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01.07.2016:     IDA INCREASE 2.4% FROM JULY 2016.    
 30.06.2016:     CABINET NOTE ON 78.2% IDA MERGER FOR PENSIONERS: The Cabinet Memo has been submitted to Cabinet Secretariat on 17-06-2016 for consideration of the cabinet. The Central Cabinet meets every Wednesday to discuss such issues. Yesterday they cleared the proposal of implementation of 7th CPC but perhaps 78.2% issue was not on agenda. We expect that in the next meeting on 6th July the issue may be discussed. Let us hope that the Cabinet will clear the issue soon favorably.

30.06.2016:     Com Prahlad Rai Chief Mentor, AGS(Fin)/AIBSNLEA, CS AIBSNLEA Haryana Circle and Kishan Singh GS with FS, AIRBSNLEWA met Director (HR) on 28-06-2016 and felicitated on behalf of 2nd AIC of AIRBSNLEWA since she could not  visit Mysore.  Director (HR) explained that she was to attend the conference at Mysore but due to some unavoidable reason she could not attend  the conferences.  However, while appreciating the problems of BSNL pensioners,  she informed that for submission of medical bills through ERP of BNSL Pensioners was examined but it is not possible  through ERP, hence CGM ITPC, Pune has been asked to develop a module for BSNL Pensioners for feeding their medical claims online and to know the status of bills payments.  ITPC, Pune has assured to develop the module within two months time.

Earlier During the open session of AIBSNLEA at Mysuru on 17-6-2016, CMD, Director(CFA) and GM(SR) BSNL was felicitated by AIRBSNLEWA.

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30.06.2016:     7th CPC Report cleared by Union Cabinet:

The countdown for the implementation of  7th Pay Commission recommendations is over as the Union Cabinet on Wednesday cleared the final report made by the secretaries panel on Pay Commission recommendations

Highlights of the Cabinet approval on 7th CPC Report:

- Financial impact of pay hike: Rs 73,650 crore to be accommodated in the general budget and Rs 28,450 core by railway budget.

-The rate of annual increment retained at 3 percent.

-24 percent hike in pensions.

- The 7th Pay Commission report on revised pay will be effective from January 1.

- The Indian Army will benefit the highest with the cabinet approving hike in its salary from Rs 21,000 to Rs 31,500.

- Gratuity ceiling of employees will be doubled from Rs 10 lakh to 20 lakh.

- The cabinet cleared 23.55 percent hike in salary as recommended by the 7th Pay Commission.

- The entry level pay recommended to be raised to Rs 18,000 per month has also been accepted.


Details are awaited.........

24.06.2016:  NEWLY ELECTED OFFICE BEARERS CHQ ON 18-06-2016     
13.06.2016:  SECRETARY (T) CLEARED THE FILE: Reported by Com Srivastava at 17.00 hrs that the 78.2% File has been cleared by Secretary (T) and presently it is with Director (Estb). The revised cabinet memo is likely to be sent to the cabinet secretariat tomorrow.     

All India Retired BSNL Executive Welfare Association
CHQ New Delhi

            2nd All India Conference at University of Mysuru in Karnataka on 18 June 2016

Detailed Agenda

10.00 Hrs             Opening remarks and Welcome Address by President
10.20 Hrs             Vandematram Song by Sh. Manas Roy
10.25 Hrs             2 Minutes Silence in memory of President Late Sh. M.L.                                              Sharma and other deceased members.
10.30          Hrs             Self introduction
10.45          Hrs             Reports of Circle Secretaries, Branch Secretaries,                                                         Organizing Secretaries and AGSs.

12.30 Hrs             Lunch Break

13.30 Hrs             Address by Sh. Prahlad Rai Chief Mentors & GS,  AIBSNLEA.
14.00 Hrs             Pending Items of earlier session if any
14.30 Hrs             Summing up by GS and Report of GS
15.15 Hrs             Report of Finance Secretary
15.45 Hrs             Resolutions.
16.30 Hrs             Election of Chairman Election
16.35 Hrs             Dissolution of CHQ body and Election of new CHQ body
16.45 Hrs             Oath by New CHQ Body

17.00 Hrs             Closure of AIC

10.06.2016:     Congratulations!

Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, Department of Public Enterprises), Govt. of India

published an extraordinary edition of the Gazette of India on dated 09.06.2016 notifying the constitution of 3rd Pay Revision Committee (3rd PRC) comprising of the following:

Chairman: Justice Satish Chandra (Retd.)

Members: (1) Shri Jugal Mohapatra, Ex-IAS Officer (2) Prof. Manoj Panda, Director, Institute for Economic Growth, Delhi and (3) Shri Shailendra Pal SIngh, Ex. Director (HR), NTPC Ltd. Secretary, DPE shall be the Ex-Officio Member and Jt. Secretary/Addl. Secretary, DPE shall be the Member Secretary.

The Committee will make its recommendations to the Government within a period of six months from the date of its constitution and have headquarters in Delhi. Pension revision not included in terms of references although DOT wrote to DPE for inclusion <<<<Click here for the copy of the Gazette of India  dated 09.06.2016 >>>

10.06.2016:     Faridabad Branch of AIRBSNLEWA formed. In a meeting held today, Faridabad Branch is formed with 20 Life Members. Com President and Com G S attended the meeting. 
08.06.2016:  SECRETARY (T) IS OUT OF STATION: There is no development. The 78.2% IDA file is still in Secretary (T) 's chamber. He is out of station and expected to be back on next Monday (13-06-16). On 23-05-16 we reported that there will be approximately a time delay of one month for sending it again to cabinet secretariat and some Association passed oblique comments on our estimation. Now one more week and one month will be completed.   
07.06.2016:THE FILE IS STUCK UP WITH SECRETARY (T) : Com Rakesh Srivastava President AIRBSNLEWA enquired at 17.00 hrs today and learnt that the file with revised cabinet memo on 78.2% issue is still in the chamber of Secretary (T). The file is waiting for his signature since 1-6-2016.
01.06.2016: STATUS OF 78.2% ISSUE : Today morning the file is with Secretary(T). If he signs the file today then it may go to the Cabinet secretariat tomorrow.   

01.06.2016:  Meeting with GM (Admn) BSNL CO New Delhi:

Com Prahalad Rai Chief Mentor and GS AIRBSNLEWA Shri Kishan Singh met GM (Admn) BSNL CO and discussed regarding long pending problems of pensioners:


A. OUTDOOR MEDICAL BILLS REIMBURSEMENT: We requested to streamline the payments of BSNL pensioners medical claims through ERP or web provision wherein pensioners may submit his medical outdoor claims online and can monitor the status of their medical claims.  GM (Admn) appreciated our concern and mentioned that recently Director (HR) has also directed to settle the pending issues of BSNL pensioners as raised by AIRBSNLEWA.  He assured to discuss the matter with ED (CA)/Sr.GM (IT) for creating a software in this regard so that BSNL pensioners can feed online and monitor the status of their medical claims


B. INDOOR MEDICAL TREATMENT BILLS: In this regard we requested that the committee constituted should hear the voice of BSNL Pensioners also. The places where the empanelled hospitals are not available, TPA system like other PSUs linking with LIC as done by CGHS may be introduced.  GM (Admn) assured to look in to the matter


C. ALLOWING FREE CALLS AS PER BSNL ORDER IN CONCESSIONAL TELEPHONES: Free calls allowed in the concessional telephones are 500+50 calls which should be 500+220calls to BSNL as per order of BSNL dated 12-07-2007. We requested that the orders to this effect may kindly be issued immediately. Further, the free calls allowed should be the call made in local and national networks.  GM (Admn) informed that the matter is under consideration and shortly necessary orders will be issued


D. ALLOWING NIGHT CALLING FACILITY IN CONCESSIONAL TELEPHONES: The free Night Calling Facility as introduced in land phones has not been extended to concessional land phones for pensioners which are not coming under service telephone category. We requested that this may kindly be introduced for the concessional land phones for pensioners also. GM (Admn) informed that matter is under consideration and shortly necessary orders will be issued


E. TRANSFER OF SERVICE BOOKS OF BSNL PENSIONERS TO DOT CELLS AFTER RETIREMENT: After retirement all BSNL pensioners draw their pension from DOT. All further pension revision etc. are to be carried out by DOT cells of respective CCAs. Hence it will be appropriate to transfer the custody of the Service Books to DOT for proper maintenance. It may be noted that DOT cells are maintaining the service books electronically for safety and security. GM (Admn) informed that matter is under consideration in the Establishment Cell of BSNL C.O.




31.05.2016: STATUS OF 78.2% ISSUE : Yesterday the file has gone to Member(F). Till today 12:30 PM it is with Member(F).      
27.05.2016: STATUS OF 78.2% ISSUE : As directed by Cabinet Secretariat, Attachments to the cabinet note i.e old cabinet memos, orders etc have been removed and a gist of them now attached and was send to Dir (Est) by pension cell yesterday. Today the file is with Member(S) who is on leave. This has to be signed by the Member (F) and Secretary (T) before sending to cabinet secretariat. If everything goes fine the shortened Cabinet Memo may go to the cabinet secretariat next week.     
27.05.2016: Raising the free limit of concessional Telephones: The issue is under active consideration. GM (Admn) BSNL  asked for some information from ITPC   READ  
 23.05.2016:  CABINET SECRETARIAT WANTS THE CABINET NOTE TO BE CRISPY AND SHORT:  Com Rakesh Srivastava President AIRBSNLEWA reports AFTER enquiring that The Cabinet Secretariat wants the Cabinet note on 78.2% IDA merger to be crisp and short in place of the existing voluminous one. Therefore the said cabinet note has to be redrafted with fresh hindi translation and again to be signed by all bureaucrats before sending it to the cabinet. That means wait for at least one more month.
 23.05.2016:   Our AGS Comrade Amit Kumar Gupta, who had earlier submitted number of RTI queries on our Pension issue, had submitted another RTI six month ago (21-12-2015) asking some more questions based on the information received out of his earlier queries. DOT vide 13-1/2016-PSF dt 16-5-2016 has replied the queries. The questions and answers are placed below in a tabular form for better understanding.  Click for     The Application      The Reply 
                       QUESTIONS ASKED   REPLY BY DOT (13-1/2016-PSF DT 16-5- 2016)

1. Vide note sheet N-4 of File no 1-45/2003-B (pt.-1) dated 6-9-2006,(copy received through RTI enclosed) Secretary, DOT gave approval for creation of a Rolling Fund from the 60% of the receipts from BSNL on Dividend Income, License Fee and Corporate Tax/Excise duty etc. for exclusive use of payment of pension.

      a) Whether the said Rolling Fund has been created accordingly ?
      b) What is the present nomenclature of the fund ?




2. Considering the reply of 1(a) above is ‘yes’  kindly inform :

                 a) Whether the pension of the pensioners retired after taking absorption is paid from this rolling fund.?

                 b) Whether the pension of the pensioners retired before 1-10-2000 from DOT is paid from this rolling fund.?

                 c) Whether the pension of the pensioners retired from BSNL while serving BSNL as ‘deemed deputation’  is paid from this rolling fund.?

                 d) Whether the pensionary benefits like Gratuity etc is also paid from this rolling fund to above pensioners at 2(a),(b) and (c) ?


  a) Pension pf the pensioners retired after taking absorption in BSNL is paid from Consolidated Fund Of India as per Rule 37-A


b) From Consolidated Fund of India


c) From Consolidated Fund of India


d) Does not arise in view of reply to para 1 & 2 above


3. Considering the reply of 1(a) above is ‘no’ kindly inform :

               a) From which fund the pension of the pensioners retired after taking absorption in BSNL is paid ?

                 b) From which fund the pension of the pensioners retired before 1-10-2000 from DOT is paid.?

                 c) From which fund the pension of the pensioners retired from BSNL while serving BSNL as ‘deemed deputation’ is paid?

                 d) From which fund the pensionary benefits like Gratuity etc is paid to above pensioners at 2(a),(b) and (c).


  From Consolidated Fund of India

3. From which fund the pension and pensionary benefits of the pensioners retired from DOT after 1-10-2000, who never served in BSNL, is paid? Kindly inform.


  From Consolidated Fund of India

4. If the said rolling fund is created, kindly inform :

                a) What is the present balance of the fund?

                 b) Kindly furnish the year wise balance from year 2009 with year wise credit and debit amounts.

 In view of rteply to para 1 , information is 'NIL'

5. Kindly inform in details the utilisation of the “Pension Contribution” paid by BSNL for each of its serving employees under FR 116 and deposited to DOT. How the collected money is spend ?

 Pension Contribution collected from BSNL serving employees is deposited in Consolidated Fund of India as per extant rules.
After this reply the question which comes to everybody's mind:-

1) Then why Hon'ble MOC while replying the question raised in lok sabha did not mention that the pension is paid from the Consolidated Fund of India ?

2) Why then there is so much of correspondence on question of fund provision for granting 78.2% IDA for pensioners ?

3) Why DOT has asked for annulment of 60:40 provision in the Cabinet Memo ?

4) If the pension funding is from Consolidated Fund, then why 78.2% IDA is not given to pensioners even after 3 years?

5) While replying the DOE's querry in the tear 2014, why it was not pointed out to DOE that the pension is paid from consolidated fund of India. (No 40-13/2013 Pen(T) dt 11-7-2014)

19.05.2016:  MOC COFIRMS 60:40 PROVISION OF OUR PENSION IN LOKSABHA                    

                                                              GOVERNMENT OF INDIA

                                               DEPARTMENT OF TELECOMMUNICATIONS

                                        LOK SABHA  UNSTARRED QUESTION NO.1751
                                                     TO BE ANSWERED ON 4
TH MAY, 2016

                                                                        PENSION RULES


Will the Minister of COMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY be pleased to state:
(a) the existing rules/guidelines for the pension and revision of pension of the DoT employees absorbed in BSNL;
(b) whether any restriction is placed on the pension payment of these officials; and
(c) if so, the details thereof and the reasons therefor?


                                                  (SHRI RAVI SHANKAR PRASAD)

(a) Pension of BSNL employees is regulated under sub-rule 37-A of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972. The Department of Public Enterprises issues instructions/orders for revision of pay of employees in Central Public Sector Enterprises which are extended to the working employees of BSNL from time to time. On the basis of the pay revision orders issued by Department of Public Enterprises, pension/family pension of DOT employees absorbed in BSNL are revised with the approval of Cabinet from time to time.

(b) &(c) As stipulated in sub-rules 22 & 23 of Rule 37-A of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, in the case of BSNL, the pensionary benefits including the family pension shall be paid by the Government and the Government shall specify the arrangement and manner including the rate of pensionary contribution to be made by BSNL and the manner in which financial liabilities on this account shall be met. As per sub-rule 24 Rule 37-A of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, the arrangement thus worked out shall also be applicable to the existing pensioners and the employees who are deemed to have retired from Government service for absorption in BSNL. Cabinet in its meeting dated 27-01-2005, approved (Cabinet Note dated 14.01.2005) the payment of pension by the Government in respect of employees of DoT/DTS/DTO who retired prior to 1.10.2000 and those who have worked/are working in BSNL on deemed deputation and those who are absorbed in BSNL subject to the following conditions:
(i) The annual pension liability of the government shall not exceed 60% of the annual receipts to Government from the following items:
a. Dividend income from MTNL/BSNL.
b. License fee from MTNL/BSNL.
c. Corporate Tax/excise duty/service tax paid by BSNL.
(ii) Any amount exceeding (i) above shall be borne by BSNL.
(iii) Existing system of payment of pension would continue
(iv) Pensionary contribution from BSNL would be made to Government as per FR-116.
(v) Employees recruited directly by the BSNL on or after 01-10-2000 shall not be covered under this decision.

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12.05.2016:   Meeting with Director (HR), BSNL Board, New Delhi ON 10-5-2016

Com Prahlad Rai Chief Mentor and GS AIRBSNLEWA Sh. Kishan Singh met Director (HR) and discussed regarding settlement of the genuine pending issues of BSNL Pensioners already discussed in the meeting held on 11-4-2016 with Director (HR):

(a) For Outdoor medical Bills Reimbursement:- They requested that after introduction of ERP, the medical claims for serving employees has been streamlined, but the BSNL Pensioners are kept out of the ERP, hence their claims are still manually processed which is causing delay and the progress of claim settlement is concern to the Pensioners.

(b) Cash less Indoor treatment: For indoor medical treatment other than Delhi in most of the cities, empanelled hospitals for treatment on cashless basis are very few.  TPA system as is available in other PSUs or linking with LIC as done by CGHS may be introduced.

(c) Free Call limits on concessional telephones to retired DoT/BSNL employees: Allowing free calls as per BSNL order dated 12.7.2007 in concessional Telephones should be 500+220 calls instead of 500+50 calls.  Also the free calls allowed should be the call made in local and national networks.

(d) Allowing Night calling facility in concessional telephones- The free Night calling facility as introduced in landline phones has to be extended to concessional land line phones for BSNL Pensioners.

(e) Transfer of Service Books of BSNL Pensioners to DOT Cells after Retirement as the Pension is being paid by DOT.  All further pension revision etc. has to be done by CCA units of DOT only.


After detail discussions Director (HR) assured for early settlement of all above issues.


09.05.2016: CABINET MEMO ON 78.2% IDA MERGER FOR PENSIONERS HAS BEEN SENT TO THE CABINET: It is learnt today that on Friday (6-05-2016) it self the much waited Cabinet Memo has been sent to the Cabinet Secretariat and PMO by the Pension cell of DOT. It is also learnt that the memo contains the following proposal for approval of Union Cabinet. 

1)      For Pre 2007 Pensioners: Their pension will be notionally revised by merging 78.2% IDA as on 1-1-2007 but the revised pension will be actually paid from 10-06-2013

2)      For Post 2007 Pensioners: Their pay will be notionally revised from 1-1-2007, which will also revise their last pay drawn notionally. The pension will be revised accordingly from their date of retirement but will be actually paid from 10-06-2013.

3)  Annulment of following provision which was earlier approved in 2005 by the Cabinet:

"the annual pension liability of the government in respect of employees of DoT/DTS/DTO who retired prior to 1.10.2000 and those who have worked or working in BSNL on deemed deputation and for those who are absorbed in BSNL, shall not exceed 60% of annual receipts to the Government from (i) Dividend income from MTNL/BSNL, (ii) Licence fee from MTNL/BSNL, and (iii) Corporate Tax/Excise Duty/Service tax paid by BSNL. If the annual pension liability exceeds the figure 60%, the balance amount is to be paid by BSNL.”

09.05.2016: Appeal by GS Com Kishan Singh for holding the AIC smoothly.  READ     
05.05.2016:17-45 hrs    CABINET MEMO ON 78.2% IDA MERGER FINALLY GOING TO CABINET : As reported earlier, after signature the file has come back to Establishment/Pension Cell for Secretary (T) office at 17-30 hrs. Tomorrow it will be sent to Cabinet Secretariat/PMO for further consideration of the Cabinet Memo on 78.2% IDA merger for pensioners from 1-1-2007 but actual effect from 10-06-2013 and annulment of 60:40 pension sharing system. It may be noted that instead of replying the queries of DOE to DOE, it is included in the cabinet memo and being sent to Union Cabinet for their consideration
05.05.2016:   Com Prahlad Rai Chief Mentor met today with Director (Estt), DoT and discussed regarding:

A. Status of 78.2% IDA Pay fixation benefit to BSNL Pensioners: He requested for early sending of the Cabinet Note to the Union Cabinet for approval as it has already been approved by Hon'ble MoC & IT. Director (Estt) informed that the Cabinet Note has been send to the Secretary (T) for his signature and shortly it will be sent to Union Cabinet for approval. He further met in the Secretary (T) office and inquired about the Cabinet Note status. It was confirmed that the Cabinet Note is available in their office for Secretary (T) signature and possibly today it may be sent to the Pension Cell for further necessary action.

B. CGHS medical facility to BSNL/MTNL Pensioners: Director (Estt) informed that still the matter is pending in the Ministry of Health for decision in this regard. He assured to further contact the concerned officers in the Ministry of Health for early decision and making CGHS Cards to BSNL/MTNL Pensioners.

03.05.2016:     WHERE IS THE FILE ??   Com Rakesh Srivastava again enquired at 16.30 hrs (03-05-16). As per Sr PPS to Secretary (Telecom) the file is still with secretary as fer file tracking system, but the file is not located physically in his office. The file has not gone to Member(S) either. Then where it is ? As per our source it is with Secretary (T) only.    
03.05.2016:     The Final Cabinet Memo is yet to be signed by Secretary(T) : Today (3-5-16) Com Rakesh Srivastava President AIRBSNLEWA enquired with the office of Secretary(T) at 10-30 Hrs and learnt that the file is still in the chamber of Secretary awaiting his signature. The news given by some association that the file is already signed ia a premature one and not correct.     
02.05.2016:      Com Rakesh Srivastava President enquired the status of 78.2% IDA merger case with Establishment section of DOT. It is learnt that the final Cabinet Memo has been sent to Secretary DOT on 28-04-2016. It is yet to be signed by him. After his signature the file with the proposal of extending the benefit of 78.2% IDA merger for pensioners from 1-1-2007 but effecting from 10-06-2013 and also annulment of 60:40 pension sharing will go to cabinet secretariat for consideration of union cabinet .   
28.04.2016:     LODGE YOUR GRIEVANCES ON MEDICAL BILL AND OTHER PENSION RELATED ISSUES WITH CPGRAMS (Centralised Public Grievances Redress And Monitoring System) at  :  CPGRAMS is a powerful mechanism where any individual can focus their grievances which will be immediately forwarded to concerned department and is being monitored by Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances regularly till settlement of the issue. Let the Pensioners use this tool to redress their grievances related to delay payment of medical bills and any other pension related issues including gratuity and leave encashment.
For Pending Medical Bills (Indoor and Outdoor)    : Log on to -> go to "lodge your grievance" -> public grievance -> check "i agree" and then submit. The Grievance form will appear in the screen. Select  Department as "Telecommunication" , then select "Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited" then type of grievance as "harassment". There after fill in your name with designation as "Retd ...../ name of circle" (eg Retd AO / Maharastra Circle, Pune). Fill up address and phone nos as directed and then in the Grievances Box mention details of the case. Your HR NO, Circle SSA/Area, No of bills pending, From which date they are pending, Total pending amount etc in details. Pl do not use spl characters as mentioned. Fill up the check box and submit. your grievance will be registered and you will be given a registration no with which you can monitor progress of your grievance in .
For Pension and Pensionary Grievances : Log on to , select pension, fill up the form with details
25.04.2016:      The Final Cabinet Memo on 78.2% IDA Merger and removal of 60:40 pension sharing provision, is under preparation at the Establishment Section of DOT after its approval by MOC. The work is however delayed as the concerned officers are on leave till this month end .       
19.04.2016:     Meeting with  DDG (Estt), DoT :

Com Prahalad Rai along with Shri M.L. Ostwal, CS, AIRBSNLWA met Shri S.K. Jain, DDG (Estt), DoT regarding the progress of the case of 78.2% IDA fitment to BSNL Pensioners. DDG (Estt) informed that the Cabinet Note regarding 78.2% IDA fitment to BSNL Pensioners has been approved by Hon’ble MoC &IT and Secretary (T) and the file containing the note has been reached to the Pension Cell of DoT for sending the Cabinet Note to the Union Cabinet for approval.

13.04.2016:   10.30 AM : Hon'bl MOC HAS SIGNED THE 78.2% FILE WITH CABINET NOTE YESTERDAY AFTERNOON AND SEND IT TO SECRETARY (T). THE FILE IS NOW IN THE CHAMBER OF Secy (T) who is on leave today. Remaining days of this week are holidays hence next movement expected only on next Monday.

12.04.2016:  It is learnt that till lunch hours the file of 78.2% IDA fitment has reached to the office of Hon'ble MOC&IT and also put on the table of Hon'ble MOC&IT............................

11.04.2016:   Meeting with Director (HR) on various issues related to BSNL pensioners:As scheduled, the meeting took place today at the chamber of Director (HR), wherein GM (A) and G.M. (Estt) were also present.  From the association side President, General Secretary, AGS (Engg), AGS (C/E/Ar/TF) from AIBSNLEA and President, General Secretary, AGS –I and AGS – II of AIRBSNLEWA represented.

The discussions took place on the agenda submitted earlier.  The brief of the discussion is as follows:

1.     For outdoor medical bill re-imbursement:  The Association  pointed out that many circles are making the re-imbursement of medical bills of the retired employees abnormally delayed, more over in the recently developed  ERP system the entry of the medical bills of the pensioners are made only at the last stage before the payment. Otherwise it is being done manually as was done in earlier situation.  Therefore, the pensioners are not in a position to track the medical bills online which is available to the serving employees. The condition of the pensioners suffering from acute diseases like cancer, dialysis, etc. are pathetic. The association suggested the following measures to be implemented.

·    Pensioners will prefer their claims in usual way and submit it personally or by speed post / courier as per their convenience.

·    On receipt of the claim the Accounts office shall immediately enter the claim details in the ERP system on the same day.  After entry the system will generate “a claim no. and intimate the same to the concerned pensioner by SMS”.

·    The pensioner can view the progress of the claim in the portal with help of the claim no.

·    Additionally system will generate SMS whenever the claim processed at each stage of settlement.

·    Finally the payment details against the claim numbers to be intimated to the pensioners so that he/she understand which claim is paid.  The information to be provided in the portal also and claims are to be settled within a specified time limit as in the case of serving employees.

·    The ERP package and BSNL intranet to be suitably modified to cater the above provisions.

Director (HR) and the G.Ms present in the meeting highly appreciated the suggestions and decided to implement the same at the earliest.  Director (HR) asked ED (CN) whether such provisions can be made in the ERP.  ED (CN) informed that the same can be discussed with ITPC wing.  Director (HR) requested to have the discussions immediately, wherein our representatives from the associations will also be present.

2.  For Indoor Medical Treatment:  Association pointed out that other than New Delhi, empanelled hospitals for treatment on cashless basis is practically non-existence  in most of the circles.  

Director (HR) pointed out that, she is aware of the problems and proposal to introduce medi-insurance is under scrutiny and is under active consideration of the BSNL management.  She asked G.M. (A) to decide the issue as quickly as possible.  Association further pointed out that in the committee formed, there is no representative either from the executive association or from the pensioners.   Director (HR) immediately instructed to include both the G.Ss of the executive associations in the committee.

3.  Allowing free calls as per BSNL order in concessional telephones:  Free calls allowed in the concessional telephones for the retired executives are 500 + 50 calls , which should be 500 + 220 calls to BSNL as per BSNL order dated 12.7.2007.  Association pointed out that this could be implemented straight away as the provision already exists in the BSNL’s own order.

Director (HR) asked G.M. (A) to examine and settle the issue immediately.

4.  Allowing night free calls in the concessional telephones: Free night calling facility as introduced in the landline phones has not been extended to the concessional telephones of the pensioners which are not coming under service telephone category. 

Director (HR) asked G.M. (A) to examine and put up the issue immediately. 

5.    Transfer of service books of BSNL pensioners to DoT Cells after retirement:  It was pointed out that after retirement, the service books of the CDA pensioners are transferred to concerned CCAs, but for IDA pensioners, it is kept with BSNL only.  For proper upkeepment of the service books, the same may be transferred to the concerned CCAs, who are presently maintaining it electronically for safety and security and also to ensure timely settlement of the future pension revision / family pension settlement, etc.

Director (HR) instructed G.M. (Estt) to examine the issue and find out the present rule position on the subject.

The meeting was held in a  very much co-ordial atmosphere.  Director (HR) categorically mentioned that she personally does not like that the pensioners after their retirement should visit the offices for their claim settlement.  She assured to settle all the issues and expected that in the next meeting she will find smiling faces of the pensioners.  She also requested Com. Prahlad Rai to regularly follow up the issues with her till the issues are settled.

11-04-.2016:    Good News....... It is learnt that Secy(T) has cleared 78.2% file along with Cabinet Memo. The file will now go to MOC&IT and after his approval will be sent to Cabinet for approval.

02-04-.2016: Status of Cabinet Note regarding 50% IDA Merger amounting to 78.2% IDA as on 1/1/2007 for BSNL Pensioners retiring between 1/10/2000 and 09/06/2013:-
After clarifying the queries raised by Secretary(T) on MTNL issue, regarding grant of 50% IDA  merger  amounting to 78.2% IDA as on 1/1/2007  the Cabinet Note on this issue was submitted to Secretary(T) on 23/3/2016, but the same is still awaiting approval/ concurrence from Secretary(T) for further approval from Hon’ble MOC & IT and the UNION Cabinet.
G.S.  and President  AIRBSNLEWA along with GS, AIBSNLEA sought personal meeting with Secretary(T) on 14th March 2016 on this very issue, wherein Secretary(T) advised our Office Bearers to seek a proper appointment through a written request. Immediately G.S., AIRBSNLEWA submitted  a written request in office of Secretary(T). This was  followed by two reminders to Secretary(T)  by our President through e-mail on 28th March and 31st March 2016 with no positive response from the office of Secretary(T).
Today on 1st April 2016, GS and President AIRBSNLEWA went to Sanchar Bhavan and again  sought a personall meeting / appointment with Secretary(T), which was deferred to next week by Secretary(T). But we insisted upon meeting Secretary(T) today itself and waited to meet him in his  office.
We met Secretary(T) in the visitor’s lobby and told  Secretary(T)  that we have been seeking meeting/ appointment  with him over a period of  last three weeks with no avail. The pensioners are getting restive and the issue of 50% DA Merger amounting to 78.2% IDA as on 1/1/2007 needs early resolution, for which a duly prepared cabinet Note was awaiting his approval.
Secretary(T) replied that he was fully aware of our problem and was trying to look into the matter  and resolve it at an early date. We pointed out that the issue was awaiting settlement over a priod of last three years. Secretary) in turn responded that we could not apportion entire blame of three years delay over his head. Very true, we replied but we expected him to resolve the issue at the earliest. Secretary(T) replied in the affirmative with assurance to approve the Cabinet Note and get this issue resolved at the earliest.  
Rakesh Srivastava, President, AIRBSNLEWA

30.03.2016:  MEETING WITH DIR(HR) BSNL : Com Prahlad Rai met the Director (HR) BSNL Smt Sujata Roy yesterday and handed over a letter containing various problems of the BSNL Pensioners including Health Care Facilities. He requested to grant a meeting to discuss the issues. Dir (HR) immediately fixed a meeting at 3.30 PM on 11-04-2016 where GM(Admn) & GM(Estb) will also attend.  Read the Letter   
28.03.2016:  78.2% FILE REACHED SECRETARY (T) : Com Rakesh Srivastava President AIRBSNLEWA enquired the status today afternoon. It is learnt that the flie with draft Cabinet Memo has reached Secretary (T) on 23-3-2014 after clearnce from Member (S) and Member (F) DOT. Let ws hope that this time it will get the nod of the Secretary (T) and the file will reach MOC without any further trouble            
24.03.2016: Status of Cabinet Note regarding 50% IDA Merger amounting to 78.2% IDA as on 1/1/2007 for BSNL Pensioners retiring between 1/10/2000 and 09/06/2013:-

Benefit of 50% IDA merger w.e.f. 1/1/2007 to all Employees of BSNL vide DOT Memo no.61-01/2012-SU dated 10th June 2013 was granted by  Govt. of India w.e.f. 10th June 2013.

The proposal to extend the benefit of 50% IDA merger to BSNL Pensioners, (retiring between 1/10/2000 and 9/6/2013),   amounting to 78.2% IDA (as on 1/1/2007) was moved by DOT in January 2014 for approval from DOP/DPE/  Dept. of Expenditure. After several rounds of consultations / clarifications  the proposal moved by DoT was approved and concurred by Hon’bel MOF  vide DOE OM No. 582/EV/2014 dated 15/10/2014 with a caveat that DOT should seek Cabinet Approval as well  for granting benefit of 50% IDA merger w.e.f. 1/1/2007 to all BSNL Pensioners retiring between 1/10/2000 and 09/06/2013 as granted to working Employees of BSNL vide DOT Memo no.61-01/2012-SU dated 10th June 2013.

Cabinet Note was duly prepared by DoT and sent to DOP/ DPE/ Deptt. Of Expenditue and Ministry of Law in F.Y. 2015-16, incorporating one additional issue of insufficient funds for payment  of BSNL Pension under cabinet Decision dated 27/1/2005, which limited Govt. liability to 60% of Revenue Receipts from BSNL, and  seeking waiver/ annulment of Cabinet decision dated 27/1/2005. The  issue of funding of BSNL Pension should not have been combined with issue of 50% IDA Merger as granted vide OM dated 10th June 2013. It should have been dealt separately by DoT at a later date. This caused further delay and Deptt. Of Expenditure raised many queries in August 2015, which have already been elaborated in one of our earlier WRITE Ups on our web site..

DoT took another one  year or so in finalizing the reply to queries raised by Deptt. Of Expenditure, but in their wisdom,   did not consider  it appropriate to send the  reply to queries to Deptt, of Expendityure for further action.. Instead DoT thought that a better strategy would be   to send the Cabinet Note over this issue  directly to Union Cabinet for their consideration and clearance.

This Issue was apparenrly resolved internally between Member(F)  and Secretary(T)  in DoT and the Cabinet Note was already submitted in the month  of January 2016  to Secretary(T) / MoC  for their approval and further decision  by the Union Cabinet.  But  a change of guard took place  in DoT. Sri Rakesh Garg,  then Secretary(T) was transferred to another Ministry  and  Sri J.S.Deepak, I.A.S.,  new Telecom. Secretary  took charge on 1st February 2016 as new Telecom. Secretary,   

In response to some representations regarding  grant of  50% IDA Merger, wherein  some   MTNL Associations/ Unions have demanded parity with BSNL, which is mandated  to be granted to them by leveling down MTNL scales  under 3rd PRC w.e.f. 1/1/2017 in accordance with Cabinet Decision on Govt.  Pension to MTNL Employees at par with BSNL. Secretary(T) has raised some queries on 12/02/2016  regarding admissibility of 78.2% IDA to MTNL Employees/ Pensioners based on representations of MTNL Associations/ Unions forwarded by MTNL to DoT.  

Establishment Wing of DoT has already clarified to Dett. Of Expenditure  that benefit of 50% IDA Merger to BSNL Pensioners can become an issue  only after the same benefit is  granted by MTNL to its existing Employees in MTNL. Because  MTNL Employees have not yet been  extended the benfit of 50% IDA Merger, amounting to 78.2% IDA as on 1/1/2007,  the same can not be given to MTNL Pensioners at this stage, because entitlement to pension is based on the quantum of last pay drawn.

The file was doing rounds in Establishment/ Finance/ PSU Wings in DoT and after six weeks of deliberations the opinion  rendered by Establishment Wing is supported by PSU Wing and Finance Wing. Curretly file has returned to Pension Cell of DoT snd is under submission to DDG(Estt.)/ Member(S)/ Secretray(T).

Hopefully all doubts/ queries  raised by Secretary(T) have been answered during six weeks of internal deliberation and the Cabinet Note is expected to be approved by Secretary(T)/ MOC & IT in last week of March 2016 for onward journey to Union Cabinete   ----  Rakesh Srivastava, President, AIRBSNLEWA

Com Kishan Singh GS writes to MOC requesting to grant a meeting.  LETTER



08.03.2016:  78.2% ISSUE ---  THE FILE FURTHER SENT TO ESTABLISHMENT:  The status has been enquired by our President Rakesh Ji today afternoon. It is learnt that since the question of inclusion MTNL is a policy decision, Member (F) DOT is sending the file to Establishment section for the clarification. Therefore more and more delay to this issue.
0403.2016:               OUR PENSION IS PART OF UNION BUDGET    

We have been informing our members about the developments happening  on our pension issue since 2003 . Through different write-ups we have been  constantly educating our members about the developments and happenings. Our members are aware now, how due to constant pressure of the Finance Ministry/Dept. of Expenditure  the 60:40 pensionary  
load shairng clause was introduced and how our pension was got   linked by DoT/ Deptt. of Expenditure with the deposits made by BSNL under different accounts. The 50% IDA merger issue amounting to 78,2 % IDA as on 1/1/2007 is still struck up on the funding issue and presently the cabinet memo is under submission along with proposal of annulment of 60:40 load sharing clause .
Now after placement of the union budget 2016-2017, when we went through the budgetary documents we found that Department of Telecommunications has placed a demand for grants required for various expenses till 31st march 2017. In the said statement Rs 8932.00 crores has been asked for discharge of the responsibility of pension and pensionary benefits. Further in the explanatory note it is also specifically mentioned that this includes pensionary benefits of the employees of the department Telecommunications together with employees absorbed in Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (`8,932crore).
Out of curiosity  we searched the budget proposals of earlier years. And found that from 2006-2007 onwards similar provisions existed  in every years budget  under Telecom. Budgetary grants. However after FY 2000-2001 and prior to FY 2006-07 this item was not mentioned under Telecom. Budgetary grants.
Now the question rises that when there is a budgetary provision for payment of pension of BSNL absorbees why so much file processing is being done?  Why Department of expenditure is asking so many queries about the fund provisioning ? Why there is a need of annulment of 60:40 ? Why such provisions are mentioned in the cabinet memos,  and why the issue 78.2 % is  delayed so much ?
These are the questions DOT should answer. We are placing the information to all pensioners as a responsible association. They may exercise their channels to get the mystery solved.

(As per our analysis, the Cabinet Decision of 27th January 2005, which was kept  as a closely guarded secret and under wraps for around ten years is proving to be a thorn in the flesh for DOT/ BSNL and BSNL Pensioners, which people refused to acknowledge and resolve r in spite of clear Advice for annulment of Cabinet Decision dated 27/1/2005 (regarding pensionary  load shairng clause by BSNL)  from Sri R.Ashok, then member(F) in the year 2005-2006.)
03-03.2016:  78.2% ISSUE ---  SECRETARY (T) RETURNED THE FILE: Com Rakesh Srivastava, our President  has enquired the status of the file containing the cabinet note today morning. It is learnt that yesterday the file was sent back to Member (F) DOT who  sent  the file to DDG(B&PF) today morning.  It is also learnt that the query this time is whether to include MTNL in this proposal and subsequent implications thereof.
03-03.2016:  AGITATION BY WB CIRCLE AIRBSNLEWA:   As a follow up action of the Agitation, which was deferred after firm  commitment of CTD management , two reminders were issued yesterday. As there is a little contradiction between the letters, we requested them to correct it. Read the orders   One   Two 

1.     26-02.2016:   AIRBSNLEWA  NOTIFIES ITS 2ND AIC AT MYSURU   It is hereby notified that the 2nd All India  Conference of All India Retired BSNL Executive’ Welfare Association will be held at  RTTC, Campus MYSURU, KARNATAKA STATE from 18th to 19th JUNE 2016

         i.            The boarding and lodging arrangement to the participants have been made with effect from 17/06/2016 to 20/06/2016.

       ii.            For Departure & Arrival details of delegates – It is requested to E-mail the information on ID No :

      iii.            Please intimate CHQ Quota sent so far. It is requested that balance CHQ Quota may be directly deposited in A/C No. 1120000100163522, IFSC Code PUNB 0112000, Punjab National Bank, ECE House, K.G. Marg, New Delhi -110001, A/C name  All India Retired BSNL Executive Welfare Associations. 

     iv.            One delegate on 50 members in the Branch (or minimum one delegate) may be Deputed for conference  and their names may sent to General Secretary at the following address : Sh.  Kishan Singh, C-8/230, Yamuna Vihar, Delhi – 110053 or on above E-mail ID.

       v.            Both side journey fare and delegation fee of Rs 1000/- is to be paid by Circle Branches or by individuals attending the conference.

     vi.            This information may be given by 15/03/2016 on E-mail ID  so that further Programme may be prepared and necessary arrangements are made. 

                                                           CLICK FOR THE NOTICE

26-02.2016:  Special General Body meeting of UP (East) Circle  
Marvelous  and well organized General body meeting of  “ALL INDIA RETIRED BSNL EXECUTIVES’ WELFARE ASSOCIATION” UP(East) Circle  was held on 23rd February 2016 at “Essence Banquet Hall” ARYAN RESTAURENT , Opposite Governor House, Hazratganj Lucknow .
After observance of two minutes silence in memory of departed members the meeting started with the opening remark of Circle President. After that all PHQ Leaders, members and Guest specially Shri Satish Joshi, Area head along with his team ICICI Securities were welcome by Circle Secretary Com Pallab Bose.
Com Pallab Bose Circle Secretary apprised members of UP(E) circle in detail about the latest development on Status of the Cabinet Note like 78.2% IDA merger, 60-40 issue, Medical issues were explained to the pensioners. There was nice interaction with them after the deliberation which further cleared many doubts.
Com Bose also apprised the members that “AIRBSNLEWA” is an only Association who is sincerely perusing the issues of Retired Executives of BSNL at CHQ level as well as Circle level. He conveyed his sincere thanks to CHQ Leader Com Rakesh Srivastava President, Com Kishan Singh GS, Com Amit Gupta, AGS for their sincere pursuance of our pending issues.
On this occasion , an Open session on “Financial Planning “ with team ICICI Securities Ltd. was also organized in the interest of retired executives.
Open session  was attended by hundreds of retired  executives and addressed by Com S.M.Abbas, Circle President, Com Pallab Bose Circle Secretary, Com C.S.Verma, Finance Secretary, Com S.K.Awasthi Circle Vice president & Com R.J.Pandey Dist.President AIBSNLEWA Lucknow. 10 new pensioners took enrollment as Life Members
 Circle secretary also appealed to each and every member to increase the membership to strengthen our CHQ hand He also assured to members that he will struggle to protect every right of the retired executives.
Com Ram Janam Pandey and Com P.K.Dixit appealed to all retired executives of UP East Circle to come together in one platform in the interest of our retired Executives.
Circle Secretary thanked com P.K.Raje Org Secretary, Com G.N.Gupta, Com D.N.Verma & Com A.K. Tripathi, and ACS for organizing the meeting. Com Bose Circle Secretary assures that a similar meeting will be organized very soon.
The Open Session ended with vote of thanks followed by National Anthem.  The meeting lasted for about 4 hours.
At the end of session all members and guest enjoyed with coffee snacks, delicious food and sweets.
Lastly all members and guest were honored with New Year gift by AIRBSNLEWA
view glimpses.
25-02.2016:  78.2% ISSUE ---  SECRETARY (T) NOT IN INDIA:      

Com Prahlad Rai Chief Mentor and GS AIRBSNLEWA Shri Kishan Singh met Member (S) DoT and DDG (Estt) DoT yesterday and discussed regarding implementation of 78.2% IDA Pay fixation case of BSNL Pensioners. Member (S) informed that Cabinet Note in this regard is ready and it will be sent to cabinet after the approval/signature of Secretary (Telecom) on his returning from Barcelona (Spain) in the next week.


They requested DDG (Estt) DoT for allowing CGHS medical facility to BSNL/MTNL Pensioners.  He informed that the matter is under consideration with Ministry of Health. Next week meeting is fixed up with Ministry of Health Officer to discuss the matter for extending the CGHS medical facility to BSNL/MTNL Pensioners.

 25-02.2016:    West Bengal Circle's Agitation. As a follow up action on the settlement reached on 16-2-2016, CTD administration issued order to all Addl GMs/DGMs.  READ THE CONTENT  
 22-02.2016:   78.2% ISSUE --- DRAFT FOR SECRETARY (T) NOT YET PREPARED: For informing the background of the case to the new Secretary(T), the draft note is still under preparation. Presently the file is with DDG(Estt) DOT. Let us see how many days the establishment section take to prepare the draft.
16-02.2016:   REASON FOR RETURNING 78.2% FILE  BY SECRETARY (TELECOM) : It is reliably learnt that Sri J S Deepak New Secretary(T) DOT, who has joined recently joined DOT, wanted to know the background and history of the case from Member( S) and Establishment Section of DOT. For that reason he returned the file yesterday to Member (Services) DOT instead of sending it to MOC for his approval.  
16-02.2016:   REMARKABLE VICTORY BY AIRBSNLEWA WEST BENGAL: As per the notice served, "SIT IN BEFORE CGM'S CHAMBER" was to be held on 17th Feb from 10 AM to 7 PM for settlement of long pending medical bills and other medical related issues of the pensioners. Today morning CGM called our AGS Com Amit Gupta and requested him not to hold the programme. It was pointed out to him that since issue of the notice, no discussion with the administration has taken place and now all pensioners are ready for the programme. Unless discussion took place and some firm commitment is received from the administration we cannot think of even defer the programme. CGM immediately acted and our circle secretary com Sitansu Sarkar received call from GM(HR & Admn) at 8.30 AM to attend the meeting on 12.00 PM at PGM CTD,s chamber.
At scheduled time Com D Biswas President, Com Sitansu Sarkar Secretary, Com Debabrata Roy Org Secretary and Com Amit Gupta AGS/CHQ went for the meeting. From management side Sh Apurba Kundu PGM, Sh S K Samanta GM (HR&Admn). Sh S Kujur GM (Finance) CTD were present. the meeting was held in very congenial atmosphere. All the harassments and sufferings faced by the pensioners to get their medical claims settled was highlighted. Management did not dispute any point and expressed their sorrow for the difficulties faced by the retired employees. Association wanted written time bound commitment to which management responded positively and assured in writing that all medical bills as on 29th February 2016 will be settled on or before 31st March 2016. The proposal of nominating one nodal officer at each area is also considered actively. They also requested to withdraw the agitation. In response to the written commitment, AIRBSNLEWA West Bengal has deferred both SIT IN on 17th Feb and SIT IN STARVATION from 22nd Feb till 31st March 2016. We congratulate all the pensioners of West Bengal for the success of the agitation. Read  letter from Administration      Deferment of Agitation
15-02.2016:   78.2% FILE RETURNED BY SECRETARY (TELECOM) : Com Rakesh Srivastava enquired the status this morning with PS to Secretary(T). It is learnt that the draft cabinet memo has been returned by Secretary (T) to Member (Services) for some clarification.  
15-02.2016:    Agitation by West Bengal Circle : As per the notice served to CGM CTD, pensioners will stage "SIT IN" before CGM on 17th Feb and "SIT IN STARVATION" from 22nd Feb indefinitely. Since December 2015 management has issued as many as 7 orders to clear medical bills of the pensioners and to send a report by 10th Feb. As per the information only one area has submitted the report. Another order is issued on 11th Feb and also some SMSs. In spite of all these some areas are not bothered at all and some areas have taken some minor action which is insufficient to end the harassment of the pensioners. The agitation is covered in the leading daily newspaper Anandabazar Patrika on 14-02-16. Mobilise to make the agitation successful. Click for the latest order  Newspaper coverage.    
10-02.2016:  78.2% FILE IS STILL WITH SECRETARY (TELECOM) : The file is still with the new Secretary (Telecom) as reported by his office today morning. It is also learnt that after joining to this new assignment, Sri J S Deepak, new secretary (T) has not cleared any file till date. Let us hope he will clear our case early.        
05-02.2016:    78.2% FILE IS STILL WITH SECRETARY (TELECOM) : Today evening it is lernt that the file is still with Secretary Telecom since yesterday. He could not see the file for other works. It is expected that Monday (8-2-16) he may clear the file.        
04-02.2016:    78.2% FILE SENT SECRETARY (TELECOM) : It is learnt from PS to Member (F) DOT that the final Cabinet Memo on 78.2% IDA merger and annulment  of 60% - 40% system has been sent to the Secretary Telecom this morning (04-02-16), After his approval the file will go to MOC and then to Cabinet Secretariet.
03-02.2016:    On receipt of "Notice" from AIRBSNLEWA West Bengal , GM (HR &Admn) CTD issued a letter to all DGMs enclosing the notice. "....It absolutely shows callousness and indifferent attitude and failure to monitor the work of the concerned executives and non executives...." Read full text 
02-02.2016:    It is 11th day, the file is still with Member Finance DOT   Today also our President enquired about the status of 78.2% IDA merger file. It is learnt that the file with the final Cabinet Note is still pending with Member (Finance) DOT. None can say when she will clear the file. In earlier occasions also she took long long time to clear the file.                        
28.01.2016:   West Bengal Circle on Agitation. : AIRBSNLEWA WB has served notice today to the CGM CTD for agitational actions to end the stalemate on payment of Medical Bills. Earlier they issued two letters on 05-12-2015 and 15-1-2016 but no significant action has been taken to end the crisis. Outdoor Medical Claims of the pensioners are pending for more than one year and Indoor claims for 2-3 years. Due to such inaction more than 50% pensioners have stopped prefering their claims. The Demand Placed as below :

1)      Settlement of all outdoor and indoor claims submitted by 31st December 2015 within 15 th February 2016. Further the claims submitted by 31st January 2016 by 15 th March 2016 so on and so forth. (As per BSNL Order BSNL/Admn.I/30-6/15 dt 23-10-15)

2)      Supervision at every level to settle the disputed cases. For example the cases are pending at area level or the cases pending at CSC for final payment. There are many instances where the area has sent the approved bill for payment but payment is not made and the pensioner is shuttling between Hare Street and Area Office.

3)      Nominating one officer at every area as “Nodal Officer” to whom the pensioners will send their problems by SMS or Whatsapp. The Nodal Officer in turn will enquire the dispute and communicate back to the pensioner by SMS or Whatsapp. A second stage nodal officer be nominated at GM level to settle the disputes not settled at area. The name, designation and mobile numbers may be suitably notified.

4)      Suitable action by the management to bring back the confidence of the pensioners, so that they exercise their right and resume preferring medical claims.

Agitational Programme:

ü  “Sit in” before the chamber of CGM from 10 AM to 7 PM on 17-02-2016 for drawing the attention of the management.

ü   “Sit in Starvation” from 22-02-2016 before the chamber of CGM indefinitely till settlement of the demands.

      All members are requested to attend the programme punctually. This is a fight to establish the right of the pensioners. Inform all pensioners executive and non executive and solicit their support.

28.01.2016:   Meeting with Senior Officers of DoP&PW:

Com Prahlad Rai GS  AIBSNLEA and representatives of United Forum of MTNL unions & Associations Com. M.K. Bagchi and Com. A.K. Kaushik met the Senior Officers of DoP&PW today to discuss the future provisions of MTNL/BSNL pension revision. A Joint representation is also submitted. It is assured that DoP&PW is fully aware that DoP&PW is fully aware of this issue and necessary step will be taken with DoT . Read the Joint Representation.

28.01.2016:   Status of Cabinet Note on 78.2% IDA merger from 1/1/2007: Com Rakesh Srivastava President enquired the status. It is learnt that the file is pending with Member(Finance) DOT since last 5 days. It may get cleared today.
22.01.2016: Chief Patron Com Prahlad Rai and GS AIRBSNLEWA Com. Kishan Singh, Convener Forum of MTNL Unions & Associations Com. M K Bagchi met concern officers of DPE ( Department of Public Enterprise) and discussed regarding inclusion of IDA pension revision provision of BSNL & MTNL pensioners in 3rd PRC. It was confirmed that DPE has received a letter from DOT & our letter from Jt. Secretary (Cabinet) for taking up the issue with 3rd PRC as term and reference for BSNL/MTNL pensioners IDA pension revision. All it could happen due to our continuous persuasion with Secy. (T), Addl. Secy. (T) DOT, JT. Secretary (Cabinet) and DPE officers. DPE has now decided to take up the matter of BSNL/MTNL pensioners, IDA pension revision with 3rd PRC after its constitution. The 3rd PRC constitution proposal sent by DPE is pending in PMO for approval.

Further they also met senior officers of DOT and discussed regarding-

a)  78.2% IDA pay fixation case of BSNL pensioners- It is informed that legal opinion of law ministry has been received in DOT on Cabinet Note for 78.2% IDA pay fixation case of BSNL pensioners. Now DOT pension cell has moved the cabinet note to the competent authority for approval. It is understood that after the vetting of internal finance of DOT, the cabinet note will be approved by the Hon'ble MOC & IT and then it may be sent to cabinet for approval.

b)   IDA pension revision of BSNL/MTNL pensioners- It is informed that Admn. cell of DOT is taking up the case of IDA pension revision of BSNL/MTNL pensioners with implementation committee of secretaries of 7th CPC for consideration.

c)    CGHS medical facility to BSNL/MTNL pensioners- It was informed that Ministry of Medical & Health is yet to consider the case. Decision is awaited, though in principal Ministry of Medical & Health has agreed to extend the CGHS medical facility to BSNL/MTNL pensioners. 

21.01.2016:   Status of Cabinet Note on 78.2% IDA merger from 1/1/2007: Com Rakesh Srivastava President enquired the status. The file has come back from Law ministry to DOT. They have given their concurrence subject to the approval of DOP&PW and  DOE.

14.01.2016:  Com Prahlad Rai Chief Patron, Com Kishan Singh GS, AIRBSNLEWA, Com M.K. Bagchi, Convener Forum of MTNL Unions and Associations met Senior Officer in DoT and discussed regarding

A. 78.2% IDA Pay fixation of BSNL Pensioners:

It was informed that the comments of Secretary (Law), Ministry of Law on the Cabinet Note on 78.2% IDA Pay fixation benefit to BSNL Pensioners are still awaited. After receiving the comments of Secretary (Law), the Cabinet Note will be sent to Cabinet Secretariat for consideration.

B. IDA Pension revision of BSNL / MTNL Pensioners:

They requested for taking up of the case of IDA Pension revision of BSNL / MTNL Pensioners with the Empowered Committee of 7th CPC for consideration. It is informed that DoT has already sent a letter to DPE for including as term of reference on this issue in 3rd PRC and they assured that shortly a letter will also be sent to the nodal officer of the Empowered Committee of 7th CPC for consideration of IDA Pension revision of BSNL / MTNL Pensioners.

It is understood that the matter has also to be taken up with DoP&PW to take-up the matter with Empowered Committee of 7th CPC for consideration of IDA Pension revision of BSNL / MTNL Pensioners who are governed under the Pension Rule 37-A which was notified by the DoP&PW. We will take-up the case with DoP&PW also shortly.

C. CGHS medical facility to BSNL / MTNL Pensioners:

It is informed that the Ministry of Medical and Health in principle has agreed to extend the CGHS medical facility to BSNL / MTNL Pensioners but on the issue of mapping of IDA Pay scales with CDA Pay scales, Ministry of Medical and Health wanted some clarifications from DoT which was also sent two months before and a reminder was also sent on 28.12.2015 in this regard. It is expected that Ministry of Medical and Health will issue the orders for extending CGHS medical facility to BSNL / MTNL Pensioners shortly.

14.01.2016:  "Family Picnic" organised by West Bengal Circle. On 13-1-2016 our West Bengal circle organised a family picnic at a picnic spot at Kolkata. Total 167 pensioners and their family members participated including 40 ladies. Sports events and Singing sessions were the added attraction. Delicious mouth watering breakfast and lunch was appreciated by all. Total programme was well organized. As a trend here also 5 pensioners are enrolled as life members of AIRBSNLEWA. View the Glimpses.    
14.01.2016:  ABNORMAL DELAY IN SETTLEMENT OF MEDICAL CLAIMS OF THE PENSIONERS :On 4/1/2016 three representative namely kishan singh G.S, K.N. Mehra AGS(HQ)& Shri hardas singh batia met (GMA), BSNL Corporate office & give him the Letter regarding settlement of outdoor medical claim of pensioners. G.M(A) assured to issue a strong letter to all the Circles. click   
Our West Bengal Circle has also issued a letter addressed to CGM CTD and copy to GM(F) CTD again requesting him to clear all medical bills of the pensioners within one month. Click 
07.01.2016:  DPE issued order for 112.4% IDA from 1-1-2016. (107.9+4.5) = 112.4%    
07.01.2016:  We  congratulate CMD for his untiring efforts and proper presentation to ITAT(Income Tax Arbitration Tribunal) for refund of Rs.11,000 crores wrongly charged from BSNL  by IT department and to get rid of Rs.6000 crores IT liability further  imposed by IT Department on BSNL. WE also congratulate Dir(Fin), GM (bgt.) and their team who has played an important role which has to be appreciated by all.  It will help BSNL to refund  the bank  loan payments and some CAPEX,  it will also help BSNL  to get rid of the interest liability.     
05.01.2016:   Status of Cabinet Note on 78.2% IDA merger from 1/1/2007:   The file has been sent to Department of Law on 28-12-2015, It is expected that the file will be returned with their comment within 7 to 10 days.
05.01.2016:  Yesterday the office bearers of West Bengal Circle met with the senior officers of Calcutta Telephones and DoT Cell. They handed over the one page calendar of 2016 and set of writing pads brought out by them for the New Year 2016. Principal CCA and Joint CCA has taken keen interest to listen the problems mainly the 78.2% IDA merger issue and assured their support.
05.01.2016:  FAMILY PICNIC organised by West Bengal Circle. Details in West Bengal Page



NEW YEAR -2016



31.12.2015:   Our West Bengal Circle had earlier submitted a letter to CGM CTD highlighting the difficulties faced by the pensioners in getting settlement of their medical claims. It is also intimated that the pensioners will sit for hunger strike before the chamber of CGM if the issues are not resolved in a months time. Read the letter. In response to the said letter no of instructions have been issued.  one    two   three   four   five.   Unfortunately we are not finding any improvement and the suffering of the pensioners in spite of so many orders. Perhaps we are left with no other alternatives than to go for the agitation.    


After HOLD-UP and delay in DoT in extending the benefit of 50% IDA Merger amounting to  78.2% IDA as on 01/01/2007, our AGS filed several RTI applications to DOT establishment and DOT finance to explore the cause of delay and expedite settlement of this issue. Based on the information received and supplied documents our CHQ Office bearers i.e. President / AGS   prepared several  write-ups which were  uploaded on  our website and these were very well received and appreciated by our colleagues/ comrades all over India.

Surprisingly a write-up has been uploaded in a website maintained by some persons, who claim to be the sole savior of BSNL pensioners but who never visited DoT Head Quarters or other concerned Offices/ Ministries to meet the concerned officers, over a period of last several years (no such news in their website),but  who still claim to be  dealing with  the present issues related to pensioners. As a result they are frequently not aware of the current status and only provide speculative/ hypothetical and many times incorrect information on their website just to impress their members and assure them that their interests are being looked after and protected. Incidentally these people were at the helm of the affairs at New Delhi as office bearers of TESA & AIBSNLEA when vital developments took place in DOT between 2000 & 2006 and they made all efforts to convince the members of TESA / AIBSNLEA with various arguments in most of their meetings to opt for absorption in BSNL without any reservations...............(Read the full write-up)   (Earlier write ups by our President  AGS)


A delegation comprising of S/Shri PrahladRai, GS/AIBSNLEA, Kishan Singh,GS/AIRBSNLEWA, Chandeshwar Singh, GS/NFTE(BSNL), Mange Ram Sharma, President / U.F, M.K.Bagchi, Convener/U.F, A.K.Kaushik, GS/TEAM and S.S. Nanda, GS/RTOWA,Delhi have met Shri N. Sivasailam, additional Secretary (T)/DOT to discuss the prospects of taking up the issue of the pension revision of the pensioners of BSNL and MTNL with the Empowered Committee constituted in connection with the recommendations of the 7th CPC. They have pointed out that even though 7th.CPC failed to make any reference of this issue in their recommendations, still there is a scope to take up this issue with the Empowered Committee through the Implementation Cell which DOT is supposed to constitute. This is apparent from the DO No.1-4/2015-EIII(A) dated 21.11.2015 of Ms Annie George Mathew, Jt. Secretary (Pers.), Min. of Finance, Deptt. of Expenditure.


Shri Sivasailam informs that DOT has already constituted its Implementation Cell with Shri S.C.Sharma, DDG/CA as the Nodal Officer. He has assured us of taking up this issue appropriately with the Implementation Cell of DOT.


We have immediately submitted our representation on this to Shri S.C. Sharma, Nodal Officer also

<<<Click here for letter to Secretary (T)>>>  <<<Click here for Jt. representation>>>

23-12-2015:   Status of Cabinet Note on 78.2% IDA merger from 1/1/2007: Required note for sending the file to the Law Ministry has been prepared by the Esablishment Cell of DOT and now approval of Member(S), Member (F) & Secretary DOT will be taken. After that the file will come back to Establishment section for sending it to Law Ministry.     

19.12.2015:  Meeting with Shri N Sivasailam, Addl. Secretary (T), DoT:

Com Prahlad Rai and Com. M.K. Bagechi, Convener, United Forum of MTNL Unions & Associations  met Shri N Sivasailam, Addl. Secretary (T), DoT and handed over a joint representation for inclusion of pension and related issues of BSNL & MTNL in the terms and reference of 3rd PRC   <<<Click here for letter>>> and requested him to send a letter to the Cabinet Secretary with a copy to Secretary, DPE in this regard.

AST appreciated their concern and immediately directed on the letter itself to the concerned cell of DOT to send a letter to the Cabinet Secretary / Joint Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat Shri Alok Chaturvedi and Secretary, DPE in this regard and mentioned that the work is done.

They extended sincere thanks for his immediate action.


Yesterday evening at 15.30 Hrs;  the representatives of AIBSNLEA and United Forum of MTNL Unions & Associations also met  the concern officers of Cabinet Secretariat in this regard.

The delegation of BSNL and MTNL comprising of S/Shri Prahlad Rai, GS/AIBSNEA & Chief Advisor AIRBSNLEWA, M.K Baghci, convenor /united Forum of MTNL Unions & Associations , A.K Kaushik, GS/Team and Rajeev Kumar, AGS/TEAM have met Shr  Alok Chaturvedi , Jt Secretary, Cabinet Secretariats  on 18-12-2015 and handed over a Jt. representation  for inclusion  of the pension and related issues of BSNL and MTNL in the Terms and reference of 3rd PRC. They have also informed him that D.O.T has also forwarded a note to DPE and cabinet secretariats in this favour.<<<Click here for Jt. representation>>>

17.12.2015:   West Bengal Circle has published 2nd issue of their House Journal AIRBSNLEWA VOICE. As the main article is in Bengali read its English Version  along with other items of the Journal.   

16.12.2015:  Meeting with Shri Rakesh Garg, Chairman (TC) and the Secretary (T), DoT on Revision of Pension in BSNL & MTNL:  Com Prahalad Rai Chief Patron, Com. Kishan Singh, GS, AIRBSNLEWA and Com. M.K. Bagechi, Convener, United Forum of MTNL Unions & Associations,  met Shri Rakesh Garg, Chairman (TC) and the Secretary (T), DoT and discussed regarding implementation of 78.2% IDA fitment benefit to BSNL Pensioners, withdrawal of 60:40 provision, and to take up with DPE to include the issue of Pension revision of BSNL/MTNL pensioners immediately in the terms and reference of 3rd PRC. Secretary (T) appreciated the concern and mentioned that the Cabinet Note on 78.2 % IDA fitment benefit to BSNL Pensioners has been finalized in DoT and now being sent to the Ministry of Law for legal clearance since earlier on the Cabinet Note the legal opinion / comments were given at lower level and now since the Cabinet Note will go to cabinet, Secretary (Law) comments are necessarily required. He assured as soon as the legal clearance is received, the Cabinet Note will be sent to cabinet for approval. On 60:40 withdrawal issue Secretary (T) categorically told that DoT will get removed this provision through this Cabinet Note from cabinet. Regarding the issue of Pension revision of BSNL/MTNL pensioners Secretary (T) appreciated the concern and advised to give a letter in this regard. They immediately drafted a letter signed by them and handed over to Secretary (T) in person which he immediately marked to Addl Secretary (T), DoT to take up the matter with DPE for inclusion of this issue in the terms and reference of 3rd PRC   <<<Click here for letter>>>

14-12-2015:   Status of Cabinet Note on 78.2% IDA merger from 1/1/2007:  Com Rakesh Srivastava President enquired the status today morning. It is learnt that the file, which was sent upwards by Director (Esablishment) DOT for onward transmission to DOE or Cabinet, has come back to him with some notes of the legal advisor DOT.
13.12.2015: The Status of 206 Seniority case in Hon'ble Supreme Court: The 206 seniority case along with the experts committee report came up before Hon'ble Supreme Court 0n 11-12-2015. The case is now posted for hearing to 16.02.2016 along with 147 case.
04-12-2015:   Status of Cabinet Note on 78.2% IDA merger from 1/1/2007:  Com Rakesh Srivastava President enquired the status today. It is learnt that DOT Establishment has prepared the reply to the points raised by Department of Expenditure for sending it to DOE. They have also modified the draft Cabinet Note accommodating the questions of DOE and the replies. Both are now put up to Member (Services) DOT for approval. As per the decision either the reply will be sent to DOE or modified Cabinet Note will be sent to the Cabinet. Actual Status will be known by middle of next week.

Yesterday Com Kishen Singh GS and Com Prahlad Rai Chief Patron met  GM (CIT) and GM (Admn) BSNL regarding enhancement of free call limit and linking with ERP of BSNL Pensioners medical claims.  GM(CIT) further assured to examine the case and favorable action to link with ERP and GM (Admn) informed the proposal to enhance the free call limit has been sent to Sr.GM(Legal) to get approval from BSNL Management Committee. They assured an early action in this regard. Earlier they also met Director (Staff) DOT and discussed 78.2% IDA and CGHS facility to BSNL Pensioners issue.
 03-12-2015:   ANNUAL MEET (BIJOYA SANMILANI) OF WEST BENGAL CIRCLE : On 2-12-2015 our West Bengal State Branch held their annual get together cum Bijoya Sanmiloni at CTO Hall Kolkata. 400+ pensioners attended the meeting including 57 non members. Amongst the non members 41 pensioners immediately enrolled themselves as Life Members and remaining pensioners assured to take the membership later. Com K K Das CS Assam Circle AIRBSNLEWA was present in the meeting and gave his address. Com Prasun Mukhopadhayay CS AIBSNLEA CTD  was also present , In his address he assured his support to settle the medical bill problem of pensioners and also the 60:40 issue. Com D Basu Circle Secretary CORTO also attended and deliberated. Com Sitansu Sarkar State Secretary gave a brief account of activity of this Association. Com Amit Gupta explained the pension issue in detail before the house. There after a cultaral programme was followed with songs recitations etc. The meeting continued from 2 PM to 6 PM. House Journal AIRBSNLEWA VOICE, Issue 2 and Calendar for 2016 distributed to all. The members who could not attend are requested to attend the Association Office on Wednesdays and collect the same.    view the glimpses          


  Com. Kishan Singh, GS, AIRBSNLEWA
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