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28.08.2015:   As schduled the "Pensioners' Meet" was held on 24-08-2015 at CTO auditorium, Kolkata under the President ship of Com D Biswas President. Com P Venugopal President/AIBSNLEA, Com Prahalad Rai GS/AIBSNLEA and our Chief Patron, Com Prasun Mulhopadhayay CS, CTD/AIBSNLEA and Com Tapash Ghosh CS,WBTC/SNEA attended and deliberated in the meeting. Before their deliberation the present status of the pensioners in respect of various issues on their welfare were explained by Com Sitansu Sarkar State Secretary and Com Amit Gupta AGS/CHQ. Com Prahalad Rai in his speech elaborated different issues like 78.2% IDA fixation, Pension Revision, Security of Pension etc. The house appreciated the actions taken by Com P Rai for the cause of the pensioners and passed a resolution. About 600 pensioners attended the meeting, many of which could not enter the hall for paucity of space and attended the deliberations from outside lobby. 38 new members took the life membership of AIRBSNLEWA on that day and many of them took forms and will submit later. Click for  Resolution    Glimpses  of the meeting.  
(Approval of 27-01-2005 was moved by Budget Section and of 20-1-2011 by Establishment Section DOT)
Rule 37A of CCS pension rules was notified  by Govt. of India under Art 309 of the Constitution of India,   which specifically ensured  that the pensionary benefits including family pension for DoT Retirees/ deemed DoT Retirees as on 1/10/2000 shall be paid by the Government. (Pension Contribution for services rendered under BSNL was to be paid by BSNL to Government of India).
Budget section of DoT Head Quarters, New Delhi circulated a  Cabinet Note in October 2004 specifying the  Liability of BSNL towards payment of Pension in respect  of 5.2 Lacs DoT Retirees/ deemed DoT Retirees as on 1/10/2000, inviting comments of all concerned Ministries, which was duly approved by the Committee of Secretaries.
Revised Cabinet Note specifying the  liability of BSNL towards payment of Pension was again moved by the Budget section of DoT Head Quarters, New Delhi  in January 2005 and the same was duly approved by the Cabinet on 27th January 2005.
Cabinet Decision dated 27th January 2005 approved para 11 of DOT cabinet note dated 14-1-2005 which categorically specifies that liability of the Government towards payment of Pension shall not exceed 60% of the annual receipts of the Government from (i) Dividend Income from MTNL/ BSNL, (ii) License Fee from MTNL/ BSNL and (iii) Corporate Tax/ Excise Duty/ Service Tax paid by BSNL. Any amount exceeding the aforeside figure shall be borne by BSNL. Pension contribution as per FR116 is also to be paid by BSNL
Department of Expenditure now seeks proper justification  from DOT before approving  50% IDA Merger amounting to 78.2% IDA as on 1/1/2007, as to why it wants to put additional burden on  the Government of India instead of BSNL for payment of Pensionary benefits  by seeking to modify the decision of the Cabinet dated 27th January 2005. Quite an UP-HILL task for DOT resulting in Delay in settlement of the issue of 50% IDA Merger amounting to 78.2% IDA as on 1/1/2007, which was approved earlier by MOF vide Deptt. Of Expenditure O.M. No.682/EV/2014 dated 15/10/2014. May be that time DOE considered that the burden will be shared by BSNL as per the Cabinet Approvals, as at that time DOT never mentioned that withdrawal of 60:40 Pension Sharing will be included in the proposal!!!
20.08.2015:    ROUND OF MEETINGS HELD BY AIRBSNLEWA ON 19-08-2015:

1) Shri Kishan Singh GS , Shri Rakesh Srivastava, President and  Shri K.N.Mehra AGS HQ met  Sri N.K.Yadav Member(S) at Sanchar Bhavan on 19/8/2015 regarding  early processing of Cabinet Note on 50% IDA Merger amounting to 78.2% IDA as on 1/1/2007 and also regarding adequate provision of Pension Revision for BSNL Pensioners through 3rd PRC. Member(S) assured that the reply to queries raised by Deptt. Of Expenditure on Cabinet Note for 50% IDA Merger is being processed by DDG(Accounts) in DOT and it shall be replied at the earliest.  He also assured to take up the issue of IDA Pension revision through 3rd PRC with DPE for including the same under the terms of reference for 3rd PRC. Letter given to Member (Services).   Read

2)Shri Kishan Singh GS , Shri Rakesh Srivastava, President and  Shri K.N.Mehra AGS HQ along with Shri Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA & Our Chief Patron met GM(Estt), BSNL  Ms. Madhu Arora on 19/8/2015 regarding  issue of CGHS Card to BSNL Pensioners. GM(Estt.) expressed difficulty in mapping of IDA CDA correspondence as desired by Ministry of Health for issue of CGHS Card to BSNL Pensioners. It was brought to her notice that MTNL has already provided this information to Ministry of Health and she asked us to procure a copy of the same from MTNL to facilitate the processing of the case by BSNL CO, which was readily agreed by us and this case may be settled at an early date

3) Shri Kishan Singh GS , Shri Rakesh Srivastava, President and  Shri K.N.Mehra AGS HQ along with Shri Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA & Our Chief Patron met Ms. Sujata Ray, Director(HR), BSNL CO and discussed all the issues raised in our letter dated 12/8/2015 i.e

(1)  FOR  OUTDOOR MEDICAL BILLS REIMBURSEMENT:  We pleaded that after stoppage of payment without voucher the pensioners under BSNLMRS are the worst sufferer. As you are aware that after some years of retirement, the mobility of the pensioners become restricted particularly during working hours. They really cannot avail the public transport system for submitting the claims, pursuing the claims and finally for collecting the payments. Due to this hustle most of the pensioners have preferred not to submit claims for the outdoor medical treatments. Sometimes while pursuing the pending bills, they face humiliation also. In most of the circles the average delay for payment of bills is more than 6 months. We therefore suggest the following:

·      Old system of payment without voucher may be restored immediately for the pensioners under BSNLMRS:

·     For those pensioners who prefer to claim the outdoor medical bills with voucher due to higher medical expenses (in without voucher system only 50% of the admissible amount is paid), we request to introduce a smooth payment method through ERP. We propose the following system.

ü System may be introduced where pensioners can send the claims by speed post or reputed couriers. On receipt of the claims the same will be entered in the ERP system and immediately a SMS will be sent to the pensioners acknowledging the receipt.

ü  Suitable System may be introduced so that the pensioners can monitor the progress through internet (not intranet which is not accessible to them). Any lapse in submitting the claims which leads into non payment of the bill may be mentioned in the system, so that the pensioners can take remedial steps.

ü  Payment has to be made through ECS only.

ü  Bills are to be processed as per date of submission along with the serving employees. There is system in some circles where pensioner’s claims are stacked separately and are processed only after clearing the claims of serving employees.

ü  In some circles some local systems are added to what is mentioned in BSNLMRS, like attesting the photocopies by BSNL executives etc. These are to be avoided. A standard claim form may be introduced for the pensioners with clear mention of required annexure.

ü  Monitoring the system for long pending cases by higher officers.


Other than Delhi, almost in all circles no of empanelled hospitals for treatment on cashless basis is minimum. In some circles for month together no empanelled hospitals are there. This has to be looked into. TPA system as is available in other corporate or linking with LIC as done by CGHS may be introduced. The committee constituted for reviewing the BSNLMRS may  Kindly be asked to take the views of Pensioner Associations also.
(3) Life certificate for BSNL Pensioners for Medical Reimbursement under BSNL MRS to be treated as admissible for Concessional Telephone Facility as well,


Free calls allowed in the concessional telephones are 500+50 calls which should be 500+220calls to BSNL as per order of BSNL dated 12-07-2007. Order to this effect may kindly be issued. Further the free calls allowed should be the call made in local and national networks.


The free Night Calling Facility as introduced in land phones has not been extended to concessional land phones for pensioners. This may kindly be introduced.
(7)  Extension of Concessional  Broad Band facility to retired BSNL Employees residing under MTNL Area as given by BSNL and MTNL to their serving and retired Employees residing in their respective service areas/ jurisdiction.

After detailed discussions on the above issues, Director HR appreciated  the concern of BSNL pensioners  and told that our letter dated 12/8/2015 on agenda items was forwarded  on 13/8/2015 to GM(Admin)  for  resolution of all these problems. She also assured to discuss these  items with  concerned GMs  at BSNL Corporate Office  for early resolution of these issues. It was pointed out by us  that in  the committee constituted  to review BSNLMRS adequate  representation of Executive Associations should also be there. She assured to look into the matter to ensure participation of Executive Association in BSNL MRS REVIEW COMMITTEE. We also requested for  sending  an early reply to DOT on IDA  to CDA mapping  of the scales to allow CGHS  medical facility  to the BSNL employees/Pensioners.  Dir (HR) assured to look in to the matter for an early reply.
17.08.2015:     STATUS OF 78.2% IDA MERGER ISSUE: The queries asked by the Department of Expenditure on the Cabinet Note has been processed by Establishment Section of DOT. As most of the queries are related to Finance Wing and replies on which has to be prepared as per information of Finance Wing, the file is sent to Member Finance DOT through Member Services DOT.    
Pl Attend "Pensioners' Meet" on 24-08-2015 at CTO Auditorium, Kolkata at 14-00 HRS. Com Prahalad Rai will be the main speaker and all issues of Pensioners will be discussed.

The " Know Your Pensioners" Form will be distributed and pensioners can fill them up with all his details including PPO NO and enclose copies of Aadhar Card , PAN Card as directed and can submit at 8 Hare Street Pr CCA office which is next Building or may hand over to us for submission.


14.08.2015:     Com Prahalad Rai Chief Patron and GS AIRBSNLEWA  Shri.Kishan Singhji  met concerned officers in DOT and discussed regarding 

(a)   78.2% IDA Pay fixation to BSNL Pensioners:  It is understood that DOE has further made queries in the Cabinet note  and the reply is being prepared  to DOE. It seems that this process will cause further delay.

(b)   CGHS (Medical) facility to BSNL Employees/Pensioners:It is informed that BSNL's  reply on IDA Pay scales similar  CDA Pay scale structure has not been received by DOT. As soon as the reply to DOT is given by BSNL the CGHS facility to BSNL employees/Pensioners will be extended   

13.08.2015:      AIRBSNLEWA seeks a meeting with Director (HR) on various issues  related to pensioners retired from BSNL. Click to view the details  1   2       
13.08.2015:      All Telecom Pensioners residing in the State of West Bengal and Sikkim are requested to submit the "Know Your Pensioner" form to  Pr. CCA, 8 Hare Street, Kolkata-700001 by Post , Hand or Email ( for better service to the Pensioners, Click for the  Form.
12.08.2015:  As scheduled "Pensioners Meet" was organised by West Bengal State Branch for pensioners residing at South West Kolkata at Alipore DGM Office on 11-08-2015. 98 Pensioners attended the meeting and all vital issues of pensioners which are being dealt by AIRBSNLEWA only has been discussed at length. The meeting contnued for about 3 1/2 hours. 30 pensioners enrolled as life members and many took the enrollment forms to be submitted later. The meeting was a grand success. Click for Glimpses         
12.08.2015:  Jodhpur Branch of AIRBSNLEWA was formed in a meeting held on 09-08-2015. Branch President ComO.P.Agarwal (Mob: 09414478644), Branch Secretary Com. K.C.Patwari. (Mob: 09460215050), Branch Financial Secretary Com N.L.Soni (Mob: 09413387625)                         
10.08.2015:  STATUS OF 78.2% IDA MERGER ISSUE: Following information are gathered from reliable sources today.

1) Department  of Public Enterprises (DPE) has sent their "No Objection" to DOT after initial doubts.

2) Department of Expenditure (DOE) has returned the file raising queries like

  • No of Pensioners as on 1-10-2000 and present expenditure on their pension
  • No of Officials retired after 1-10-2000 and expenditure incurred for payment of their pension
  • No of Absorbed Official still working in BSNL and their retirement details
  • Amount of Pension contribution paid by BSNL etc etc
09.08.2015:  As scheduled West Bengal State Branch has organised "Pensioner's Meet" at Panihati Telephone Exchange, Kolkata for pensioners residing in north Kolkata. 58 pensioners attended the meeting and 10 enrolled themselves as life member. Com Pallab Bose Circle Secretary UP(East) circle, AIRBSNLEWA , who happens to be at Kolkata also attended and addressed the meeting. All vital issues of pensioners on medical and pension discussed in the meeting. All pensioners present has approved the stand taken by AIRBSNLEWA on the welfare of pensioners. Click for glimpses.


06.08.2015:   It is reliably learnt that the clarifications asked by Department of Expenditure is related to the DOT proposal of withdrawing 60:40 Pension Sharing in the Cabinet Memo. The file may be received back by DOT today.
04.08.2015:   Com Rakesh Srivastava President, enquired the status of 78.2% IDA merger issue with DOE today. It is learnt that the file is coming back from DOE asking some clarifications and more queries. DOT may receive the file back by tomorrow. Thus the issue is getting more and more delayed. All these doubts, clarifications, queries are being asked for extending the benefit to pensioners only and nothing was asked while giving the benefit to serving employees two years ago.  
01.08.2015:  Due to extreme bad weather condition the "Pensioners' Meet" arranged by West Bengal Circle at Alipore Telephone Exchage today at 14-00 hours, is deferred to 11th August (Tuesday) at same venue and time. All pensioners are requested to note the change and attend.
31.07.2015:   It is reliably learnt from the Establishment Cell of DOT that due to abnormal delay, Sh Rakesh Garg Secretary DOT has written to the Secretaries of DOE and DPE to sent their comments early on 78.2% IDA fixation cabinet memo for pensioners. 
30.07.2015:   Today Com Rakesh Srivastava, President sent an e mail to Jt. Secretary DPE explaining the background of the proposed Cabinet Memo on 78.2% IDA merger and requested him for early resolution of the issue.  
29.07.2015:   Status of 78.2% IDA Merger Issue: It is is learnt that the file containing the opinion of DOE is moving upwards and today it is with the Joint Secretary DOE.    
27.07.2015:  Today our President talked to the Under Secretary of DOE who is dealing the Cabinet Note on 78.2% Merger Issue. It is learnt that the higher-ups of DOE has raised some query on removal of 60:40 pension sharing as the same sharing formulah is approved by the Cabinet. Com Srivastava explained him the background and then send an e-mail to him with all documents for his perusal.
25.07.2015:  AIRBSNLEWA, WEST BENGAL STATE BRANCH has released its Mouth Organ "AIRBSNLEWA VOICE" and dispatched to 1600 pensioners. Click to view e version of the Journal.  
24.07.2015:   Comments From the Nodal Ministries on Cabinet Memo for 78.2% IDA Merger: Com Rakesh Srivastava gathered the following information today'
DOP&PW : They have offered positive responce.
DOL          :  They have asked DOT to consult the Legal Advisor, who is posted at Sanchar Bhavan .
DPE          :  They initially commented that in view of BSNL making constant loss, Pension revision is
                          not necessary. However DOT is in consultation with them for getting clearence.
DOE         :   Their comments are awaited.
24.07.2015:   West Bengal State Branch of AIRBSNLEWA has notified two GB meetings as below and requested  all pensioners in the vicinity to attend these meetings:

                     1) At Alipore Area Managers Office, 3rd Floor, Conf Room at 14.00 hrs on 01-08-2015
                     2) At Panihati Tele Exchange, Recreation Club at 14-00 Hrs on 08-08-2015
All Pensioners are requested to attend and highlight their problems.  
22.07.2015:  Com Rakesh Srivastava, President spoke with the Under Secretary DOE this morning to know the status of 78.2% IDA Merger case for which comments are awaited. It is learnt that DOE has finalised their comments and submitted for approval of Minister of Finance. They expect the file to be back by next Monday/Tuesday and thereafter it will be sent to DOT    
 21.07.2015:   Meeting with G M (A), BSNL CO on
Com Prahalad Rai met GM(A), BSNL CO today and discussed the issue of
Free calls to pensioners in their concessional telephones should be regularized as per BSNL CO order no 2-7 /2007- PHA dt 12-07-2007 which should be 500+220 free calls (as presently allowed to ordinary subscribers as free calls)  instead of 500 +50  calls (as was allowed to ordinary subscribers as free calls earlier) and Extension of night calling facility to concessional phones to pensioners and also service connection to employees: On both the above issues GM (A) informed that matter is under consideration and as per the earlier letters of this Association proposal has been mooted to the competent authority for consideration and approval. He assured an early decision in this regard. 
 20.07.2015:   Meeting with Sh Rakesh Garg, Secretary Telecom DOT on 16.07.2015:   The core committee of Joint Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations, in which Com Prahalad Rai our Chief Patron is a member, met Secretary Telecom and discussed various issues related to revival of BSNL and also the issue of 78.2% IDA merger for pensioners. It was brought to the notice of the Secretary, DoT that the Department of Expenditure has not so far sent its comments on the Cabinet note. The Secretary, DoT directed the Member (Finance) to send a DO letter with his signature for early comments to the Secretary, Department of Expenditure immediately. He also assured that the Note will be sent to the Cabinet expeditiously.
 16.07.2015:   Latest Status of 78.2% issue  Com Rakesh Srivastava, President spoke to the Officers of DOE this morning. They informed that Budget Section has returned the file and they are "non-committal" on the issue. Now Expenditure Wing is finalizing the comments themselves on the proposal including 60:40 pension sharing. Com President requested them to send the comments early to DOT .     

16.07.2015:  Com Prahalad Rai Chief Patron and Com Kishen Singh GS AIRBSNLEWA met Jt. Secretary (T) DoT Shri V Umashankar yesterday and disused regarding   78.2 % IDA fitment benefit to BSNL Pensioners:   They requested to get early comments from nodal ministries i.e. DPE, DoP&W, DoL and DoE. JS (T) informed that comments from DOE are awaited and as soon as the comments from DOE are received Cabinet Note will be compiled and will be sent to Cabinet for approval. The comments received from DOP&PW are in favor.  The reminder to DOE has already been sent for early comments. However, he assured to personally talk to the concerned officers in DoE for an early reply.


Further they also met concerned officers of DoT, PAT Cell and disused regarding extending CGHS medical facility to the BSNL / MTNL employees / Pensioners. It was informed that DOT has already forwarded a copy of the MOH&FW letter No. Z.15025/28/2013-CGHS-III dated 09.01.2014 received vide MOH&FW letter No. Z.15025/28/2013-CGHS-III dated 20.04.2015 to BSNL / MTNL in this regard also asked the information from BSNL and MTNL management in respect of pay structure of BSNL/MTNL employees to that of Central Government employees so that CDA/IDA corresponds may be derived and informed to the MOH&FW for further necessary action in this regard. 

15.07.2015:  Meeting with Director(Estt)/DoT on Status of 78.2% Issue.

Com Prahalad Rai, Our Chief Patron met Shri Pracheesh Khanna,  Director (Estt)/DoT  yesterday and  discussed regarding the status of 78.2% IDA fitment benefit to BSNL Pensioners. Director (Estt) informed that the comments of some nodal Ministries on the Cabinet Note have been received. However, the comments of DoE are awaited. As soon as the DoE comments are received, the Cabinet Note will be compiled and will be sent to the cabinet after the approval of the competent authority immediately.

On our query  about Cabinet Note  for the  payment of  Gratuity and other benefits on 78.2% pay fixation  to the  BSNL pensioners  with effect from 1.1.2007. Director( Estt)  informed that no such recommendation has been given in the Cabinet Note as per the advise of DoE.  He confirmed that Cabinet Note have the provision  to modify  60:40 provision  and to take 100% pension liability of BSNL pensioners  on Govt. as per the provision of Govt. Pension Under  Rule 37 A.


Thus the news published in some website that payment of Gratuity etc for post 2007 pensioners has been proposed in the Cabinet Note has not been substantiated by Director(Estt)/DoT.

13-07-2015 Status of 78.2% IDA Fixation Issue :Today President Com Rakesh Srivastava enquired the status of 78.2% IDA fixation case for Pensioners with the Officers of DoE. It is learnt  that the issue is still pending with Budget Section. However they were asked to submit their comments early by the officers of DoE and it is expected that the comments of DoE may reach DoT by this weekend. It is also learnt that the Budget Section is analyzing mainly the proposed withdrawal of 60:40 pension sharing with BSNL as proposed in the Cabinet Memo.
09.07.2015: Com Rakesh Srivastava is now our President CHQ  Consequent upon the sad demise of Com M.L.Sharma, it has been decided by CHQ office Bearers and Active executives of our Association that Shri Rakesh Srivastava will be our new President CHQ till next AIC.

09.07.2015: Status of 78.2% IDA Fixation Issue

Com Prahalad Rai, Chief Patron met Shri Rajveer Singh, DDG (Estt)/DoT yesterday and discussed regarding the status of 78.2% IDA fitment benefit to BSNL Pensioners. DDG (Estt) informed that the comments of some nodal Ministries on the Cabinet Note have been received. However, the comments of DoE are awaited. As soon as the DoE comments are received, the Cabinet Note will be compiled and will be sent to the cabinet after the approval of the competent authority immediately.

08-07-2015 Shri Kishen Singh GS writes to Sh Alok Rawat, Secretary DOP & PW for Automatic Mechanism For Pension Revision of IDA Govt. Pensioners.     CLICK  
08-07-2015 Shri Sudeb Kumar Koyal Ex GM(HR) Calcutta Telephones took membership of AIRBSNLEWA today. He is an aborbee ITS Officer and known to be person with profound knowledge of rules and regulations. AIRBSNLEWA  heartily welcome him in their family.
07-07-2015 STATUS OF 78.2 % IDA FIXATION ISSUE: Sh Rakesh Srivastava Vice President enquired the status yesterday at Department of Expenditure (DOE) and Department of Pension and Pensiners Welfare (DOP&PW). DOP&PW informed that their stand on this issue is same as was expressed earlier to DOT. DOE informed that they have sent the issue to Budget Section for their comments.
07-07-2015 Joint Meeting of AIBSNLEA and AIRBSNLEWA at Guwahati : Com Prahalad Rai addressed a Joint meeting of AIBSNLEA and AIRBSNLEWA at Pan Bazar, Guwahati on 4-7-2015. This was also addressed by Com Amitabha Nath CS/AIBSNLEA and Com K K Das CS/ AIRBSNLEWA Assam Circle. In his Speech  Com Prahlad Rai elaborated the positive vibes the organizations are getting from the authorities concerned on the issues of 78.2 % fitment benefits to the Executives retired before June 2013, the issues of Cash Allowance on Medical Front, Free Call facility between 2100 hours to 0700 hours, Free Broad Band facility against the Retired Executives Service Connections etc. He also touched down the issue of Executives Pension under Rule 37A, 60/40 Pension sharing  and upcoming Pay Commission on pension revision Issue. He vowed to extend  all possible help from his side to AIRBSNLEWA. click for glimpses
05-07-2015 Howrah Branch of West Bengal Circle AIRBSNLEWA organised a special G B Meeting at Uttarpara Telephone Exchange Recreation Club on 4-7-2015 afternoon. All pensioners residing at Chinsurah, Serampore, Uttarpara Area were invited. 84 Pensioners attended the meeting and 22 pensioners took enrollment as Life Members. Remaing were already member of AIRBSNLEWA  and they paid the Donation for year 2015. Sh D Biswas State President presided over the meeting. Sh Sitangsu Sarkar State Secretary and Sh Amit Gupta explained the various issues pertaining to the pensioners and activities of this Association in safe guarding the rights of the pensioners. The meeting lasted for about 3 hours. State body acknowledged the pain taken by S/Sri Umesh Sarkar, R S Banerjee and N C Palye in organising the meeting.  Click for Gimpses of the meeting. 
30.06.2015 Members of  AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA are on agitation to fight against the attempt to dilute their career prospect. BSNL is not settling any of the HR issues and now trying to recruit Management Trainees from outside at E3 level. This is other form of ADET recruitment. AIRBSNLEWA has decided to support their cause and participate in their agitation in all possible ways. All circles may accordingly organise and extend all supports.

The Protest actions and the Schedule of the agitations is as follows-

Ø  Lunch Hour Demonstration on 1st July, 2015 at all SSA/Circle/Corporate Office level.

Ø  Hunger Fast for three days from 10.00 Hrs. to 18.00 Hrs. on 7th, 8th and 9th July, 2015 at    all SSA/Circle/Corporate Office level.

Ø  “Work According to Rule” program with effect from 00.00 Hrs. of 7th July, 2015 till    withdrawal of the MT Recruitment and settlement of the pending HR issues.

Ø  दिल्ली चलो” [Delhi Chalo] and “Indefinite Dharna” at BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi with effect from 22nd July, 2015 till withdrawal of the MT Recruitment and settlement of the pending HR issues.

30.06.2015 Com Kishen Singh GS writes to the Secretary DPE on Pension Revision of IDA Pensioners. Click for the letter     
30.06.2015 Special General Body meeting of Assam Circle AIRBSNLEWA will be held on 04-07-2015 (Saturday) at Panbazar Conference Hall, Guwahati at 12-00 Hrs. All pensioners residing nearby are requested to attend. Com Prahalad Rai Chief Patron will address.
30.06.2015  A thought provoking letter from Sh. K.G.Deshpande, Karnataka on Pension Revision   Click  
29.06.2015 Status of 78.2 % IDA Merger Case: Com Rakesh Srivastava Vice President enquired the status in DoE and DoP&PW today. Although the status at DoP&PW could not be ascertained clearly, it is learned that DoE has examined the issue and will be communicating positive note by this week. 
29.06.2015Meeting of the Expert Committee on Rule 206: Meeting of the Expert Committee comprising of Hon’ble Justice Shri K. Ramamoorthy (Retd.) and Hon’ble Dr. D.P. Sharma, Member was held today at Ramanna Bhawan, New Delhi wherein BSNL was allowed to submit its views on the issue of TES Gr. B seniority as per the judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court. BSNL Sr. advocate and officers explained the judgment of the Hon’ble Apex Court regarding constitution of the expert Committee and it role in deciding the seniority after hearing the affected parties.<<<Click here for the Submission by BSNL>>>   <<<< Click for S C order dt 21-01-2015>>>
The committee will meet tomorrow at 15.00 hrs to continue its proceedings. It seems that within the next month (July 2015) the committee will submit its report to Hon’ble Supreme Court for consideration.
28.06.2015 Calcutta Telephones issed fresh list of Empanelled Hospitals for Indoor Medical Treatment of Pensioners on CASH & CREDIT basis.   Click for Order
21.06.2015  Com Kishen Singh GS writes to Sh Rakesh Garg Secretary DOT on provision of adequate pension revision mechanism for ex DOT employes retiring from BSNL after 1-10-2000.   click 
17.06.2015 Com Prahalad Rai our Chief Patron and GS AIBSNLEA yesterday met Shri Prachees Khanna, Director (Estt) and discussed regarding 78.2% IDA fitment to BSNL Pensioners:
Director (Estt) informed that the Cabinet Note approved by Hon'ble MOC & IT has been sent today to the nodal ministries for comments which are expected within a fortnight. thereafter the Cabinet Note will be sent to the cabinet for approval.

On his query regarding Cabinet Note contents, he briefed that in addition to 78.2% IDA fitment benefit to BSNL Pensioners on actual basis from 10.06.2013 and notional fixation from 01.01.2007, the withdrawal of 60:40 provision has also been incorporated in the Cabinet Note for which he apprehended that DOE and DOP&W may create some problem. However, in case every thing goes smooth then this Cabinet Note may be approved by cabinet within two- three months time..

Com Rai also met Shri V. Uma Shankar, Jt. Secy (T) and discussed regarding:

a) IDA Pension revision of BSNL Pensioners to be taken up with 7th CPC: He requested to take up BSNL Pensioners IDA Pension revision issue with 7th CPC since we are paid Govt. Pension under Rule 37A of CCS Pension Rules 1972 (FR-116). JS (T) mentioned that your Association letter in this regard has been received and he is shortly sending the matter to DPE to consider it to be taken up with 3rd PRC or may suggest to take up with 7th CPC. He assured an early action in this regard.

b) 78.2% IDA fitment benefit to BSNL Pensioners: JS (T) informed that yesterday only he has signed the Cabinet Note approved by Hon'ble MOC & IT to be sent to nodal ministries for inter ministerial circulation/comments i.e. DOE, DPE, Legal Affairs and DOP&W. He expected that within a fortnight the comments of all the nodal ministries will be available and thereafter on compilation the final Cabinet Note will be sent to Cabinet for approval. It may take one-two months time.

16.06.2015   The note for inter ministerial circulation of the Cabinet Memo for 78.2% IDA merger for pensioners has been approved and signed by the Joint Secretary (Telecom). The signed papers have come back to Establishment Section and the Cabinet Memo is under dispatch to four nodal ministries for their comments.
15.06.2015 Com Rakesh Srivastava VP has enquired the progress of 78.2% IDA merger file in DOT today. It is gathered that the Establishment section of DOT has already prepared the note for inter ministerial circulation of the Draft Cabinet Memo approved by MOC and presently it is in the table of Joint Secretary (Telecom) for his signature. After his signature it will be sent to four nodal ministries simultaneously for their comments.   
11.06.2015 The Approved file containing the draft cabinet memo on 78.2% IDA merger from 1-1-2007 for pensioners has reached the Establishment Section of DOT. They are preparing the note for inter ministerial  circulation of the Cabinet Memo for comments of the nodal ministries today (11-06-2015).
10.06.2015:    Calcutta Telephone has issued order on norms to be followed for settlement of outdoor medical bills for retired employees. The order contains all the points discussed in the CGM's meeting with this Association on 09-04-2015. All Branches of CTD are requested to follow up the order for proper implementation at area level. Other Circles also may take up with their CGMs for similar order for the benefit of all pensioners.
Click   for    Notification of Meeting    Order Issued
09.06.2015 GOOD NEWS    GOOD NEWS       GOOD    NEWS 

In the afternoon GS Com Kishen Singh received a call from Sh Sourabh Kumar PA to MOC (who was in contact with Sh Rakesh Srivastava VP through email),  confirmed the news given earlier and requested GS to communicate it to all the members. GS thanked him for the gesture.

Further com Rakesh Srivastava VP hsa enquired about the file, and it is reported that the approved file has come back and presently with Member (Services) DOT.

08.06.2015 Com Kishen Singh GS AIRBSNLEWA writes to:

1) CMD BSNL on extension of free calls as per order and also the facility of Night Calling to Service Telephones and to the Concessional telephones for the pensioners   click for letter  order

2) Secretary (T), DOT for implementation of Supreme Court Judgement on civil petition no 11527, dated 14-12-2014 on Recovery of Pay due to wrong fixation before retirement. click for letter   SC order  

 08.06.2015 78.2% IDA merger for pensioners file reached MOC : It is learnt that the file containing the draft cabinet note for 78.2% IDA merger for pensioners from 1-1-2007 has been cleared by the Srcretary (Telecom) and now it is on the table of the MOC & IT Sh Ravi Shankar Prasad. The file is expected to be cleared by him in a day or two. Thereafter the Cabinet note will be sent to Dept of Legal Affairs, Dept of Pension and Pensioners welfare and Department of Expenditure for their comments.
08.06.2015 BSNL is providing free roaming facilities for Incoming Voice Calls for a period of one year to its Prepaid and Postpaid mobile customrs from  15-06-2015.    View Order 
                         STATUS of CABINET NOTE FOR 78.2% IDA Merger from 01/01/2007
At last after prolonged brain storming sessions in DOT Establishment and Finance Wings the file has been cleared by Member(F). It has been submitted today (05-06-15) to Secretary(T) for concurrence which will be followed by approval of Hon’ble Minister of Communications & IT. Thereafter it may take another two months to get the Cabinet approval.
Cabinet Note has been prepared in conformity with the approval given by Deptt. Of Expenditure vide their OM dated 15th October 2014. It is reportedly proposed that revised IDA and arrears thereof shall be payable to all the pensioners/ family pensioners w.e.f. 10th June 2013, as was approved earlier  in case of working employees of BSNL.
02.06.2015 78.2% IDA merger for pensioners:The draft cabinet memo has been corrected by Estt wing, as desired by Mrmber (F) DOT and will be sent to her office tomorrow (3/6/15). The corrections are mainly on details of liabilities to be shouldered by DOT due to the 78.2% IDA merger and some minor corrections here and there. Let us hope that this time the file will have a smooth sailing.  




Corp Tax

Service Tax

Excise Duty

License Fee


60% of Total

Pension Payment

2009- 10

Not paid









Not paid









Not paid









Not paid









Not paid








All amount in crores

 01.06.2015 78.2% IDA merger for pensioners: Com Rakesh Srivastava, Vice President had a talk with Shri Prachis Khanna Director (Estt) DOT this morning. Sri Khanna informed that Member (F), DOT did not raise any fresh objection on the draft cabinet memo on 78.2% IDA merger but wanted some corrections which are being carried out by the establishment wing.
29.05.2015 78.2% IDA merger for pensioners: The draft cabinet memo is back to Establishment from DOT Finance. It is understood that Member (F) wants further modification/correction of the draft cabinet memo. The file is now with DDG (Estt) DOT. 
28.05.2015 78.2% IDA merger for pensioners: The draft cabinet memo after the modifications suggested by Member (F) has been put up to her office for approval on Monday afternoon. We have enquired today morning and it is still pending with Member (F) DOT.  
28.05.2015 Concessional Land Line Telephone to Pensioners : Com Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA has taken up the case with CMD for extending full free calls benefit as per BSNL order and for extending night calling facility like ordinary subscriber. As per order the pensioners (above E3 Scale) should get 500 free calls plus usual free calls to ordinary subscribers which is 220 call to BSNL at present. But only 500+50 free calls are being allowed at present. AIRBSNLEWA is also writting similar letters to CMDs of BSNL and MTNL. Click for order    letter
Viewers are aware about the RTI application made by our AGS com Amit kumar Gupta on 60:40 pension sharing issue which revealed the cabinet approval of this 60:40 pension sharing with BSNL.(Uploaded in this site on 09-02-15). Further Com Gupta made a 2nd RTI asking several questions and copies of the note sheets of the relevant file. DOT has replied most of the questions and also supplied 10 pages of note sheets of the relevant file. All the documents are being uploaded now for information of everyone. It is now revealed from the note sheets, that while processing the cabinet memo dated 29-12-2010, mention of the DOT letter dated 5-1-2009 was there including the brief content that if BSNL is unable to pay then Govt. will still pay the pension, in the draft cabinet note (page 60/N) which was subsequently removed from the final draft cabinet note (page 79/N). The reason of the removal is still unknown as DOT has not furnished the in between note sheets from 63/N to 76/N although they are also relevant to the RTI question no 7.
As understood presently DOT is granting only a relaxation on 60:40 pension sharing with BSNL, in the present cabinet note, under process for 78.2% IDA fixation for pensioners, and not removing the clause permanently. However we have to be careful and wait for the final order on 78.2%. Further DOT has admitted that they have not consulted BSNL while processing the cabinet Memo dated 29-12-2010. Pl Read the documents.
((compiled questions and replies))  (( note sheets)) (( RTI application and replies 1)) (( Replies 2 ))
 27.05.2015:    1st Circle Conference of UP(East) Circle  

Marvelous  Ist Circle Conference of  “ALL INDIA RETIRED BSNL EXECUTIVES’ WELFARE ASSOCIATION” UP(East) Circle  was held on 21st May 2015 at “Rai Uma Nath Bali Auditorium” Lucknow under the chairmanship of Com S.M.Abbas Circle President, in the presence of Com Kishan Singh, General Secretary AIRBSNLEWA. A Huge gathering of retired executives from Lucknow, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, Jhansi, Gonda, Hardoi, Barabanki, and Shajhanpur  attended the conference.

Open session  was attended by hundreds of retired  & working executives and addressed by General Secretary AIRBSNLEWA,  Com K.N.Mehra, Asstt.  General Secretary AIRBSNLEWA, Com Pradeep Goyal, AGS AIRBSNLEWA New Delhi, , Com S.M.Abbas,Circle President, Com Pallab Bose Circle Secretary, Com C.S.Verma, Finance Secretary, Com R.J.Pandey Circle President AIBSNLEA ,Com A.K.Singh, Circle secretary AIBSNLEA UP(East), Circle office bearers of AIRBSNLEWA, and many other senior leaders from different Unions & Associations.

Shri C.S.Verma, Circle Finance Secretary welcomed the members and addressed the house.

After observance of two minutes silence in memory of departed members and our beloved President Late Shri M.L.Sharma President AIRBSNLEWA CHQ New Delhi,  the conference started with the opening remark of Circle President. After that all CHQ Leaders and Guest were welcome by garlanding.

 Com Pallab Bose Circle Secretary told the house that our  Association of UP(East) Circle had a meeting with CGM UP East Circle on burning medical problems of the circle faced by pensioners. The meeting was attended by the CGM, GM (Admn). Association side  Circle secretary, Com Pradeep Goyel AGS, Com C.S.Verma Circle Finance Secretary. Healthy and Fruitful discussions were held and assurance of CGM was very positive.

Circle secretary of our Association  also appealed to each and every member to increase the membership to strengthen our CHQ hand  He also assured to members that he will struggle to protect every right of the retired executives .

Com S.M.Abbas, Circle President  of our Association   appealed to all members to join our “whatsapp group” maintaining by Com Pradeep Goyel AGS and Com C.S.Verma Finance secretary, to maintain communication with each other.

A resolution has been passed from UP(E) Circle to sanction  mobile connection as service connection to all retired executives.

Com Kishan Singh,GS apprised members of UP(E) circle in detail about the latest development on Status of the Cabinet Note regarding 78.2% IDA Merger, also he told that  BSNL PENSIONER'S MAY FACE PROBLEM ON PENSION PAYMENT IN FUTURE . He further told about the Relevant para of the Cabinet Memo no 40-17/2008-Pen(T) Dt 15-01-2011 on 60:40 issue: (Para 3.5 and 6.2) " ...government liability of pension in respect of employees of DoT/DTS/DTO, who retired prior to 1-10-2000 and those who have worked or working in BSNL on deemed deputation and for those who absorbed in BSNL, being limited to 60% of annual receipts to Government from (i) Divident Income from MTNL/BSNL, (ii) License fee from MTNL/BSNL, (iii) Corporate Tax/Excise Duty/Service Tax paid by BSNL. If the annual pension liability exceeds the figure 60%, the balance amount is to be paid by BSNL." 

Com K.N.Mehra AGS HQ apprised the members that “AIRBSNLEWA” is an only Association  who is sincerely persuing the issues of  Retired Executives of BSNL. He appealed to increased the membership  regularly.

Com Pradeep Goyel AGS AIRBSNLEWA appealed to all retired executives of UP East Circle to come together in one platform in the interest of our retd. executives


                Following Circle office bearers of UP(East) Circle have been unanimously elected for next term : 

1       President:                              Com S.M.Abbas                      Retd.AGM , NTR Lucknow

2       Vice President-1                     Com S.K.Awasthi                     Retd DGM Finance, Circle Office Lucknow

3       Vice President-2                     Com Naseer Ali                       Retd. SDE Hardoi

4       Vice President-3                     Com R.K.Saxena                      Retd. XEN (Elect ) Gorkhpur

5       Vice President-4                     Com Anjani Krishna                Retd. D.E. NTR Lucknow

6       Circle Secretary                    Com Pallab Bose                    Retd. SDE, RTTC Lucknow

7      Asstt. Circle Secretary-1         Com A.K.Sarkar                       Retd AGM Jhansi

8      Asstt. Circle Secretary-2         Com M.D.Choudhary               Retd  Sr. Accounts officer

9      Asstt. Circle Secretary-3         Com A.K.Tripathi                     Retd E.E.Civil, Lucknow

10    Asstt. Circle Secretary-4         Com A.S.Negi                          Retd P.S.

11    Finance Secretary                  Com C.S.Verma                      Retd C.A.O.C ircle office Lucknow

12    Organising secretary-1           Com D.N.Verma                      Retd SDE, Lucknow

13    Organising Secretary-2           Com Praveen kumar Raje       Retd SDE, Circle office Lucknow

14    Organising Secretary-3           Com G.N.Gupta                      Retd AGM(Sells),Circle Office lucknow

15    CWC Member-1                      Com L.M.Choudhary               Retd SDE Mobile Gonda

16    CWC Member-2                      Com R.S.Choudhary                Retd AGM(RTI) Circle Office lucknow.

17    Auditor                                    Com R.N.Singh                        Retd CAO, Circle office lucknow.

After Oath ceremony  the General Secretary congratulated all the elected members. The meeting was concluded after vote of thanks by President Shri S.M. Abbas.

>>>>>> Click here for CC Photo

25.05.2015:     The Draft Cabinet Memo on 78.2% IDA merger for pensioners, after modifications made by Estt Wing of DOT, reached the office of Member (F) today afternoon. Further follow up will be informed to members as it happens.  
20.05.2015:   Status of theCabinet Note regarding 78.2% IDA Merger :
As per the informations received from the Establishment Wing today morning, it is learnt that the Establishment wing has acted very fast. The Draft Cabinet Memo is almost ready after accomodating the comments/sugesstions of Member (F) DOT and will be sent to Member (F) today itself. If no further hurdle occurs then the file will be sent to MOC following the hierarchy. The major change which is being made in the cabinet note is the relaxation of 60:40 clause on pension payment. Now it is being mentioned in the draft cabinet note that if BSNL is unable to pay its share, still Government will bear the responsibility of paying pension to the DOT pensioners retired before 1-10-2000 and deemed DOT pensioners retired/retiring after 1-10-2000

It is matter of great relief and satisfaction to all of us in AIRBSNLEWA, that our timely action has forced DOT to rethink its decision and to take subsequent action for correcting its wrong action taken in the cabinet memo dated 29-12-2010 in line to our letter written to DOT. We are happy that  now the pensioners can feel relieved. We hope that the amendemt suggested will get the approval of the Cabinet also in due course.  Click to read the letter written

Relevant para of the Cabinet Memo no 40-17/2008-Pen(T) Dt 15-01-2011 on 60:40 issue: (Para 3.5 and 6.2) " ...government liability of pension in respect of employees of DoT/DTS/DTO, who retired prior to 1-10-2000 and those who have worked or working in BSNL on deemed deputation and for those who absorbed in BSNL, being limited to 60% of annual receipts to Government from (i) Divident Income from MTNL/BSNL, (ii) License fee from MTNL/BSNL, (iii) Corporate Tax/Excise Duty/Service Tax paid by BSNL. If the annual pension liability exceeds the figure 60%, the balance amount is to be paid by BSNL."   Full Cabinet Memo
Status of theCabinet Note regarding 50% IDA Merger w.e.f 1/1/2007 amounting to 78.2% IDA

The file dealing with Cabinet Note regarding 50% IDA Merger w.e.f 1/1/2007 amounting to 78.2% IDA has been received back from Member(F) and it is now to be processed as per the latest noting of Member(F) by the Esablishment wing of DOT.

It is also learnt from the Establishment Wing of DOT  that the case shall  be speedily processed in accordance with approval granted by Deptt. Of Expenditure vide OM dated 15/10/2014. Another point to be incorporated in the cabinet Note is  the waiver of 60% limit of TAX Receipts (from BSNL/MTNL) imposed  by DOT towards payment of pension  to 1.7 Lac DOT Pensioners retiring before 1/10/2000 and 3.2 lacs deemed DOT Pensioners retiring as and when  from BSNL  after 1/10/2000 as specified in DOT OM No.1-45/2003-B dated 15/6/2006 issued by DDG(FEB).

This  waiver is to be processed keeping in view the executive orders  issued  by two former Secretaries(T) vide DO No.1-45/2003-B dated 15/03/2005 addressed  by Shri Nripendra Misra Secy(T) to CMD, BSNL and  DOT OM NO.40-12/2007-PEN(T) dated 05/01/2009 issued by Shri Siddhartha Behura Secretary(T)
 Thus the letters issued by AIRBSNLEWA and AIBSNLEA protesting the 60:40 arrangement have yielded result. However we have to wait till final preparation and approval of the cabinet Memo.
16.05.2015:  78.2 % ISSUE: Sri Kishen Singh GS and Sri Prahalad Rai Chief Patron met DDG (Estt), DOT yesterday. He informed that the file is now back and Member (F) has asked certain query which will be prepared. He advised to meet the Director for more details but unfortunately he was not available. CHQ shall again try next week to know the details. Therefore the file is not "cleared " by Member (F) DOT, as mentioned in some websites.
16.05.2015: U P (East) Circle holds circle conference at Lucknow on 21st May, 2015. From CHQ Com GS, VP and AGS(HQ) will be attending the conference. All Pensioners in and around Lucknow are requested to attend the conference. 
14.05.2015: NIGHT UNLIMITED FREE CALLS NOT ALLOWED FOR FREE LAND LINES: it is gathered from ITPC wing, who are implementing the new BSNL scheme of free unlimited calls from 9PM to 7 AM, that the free night calling scheme is not available to Service Phones, Concessional Phones to pensioners, Sulabh Connections and also on some other plans. 
14.05.2015: DEVELOPMENT ON 78.2% IDA FIXATION CASE: The file containing the draft cabinet memo has since been received by the establishment section from Finance wing of DoT. It may be noted that the draft memo was with Member (F) DoT for about a month, therefore it is likely that she might have made some comments/suggestions on draft cabinet memo. We are trying to collect the information and shall upload immediately
14.05.2015:  A condolence meeting was held at New Delhi on 06-05-2015 in memory of late com M L Sharma, our president. Members present have spoken about the services rendered by Com Sharma for Pensioners and AIRBSNLEWA.   
22.04.2015:  Com Chandreswar Singh GS/NFTE writes to MOC seeking his intervention to protect the pension of present and retired employees of BSNL, who took absorption in BSNL after firm commitment and assurance from Government..(60-40 issue.). He also endorsed the copy of the letter to Secretary DOT and CMD BSNL for action. WE ARE EXTREMELY THANKFUL TO THE LRADERSHIP OF NFTE FOR HIGHLIGHTING THIS BURNING ISSUE. Click for letter to MOC  DOT    BSNL  
Com M.L.Sharma President CHQ AIRBSNLEWA passed away on 20-04-2015 after a massive heart attack at the age of 69 years. Let his soul rest in peace at heavenly abode. AIRBSNLEWA offers its condolence to the bereaved family.
22.04.2015:  Com Kishen Singh GS writes to Sh Ravi Shankar Prasad MOC seeking immediate meeting on abnormal delay in settlement of 78.2% IDA merger for pensioners. CLICK                      

Status of Rule 206  case :(Seniotity as per year of passing the Qualifying Exam not Year of Rect):

The Expert Committee comprising of Hon'ble Justice Shri K. Ramamurthy (Retd.), Chairman and Hon ble Dr. D.P. Sharma, Member hold 3rd hearings on 18.04.2015 at Sir Ramana Kendra, No.8, Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi and directed BSNL to prepare a tentative seniority list based on the 17 seniority lists prepared in 1993 and 2001 including (a) Serial No. (b) Name (c) Position in 1993 seniority list (d) Corresponding position in 2001 seniority list (e) Present posting (whether substantive or officiating) (f) Year of passing examination (g) Year of recruitment/appointment (h) Indicate MTNL or BSNL (i) DQE or LDCE (j) In service/retired.

The tentative list shall also include the name in the seniority list of 1998. This tentative list shall be circulated to all the concerned advocates on or before 28.04.2015. The hearing fixed for 23.04.2015 stands cancelled. The tentative list shall be considered on the next date of hearing i.e. Saturday, 2nd May, 2015 at 11.00 am at Sir Ramana Kendra, No.8, Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi subject to confirmation for availability by BSNL.

After publication of the revised lists 1 to 17, Applications are required to be submitted to get the benefit as per Rule 206 at per with the Juniors.

18.04.2015:  Com  Kishen Singh GS,AIRBSNLEWA writes to Sh Rakesh Garg Secretary DOT on Deliberate Attempt By DOT to limit and dilute the Govt, Liability for payment of Pension/Family Pension to 5.2 Lacs Pensioners.".......You are requested to take necessary corective actions immediately to negate the impact of statements made in para 2.6 and 3.5 of the cabinet memo dated 29-12-2010. A fresh adminitrative order, reassuring the 5.72 lacs DOT/Retirees/Deemed DOT Retirees, similar to that of former Secretary(T) Shri Siddhartha Behura's order issued vide OM No 40-12/2007 dated 05-01-2009, may be issued at the earliest."   Read Full Text.
Com Prahalad Rai GS/AIBSNLEA has also written to Secy(DOT) on same line on 20-04-2015. CLICK
17.04.2015:   STATUS OF 78.2% IDA MERGER CASE: Com Rakesh Srivastave VP enquired with the concerned section today. It is learnt that the file containing the revised cabinet note which was prepared urgently under instruction of Secy DOT by the establishment section of DOT, is under "DEEP STUDY" of Member (F) DOT since last 12 days.
10.04.2015:  Meeting with New Member (Services), Telecom Commission, DoT, New Delhi: Sri Prahalad Rai GS/AIBSNLEA and our Chief Petron met Shri N.K. Yadav, Member (Services), DoT New Delhi and greeted and congratulated him on assuming the high office of Member (Services), Telecom Commission, DoT, New Delhi. He requested him to extend his fullest support to BSNL also to settle the long pending 78.2% IDA Pay fixation for BSNL Pensioners. Member (Services) assured his fullest co-operation to BSNL and also assured to look into the issue of 78.2% IDA Pay fixation for BSNL Pensioners.

Com Rakesh Srivastava Reports on 78,2% IDA merger issue : The file containing the draft cabinet memo was sent to Dot Estt cell by Finance of Dot. Now it is again sent back to internal finance of DoT,

10.04.2015:Our West Bengal Circle had a meeting with CGM (Calcutta Telephones) on burning medical problems of the circle faced by pensioners. The meeting was attended by the CGM, PGM(CFA), GM (Fin), All 5 GM operations, DGMs, AGMs , DE(HCU). From Association side Com Amit Gupta AGS, Com D. Biswas President, Com S. Sarkar Circle Secretary, Com D. Roy Exe. Member were present. Healthy and Fruitful discussions were held for about an hour on the agenda submitted. CGM agreed to implement the proposals submitted in principal and directed all to ensure justice to the pensioners. He also directed to issue a minute of the discussions and decisions, which is expected shortly. Click for The Agenda. Other circles may also take similar action if the problem mentioned in the agenda prevail in their circles.
 08.04.2015:GS AIBSNLEA, Sri Prahalad Rai, our chief petron, writes to Shri Rakesh Garg, Chairman, TC & Secretary (Telecom), Department of Telecommunication Govt of India, Sanchar Bhavan New Delhi-110001 Sub: Inclusion of retired BSNL employees (Ex DOT recruits) in the preview Of 7th Pay commission for revision of their pension- <<<Click here for letter>>>

Further he met CMD BSNL on 07-04-2015 and discused on DoT recommendations to 7th CPC for revision of pension of BSNL pensioners and withdrawal of 60:40 provision of BSNL receipts:  He requested to take up the issues with DoT for revision of pension of BSNL pensioners with 7th CPC and withdrawal of 60:40 provision of BSNL receipts. CMD informed that he has already written a DO letter on the issue of 60:40 provision withdrawal to DoT and will further write to DoT regarding pension revision of BSNL pensioners to be taken up with 7th CPC.

01.04.2015: GS AIBSNLEA Writes to :

Sri Rakesh Garg, Chairman Telecom Commission & Secretary, Department of Telecom Commission, New Delhi regarding attempt of DOT to change the pension rules is respect of DOT/DTS employees subsequently absorbed in BSNL <<<Click here for letter>>>

26-03-2015:WELCOME DEVELOPMENT ON 78.2% IDA FIXATION CASE: Sri Prahalad Rai, our chief petron and GS, AIRBSNLEWA, Shri Kishan Singh met Director (Estt), DoT Shri Pracheesh Khanna today and discussed regarding 78.2% fitment to BSNL Pensioners. Director (Estt) mentioned that yesterday (25/3/15) in an internal meeting of DoT it has been decided to redraft the Cabinet Memo as per the advice of DoE and DoP&W instead of further waiting for DoE reply of the letter dated 12-03-2015. However, the information of BSNL Pensioners may be procured from BSNL at the earliest. He assured that revised Cabinet Memo will be sent to Internal Finance of DoT by tomorrow (27-03-2015) itself.
 It is to mention that AIBSNLEA and AIRBSNLEWA have requested Hon'ble MoC & IT for his kind intervention on this issue and now Hon'ble MoC & IT office has intervened in the matter and the DoT officers meeting has taken place to expedite the issue. pL see the news uploaded on 28-02-2015 in this respect.                          
24-03-2015: STATUS OF 78.2% IDA FIXATION CASE: Today our Vice President Sh Rakesh Srivastava met the concerned officers of DOT and following information was gathered regarding progress of the case.
In accordance with observations/ instructions of  Member (F) in this case Establishment Wing  in DOT  has written two letters, one to Deptt. Of Expenditure  and another to CMD, BSNL to provide necessary feedback. Also one inter-office Memo was addressed to PSU Wing in DOT.
PSU Wing in DOT was asked to re-examine whether pension  arrears for the period from 1/1/2007 to 09/06/2013 could be considered payable in view of agreement reached between CMD BSNL and BSNL Unios/ Associations in 2012, which were however held to be non-payable by PSU Wing earlier.

In  letter dated 13-03-2015 addressed to BSNL, DoT has asked for specific data regarding pre-2007 and post-2007 BSNL Pensioners i.e.  (a)  total number of pensioners retired between 1-10-2000 and 31-12-2006 and (b) total number of pensioners  superannuating between also from 1-1-2007 to 09-06-2013.

In  letter dated 12-03-2015 addressed to Deptt. Of Expenditure  DOT  pointed out  that as per CCS pension rules, benefits like pension, gratuity, commutation etc are defined together as pensionary benefits and are linked to the actual pay drawn. But as per the proposal concurred by  DoE on 15/10/2014, the cabinet memo which is currently under preparation allows pension on increased notional pay but denies gratuity, commutation  etc on the same increased notional pay. Allowing Pension on notional pay and denying DCRG/ Commutation on Notional Pay may lead to  legal problem in future.  In view of DoT,  either both sets of pensionary benefits should be based on notional pay seeking relaxation of Rule 33 & 34 of CCS Pension Rules 1972 or both should be base on actual basis. DoT also opined in the letter that, Allowing only pension on notional pay and disallowing DCRG etc on notional pay does  not appear to be  appropiate and reasonable.

Hence DoE has been virtually asked to review  its earlier opinion given vide OM dated 15th October 2014 and to clarify whether to allow  pensionary benefits as per notional pay or as per  actual pay because a mixture of both as contained in  the OM dated 15/10/2014 of DoE  may ultimately lead into legal problem.

AIRBSNLEWA is the only pensioner's association who is fighting relentlessly togethether with AIBSNLEA for due arrears of pension and pensionary benefits to the pensioners while implementing the 78.2% IDA fixation.. Our GS Com Kishen Singh has written to DoT the same points which is now mentioned in letter toDoE, on 19-11-2014 which was uploaded in our site on 03-12-2014. click to read again. Page 2 3 This letter of DoT to DoE, and also the note of Member(F) to PSU wing establishes that we are on correct path of not compromising the issue of arrears.

It is also understood that Member(F) DoT, has also suggested to include in the cabinet memo, a provision to get the cabinet approval for policy approved by Secretary(T) vide Office Memo No.40-12/2007-PEN(T) dated 5th Januray 2009  regarding Pension Liability of BSNL. This shall deal with the issue of  the 60:40 sharing of pensionary load with BSNL, as was included  earlier for the first time  in  cabinet note on 20-01-2011, even though the same was specified in  Memo no.1-45/2003-B dated 15th Janary 2006 issued by Finance Wing of DOT.

(V.P.'s comments:- Letter addressed to Deptt. Of Expenditure  ought to have been addressed to DOP&PW, the nodal Ministry as well, which deals with policy matters on Pension. Earlier approval of Deptt. Of Expenditure dated 15/10/2014 was given in concurrence with the opinion/ observations of DOP. However, DOT will now wait for reply of Deptt. Of Expnditure before writing to DOP thus leading to further delay in finalization of the Cabinet Note..)”
12-03-2015:Status of 78.2% IDA pay fixation of BSNL pensioners: Our Chief Petron Sh Prahalad Rai and VP AIRBSNLEWA Com. Rakesh Srivastava met concerned officers in DoT Pension Cell yesterday and discussed regarding 78.2% pay fixation of BSNL pensioners. They informed that after 2 & ½ months the file has been returned to pension cell from internal finance of DoT wherein many points have been raised to seek the clarification from DoE, BSNL, Etc. Letters are being sent to all concerned in this regard which may further take 2 to 3 months time to receive reply. They further mentioned that earlier note of notional pension fixation was also sent to DoP&PW and DoE with the advice of DoT finance cell only, wherein DoP&PW suggested to take clearance of DoE and DoE has clarified 5 months before to move a cabinet note. The pension cell of DoT moved the cabinet note on 4th December 2014 to internal finance of DoT for clearance and after 2 & ½  months DoT finance has suggested to take further clarification from DoE in case the actual pension arrears are paid. Now the letter is again being sent to DoE which will further delay the cabinet note.

It is understood that DoT is delaying the issue with malafied intension. Hence immediate intervention of Hon'ble MoC & IT is required to expedite the decision on the issue. We already met PS to Hon'ble MoC & IT Smt. Bandana Priyashi and appraised the status of the case and further we will try to meet Hon'ble MoC & IT in this regard.


09-03-2015: Com Rakesh Srivastava VP informs that the file on 78.2% IDA fixation issue is lying on the table of Member (T) DOT from 4-3-2015 with noting of Estt section on Member (F) DOT's querry                            
02-03-2015: DOT corrects its statement submitted to SCOVA on 78.2% issue: In the Action Taken Report, DoT earlier stated that the cabinet memo has been submitted to MoC for approval. AIRBSNLEWA has reported on 03-02-2015 that the report is incorrect and the file is still pending with Member(F) DoT. The delegation of AIRBSNLEWA which met PS to Hon'ble MoC on 23-02-2015 also pointed out about this incorrect report. Now in the minutes of the meeting the wrong reporting  has been corrected and the correct position is mentioned.                          
28-02.2015: On 23-02-2015 Com P Rai Chief Patron, and GS, VP AIRBSNLEWA Shri Kishan Singh and Shri Rakesh Sriwastava met Smt. Vandana Sancheti (IAS) PS to Hon'ble MOC & IT and explained the issue of BSNL pensioners pay fixation as per the 78.2% fitment benefit. We expressed our serious concern against delay in implementing the DPE order whereas the same has been implemented about two years before for BSNL serving employees.  As per the clearance given by DOP&W and advice given by DoE a cabinet note have been moved by Pension Cell of DoT to the internal finance of DoT and again some queries has been made by DoT Finance Wing to the Pension Cell of DoT and now the case is pending for comments with SO (Pension) hence the case is shuttling between Finance Wing and Pension Cell for the last four months. DoT has informed SCOVA wrongly that the Cabinet Note is pending with Hon'ble MOC & IT for approval. In view of this we requested for the kind intervention of Hon'ble MOC & IT. The PS mentioned that at the instance of Hon'ble MOC & IT this meeting has been conducted and she will brief the case to the Hon'ble MOC & IT.  Later they also met Member(Services) and appraised him the issue     The letter submitted addressed to MOC
20-02.2015: MORE INFORMATIONS ON MEMBER(F)'s QUERRY: It is now learnt that Member (F) DoT while returning the file containing the draft cabinet memo on 78.2% IDA fixation on pensioners to Member (S) DoT, has suggested the following to be decided and prepare Revised Cabinet Memo accordingly.

1) Since pension payment of DoT has crossed the 60% limit, approval of Secretary (T) to be taken for relaxation as was done earlier for making pension payment.
2) Total number of pensioner and the expenditure to be incurred for implementation of 78.2% IDA
3) Earlier DoT has ordered for non payment of Arrears prior to 10-06-2013. But now as CMD BSNL has written for reconsideration on payment of arrears on 21-10-2013, the decision may be reprocessed.
4)Some other points.

This means that there will be moreeeeeee   delay.                          

20-02.2015:  On 78.2 % IDA issue it is reliably learnt that Member (F) DOT has raised several points including expenditure to be incurred vis a vis 60:40 issue, Arrear of Pension from 1-1-2007 etc.                               
16-02.2015:  Com Rakesh Srivastava enquired about status of 78.2% issue. It is learnt from reliable source that Member(F) DoT has returned the file to Member(S) for preparation of "Revised Cabinet Memo".
09-02.2015:  Pension for the Absorbed BSNL employees and the 60:40 issue- Present Position:- When erstwhile DoT employees took absorption in BSNL, it was assured by the Government by introducing Rule 37A in CCS Pension Rule 1972, that payment of pension is the responsibility of Government and shall be paid by the Government, BSNL's responsibility will be only to pay the required pension contribution as per rules. (section 21 & 22 of Rule 37A). This was further clarified by the then Secretary DoT Sri Nripendra Kumar Misra  to Sri A K Sinha CMD BSNL on 15-03-2005, where commitment of DoT as per rule 37A has been reiterated.
Subsequently on January 5, 2009 Sri Sidhhartha Behura the then Secretary (T) vide memo no 40-12(2007) Pen (T), notified that the responsibility of the Government for payment of pension to BSNL absorbed employees shall not exceed 60% of the receipt to the Government on a) Divident from BSNL, b) License fee from BSNL and c) Corporate Tax/Excise Duty/Service tax paid by BSNL. The balance amount if any will be borne by BSNL.
It was however also mentioned in the memo that the provision of 60% is only for “funding purpose”, and it does not in any way distract from the fact that ultimate liability of paying pension lies with the Government of India.
But on 11-07-2014 vide 40-13/2013-Pen(T), while replying a query related to 78.2% IDA fixation for pensioners DoT has informed the DoE that the provision of 60% is a cabinet decision. It was also mentioned that from the year 2011-12 onwards the pension paid by DoT is much higher than the 60% figure.
Being curious on how the cabinet approval was taken by the DoT on the 60% liability issue, Sri Amit Kumar Gupta, our AGS, filed an RTI application with DoT. The reply to the query reveals that while processing the implementation of 68.8% IDA fixation for pre 2007 pensioners, the DoT has mentioned this provision in the cabinet memo and got the approval of the Cabinet on 15-01-2011.
Now as per the cabinet approval Government's responsibility for payment of pension to absorbed BSNL employees is limited to 60% only. Click for Rule 37ADoT letters (old), DoT reply to DoE, RTI application and replies, Cabinet Memo.                            
03-02.2015:  Today in the SCOVA meeting the 78.2% IDA issue has been vigourously pursued by Sh S C Maheswari GS,Bharat Pensioner Samaj & other leaders. They insisted for a timeline. MoS also told BSNL/DoT to give a timeframe. Ultimately JS DoP&PW told them to resolve the isuue within one month.
Meanwhile Com VAN Numboodri convenor, JAC met Member Services DoT today , who confirmed that the Draft Cabinet Memo is still with Member(F) as we have reported earlier in the morning. Under this situation action on war footing is required to fulfill the commitment given at SCOVA meeting. Let us watch the developments.                                      
03-02.2015:  Today at 11-00 Hrs the SCOVA (Standing Committee Of Voluntary Associations) meeting will be held where 78.2% IDA issue will be discussed as pending item. It is learnt that DoT has submitted following action taken report to DoP&PW for the meeting.
“Department of Pension has conveyed it's no objection to the proposal.
Department of Expenditure also has agreed to the proposal subject to approval by the Cabinet.  Accordingly the Cabinet Note has been prepared and put up to the Minister for Communications."


28.01.2015:  Com Kishen Singh GS wrote to Hon'ble MoC on inordinate delay in settling the 78.2% issue for BSNL Pensioners.  Page 1    Page 2                                             



Republic Day 2015


25.01.2015:  GS & President AIBSNLEA met Shri Pracheesh Khana, Director (Estt.) DOT on 22-01-15 and discussed regarding 78.2% pay fixation of BSNL Pensioners. Director (Estt.) informed that draft cabinet note has been sent to Internal Finance of DOT on 04.12.2014 from Member (S). It is pending with member (Finance) DOT. It seems that member (Finance) will mark the file to DDG (Accounts) for information on Pension contribution and its financial implications. They tried to meet Member (Finance) and Member (Services) for early clearance but they were busy in some other important meetings. However, they will try to meet Secretary (T) for his kind intervention for early clearance from DoT.
15.01.2015:Com. Rakesh Srivastava, VP enquired about status of 78.2% issue. It is learnt from reliable source that DoT Finance is proposing to seek cabinet approval for relaxation of payment of arrears due to all pensioners w.e.f. 01.01.2007. This is a great satisfaction for AIRBSNLEWA, who alone is fighting against the move to curtail pension arrears since long.
13.01.2015:Com. Rakesh Srivastava, VP  spoke to Director(Fin.) DoT today morning. It  is gathered that Member(F) DoT has sent back the file to DoT Finance Section on the issue, whether the pension amount prior to June 2013 will be considered as deferred amount or will be treated as not due amount.
12.01.2015: Com. Rakesh informed that 78.2%file has now reached Member(F), DoT for approval of the Cabinet Memo.
10.01.2015: Annual Family Picnic of West Bengal State Branch of AIRBSNLEWA was arranged on 09-1-2015 at Titly Garden, Baruipur near Kolkata. 100 members and fimily mebers attended the day long Picnic. After morning breakfast there were four entertaining games like merry go round, throwing the ball to the basket etc (two events for ladies and two for Gents). There were songs, recitations by the family members. Token Prizes were distributed to winners. Delicious Lunch was followed. The picnic was enjoyed by all particularly bt the family members. See Glimpses.                                

Allthough their is no increase in All India Consumer Price Index (CPI) with 2001=100 points still there is a IDA hike of 2.2% from 1-1-2015. HOW ????????

IDA is granted based on three months average Index.
CPI  for June 2014  was 246 points.
CPI  for July  2014 was 252 points
CPI  for August 2014 was 253 points.
Average for the above 3 months was 250.33 points.
CPI for September, October and November was  253 points. 
Average for these three months is same 253 points.
As there was some increase in the average for three months from 250.33 to 253 points,
there is some increase in IDA rate also, though there was no increase in CPI
during the period of September- November 2014.


It is a fact that there was no significant price rise on many items during the last 3-4 months.Not because of the policies of Government of India or the State governments in India.Main reason is that international price of crude oil came down drastically from 130 Dolors to 50 Dolors. Because there is a competition now between Arab countries and Russia.The price of petrol in India should have been reduced to Rs 50 or  Rs 40 per litre.  It was not done. Petrol price has the cascading  impact on price of many other items.


CDA is granted once in six months, based on average of 12 months CPI.  Index is same.
When average for 12 months is taken, then there is always some increase. 
For example: CPI for January 2014 was 237 points and for November it is 253 points.   
This increase in CPI for a longer period will reflect in CDA rate.  
CDA rate was increasing by 10 % in six months period.  
Since there was not much increase in CPI during the last four months, 
the increase in CDA may come down to 6 percent this time from 1-1-2015
In the case of CDA, the CPI merged at the time of  last pay/pension  revision from 1-1-2006
was 115.76 points .  The increase over and above 115.76 is taken for grant of CDA now.
Whereas, in the case of IDA, 126.33 points were merged on 1-1-2007.
The present IDA rate is fixed  for the increase over and above 126.33 points. 
This difference definitely reflects in the  rates of CDA and IDA.


07.01.2015:78.2% IDA FIXATION FOR PENSIONERS:Com Rakesh Srivastava Vice President informed that the file is presently with Sh Rajib Roy Director Finance DoT. He is studying the note given by his section.                                                                                          
05.01.2015: IDA will be increased by 02.20% from 01-01-2015. Hence total IDA will be 98.1+2.2= 100.3% from 01-01-2015                                     
 02.01.2015:78.2% IDA FIXATION FOR PENSIONERS:Com Rakesh Srivastava Vice President spoke with the concerned ADG of DOT Finance today, who assured to send the file to DDG Finance DOT by 05-01-2014 with his notes.                                                      








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