shri T Ravindran. Kerala
General  Secretary.           Shri  Prahlad Rai  Rajasthan*
7.Dy. GS                                  Shri Amit Kumar Gupta  WB
8.AGS I                                     Shri  K Jairam. T. S.
9.AGS II                                    Shri Pallab Bose UP East
10 AGS IIi                                 Shri M L Deore. Nasik
11. AGS IV                               Shri B M Mondal WB
12.OS East                              Shri Prasun Mukhopadhyay WB
13.OS West                             Shri M M Karnani Gujrat
14. OS South                          Shri K D Murthy  TS
15. OS North                           Shri S S Rawat  Rajasthan
17. Finance Secretary          Shri A k Jain  Delhi
18. Advisor I.                           Shri Venkat Rao  TS
19. Advisor II.                          Shri Prasun Ghosh WB
20. Advisor iii                          Shri V Keshava Rao. AP
21. Auditor.                              Shri M N Rao.            TS

Adopted General Secretary's Report  << Read>>
Minutes in brief     <<Read>>

<<<Some Glimpses of the Conference>>>