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Office of the Principal CCA Kolkata was denying all the pension cases where the pensioners got 1st time bound promotion after 5 years under EPP and was reducing one increment and also causing recovery. AIRBSNLEWA took up the case with Pr CCA Kolkata on 02-05-2018 <<READ>>.
Com Prahlad Rai also took up the issue with DOT  <<

Yesterday we reported that during meeting with Advisor Finance DOT the issue was again raised by him and the Advisor immediately spoken to Pr CCA Kolkata for remedial action.

Today we received following two emails from the office of Pr CCA Kolkata.

Pr.CCA Kolkata <>
To:Amit kumar Gupta
‎Aug‎ ‎30 at ‎16‎:‎22
With reference to your letter no. AIRBSNLEWA/Pr CCA/2018 dated 02.05.2018, it is stated that misinterpretation with regards to meaning of eligibility criteria of EPP from E1A to E2A 
as per BSNL/CO/ND dated 18.01.2007 (basic order of EPP) and clarificatory order thereof dated 18.03.2010 as revealed in your letter has been happened. 
However, further reviewing of the case after taking into the matter with the support of BSNL/CO/ND  clarificatory order dated 15.08.2012 is going on. Decision will be given later on.

Sr. AO (Pension Revision)
O/o Principal Controller of Communication Accounts
8, Hare Street, Kolkata -1
Pr.CCA Kolkata <>
To:Amit kumar Gupta
‎Aug‎ ‎30 at ‎16‎:‎41
The email dated 30.08.2018 at 16:22 wherein the second para the clarificatory order, the dated mentioned as 15.08.2012 therein, may be read as 15.05.2012.

Sr. AO (Pension)

O/o Principal Controller of Communication Accounts
8, Hare Street, Kolkata -1

Thus we can expect settlement of the cases at an early date.


11.05.2018 Com Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA writes to:

1 The DDG (Estt), DoT, regarding denial of first time bound promotion received by BSNL Executives of Calcutta Telephones by office of Pr. CCA Kolkata causing reduction of Pension and pensionary benefits.

<<<<Click here for the Letter>>>> 

02.05.2018  Empanelled Hospitals By Calcutta Telephones as on 30-04-2018  <<LIST>>    
02.05.2018   Letter to Pr CCA Kolkata on injustice made to pensioners who got first time bound promotion after 5 years.  <<<READ>>>
21.04.2018     Meeting with GM BA-South CFA on Problems on settlements of Medical Claims. :  We met with Sh Saibal Gupta GM BA-South CTD yesterday and discussed the problems of settlements of valid medical claims. We pointed out that the persons dealing the medical claims are not aware of the various rulings and clarifications issued on the subject from time to time. As a result they apply their own interpretations in settlement  of the claims resulting in rejection of valid claims. We requested to supply them a hard copy of ready reckoner of all medical rulngs so that they can educate themselves. GM assured to take necessary action. We handed over a set of some rulings which are commonly not followed. <<Letter>>
 02.04.2018   Indoor Treatment at CGHS rate on Cash payment basis.
Agreement with *AMRI (all four units) signed today with CTD. *Medica* has also submitted their letter of interest on last Friday which is under process. Both these Hospitals have offered outdoor treatment also at CGHS rate. As a result we can have consultation with good doctors and tests like CT Scan and MRI at reduced CGHS rates. Treatments like Dialysis or Chemotherapy also will be at CGHS rate. 
Agreement with *Desun Hospital, Charnok Hospital, IRIS Hospital and Renesa Hospital* has already been signed for cash basis treatment at CGHS rate.
Although agreement not signed yet due to some technical reason still *B M Birla Heart* and *Ruby General* is already offering treatment at CGHS rate to employees and Pensioners of BSNL. *Peerless Hospital* also may offer CGHS rates soon, talks are in progress.
These all happened due to constant persuasion by AIRBSNLEWA since last one and half years. First we got the necessary order issued by BSNL CO, then negotiated with CTD and also with WBTC finally with the Hospitals. We visited Hospitals and kept constant touch with the authority for their acceptance. No body have taken any step in this direction but may soon jump to claim the credit as they did for 60:40 case.
We also request all our members to circulate this information in all whatsapp groups and facebook or other social media so that all employees and Pensioners may avail the facilities while in need.
   10.12.2017                        *আমাদের বাৎসরিক ফ্যামিলি পিকনিক*
এই বছর আমাদের পিকনিক হবে *6 জানুয়ারি 2018 শনিবার।*

স্পট: আরিয়াদহ গঙ্গার পারে একটি পুরোনো জমিদার বাড়ী, যেটি এখন KMDA পাম্পিং স্টেশন। সঙ্গে গঙ্গার উপর বিশাল সিমেন্টের জেটি এবং বাগান

কি করে যাবেন: বি টি রোডে রথতলা ( কামারহাটি মুনিসিপালিটি, ডানলপ এর পরে ) স্টপেজে নামতে হবে। সেখান থেকে মিলনী মাঠ এর অটোতে শেষ স্টপেজে বা খেয়া ঘাটের অটো তে আরিয়াদহ হসপিটাল স্টপেজে নেমে KMDA পাম্পিং স্টেশন। 
অথবা দক্ষিনেশ্বর থেকে আদ্যাপীঠ এর টোটো তে মিলনী মাঠ।
সময়  সকাল 9টার মধ্যে নাহলে প্রাতরাশ খেতে দেরি হবে এবং অন্য খেলাধুলা করতেও দেরী হবে।
সকাল 9টায় 
মটরশুঁটি কচুড়ি, ছোলার ডাল, মোয়া, চা
*বেলা 11 টায়*:
চিকেন পাকোড়া, ভেজ পাকোড়া, নিরামিষভোজী দের জন্য পানির পাকোড়া এবং কফি সবার জন্য
*দুপুর 1টায়:*
সাদা ভাত, শীতের তরকারী দিয়ে ডাল, ফ্রেঞ্চ ফ্রাই, ফুলকপি রোস্ট, সর্ষে পাবদা মাছ, চিকেন বাটার মাসালা,  চাটনি ,পাঁপড,নলেন গুড়ের রসগোল্লা। কমলালেবু।
নিরামিষ দের জন্য মাছ মাংসের বদলে পনির তরকারি,ধোঁকার ডালনা 
*বিকেল 4টায়* চা/ কফি
*ব্রেকফাস্ট এর পর থেকে লাঞ্চ পর্যন্ত নানা রকম স্পোর্টস। এবং শেষে প্রাইজ ডিস্ট্রিবিউসন। সমস্ত মহিলা অংশগ্রহনকারীদের জন্য বিশেষ স্মারক উপহার।*
*কত লাগবে*: প্রতিজন *₹400* মাত্র। ড্রাইভার দের জন্য পুরো চার্জ দিতে হবে
*যোগাযোগ:* শ্রী দেবব্রত রায় *94330 00307* এবং শ্রী অনিমেষ মিত্র *94330 98823* 2nd জানুয়ারির মধ্যে। টেলিফোনে আগে নাম নথিভুক্ত করুন পরে টাকা দিলেই হবে। *ক্যানসেল করতে হলে 5 জানুয়ারি সকাল 10টার মধ্যে*
*দ্রষ্টব্য:* আদ্যামার মন্দির, আরো দু একটি মন্দির এবং গঙ্গা নদীর উপরে জেটিতে আড্ডা।
*সবাইকে অনুরোধ আমাদের সহযোগিতা করতে তাড়াতাড়ি নাম নথিভুক্ত করুন। বন্ধুবান্ধব, পরিবারের সবাইকে নিয়ে আসুন*
 07.12.2017    *Meeting with GM HR CTD on Medical and Hospital empanelment.*
Our office bearers OF West Bengal met and discussed the issues in details with GM HR today afternoon. We enlightened him about the harassment caused to the Pensioners. GM mentioned that he is aware about the harassment caused by some areas and in yesterday's CGM's meeting with areas , CGM has issued strict instructions to stop this harassment to the Pensioners and settle their dues immediately. However following are decided in the meeting.
1) GM HR will ask for detailed report from Areas on pending cases both with or without voucher. Names of the Pensioners with details and reasons also will be asked for with voucher cases. 
Newspaper notification will be issued to inform all Pensioners to submit KYC details as required in ERP system. Also Areas will be instructed to contact all the Pensioners for submission of the form.
2) 66 more Hospitals will be added in the list of 233 Empanelled Hospitals after verification. Private renowned Hospitals will be approached for extending treatment at CGHS rate and agreement will be made with willing Hospitals.
*Today we have observed a change in attitude of the CTD management. In earlier meetings, we were asked to site the examples of harassments but today we felt that the realisation of the Management on Pensioners issues.*
07-11-2017  State Secretary writes to:
1) CGM WBTC on medical issues asking for a meeting
2) CCA WB on Digital Life Certificate.     <<READ>>  
27-10-2017    PGM/NWO-II/CFA CTD asks report on Pensioners as a follow up action of the meeting held on 24-10-2017  <<READ>>
27-10-2017   BIJOYA SAMMILONI 2017 GLIMPSES  <<<VIEW>> >  
15-09-2017  West Bengal Telecom Circle informs status of pending medical cases <<view>>  
 31-08-2017   CTD issued order restricting cashless treatment to 12 days <<Order>>
24-08-2017 List of Pensioners of WB Circle whose pension might not have been revised and submitted to CCA WB for necessary action.   <<LIST>>   
19-06-2017 Meeting with CGM CTD: A meeting was held with CGM CTD on the agendas submitted on 24-05-17 and on 19-06-2017. GM(HR) ,DGM(HR) & TS to CGM was also present. Following is the gist of discussion.
1) Pending 78.2 Cases :
We pointed out that as per DOT, CTD is yet to send 1094 service books to CCA CTD. GM (HR) appears to be surprised and CGM commented that as per his knowledge the issue is almost over. We requested to collect the names from CCA CTD and take early action.    
2. Recostruction of Service Book of Sh Bharat Chandra Dhali DE:
CGM agreed to reconstruct the service book with all available datas.
3. Empanelment of CGHS hospitals for treatment on cash basis at CGHS rates: CGM agreed to empanel the hospitals which has given consent within one month. We pointed out that as at present 6 hospitals have agreed and they may be empanelled urgently.
4. Addition of more hospitals in the list of 233 hospitals where treatment will be at hospital rate and reimbursement at CGHS rate: We requested to  include the list of 17 Hospitals given by us. GM(HR) informed that he has asked the opinion of the Areas whether they want to include some more hospitals of their area. CGM opined that the association also may name some more hospitals which has come up during recent days. We agreed to supply a fresh list of hospitals.
5. Action for payment of Pending Medical Bills: CGM requested us to submit the list along with the unit where it is pending : We agreed to furnish the information as early as possible.

Pensioners are therefore requested to furnish the details of the medical bills pending once again to us immediately through whatsapp, SMS on 9433000088 or to email id

6. Empanelment of renowned hospitals other than CGHS for treatment on cash basis at CGHS rates as per BSNL COs recent order: CGM instructed to take action for such empanelment also.

Pensioners may also inform us if any such hospital is willing to offer treatment at CGHS rates on cash basis.   
19-06-2017 Secretary writes to CGM WBTC on Medical and 78.2 % pension revision issue <<<Read>>>   
14-06-2017 Pensioners from whom money was deducted from Gratuity/ Leave Encashment or was forced to deposit some amount as overdrawn at the time of retirement are liable to get back the deducted amount as per Supreme Courts Order. AIRBSNLEWA is making endeavor to organize such pensioners for getting the justice. Kindly submit the application to all concerned with a copy to the Association to initiate the process. The application format is prepared keeping in view all the situations and has to be edited as per the individual's case. Pl contact Swapan Mukhopadhyay 9433400210 for assistance. <<<Draft Application>>  
08-06-2017 Calcutta Telephones issues proforma for extending option for medical claim without voucher. <<<ORDER>>>      
08-06-2017 West Bengal Telecom Circle issues guideline for settlement of pending medical bills. <<<ORDER>>>  
01-06-2017 CCA CTD took corrective action and issues another list of 666 pensioners: In responce to our letter dated 24-05-17 wherein we have pointed out the mismatch in calculation of CCA CTD to Pr CCA Kolkata, a list of 666 pensioners is issued today as 2nd List of April. <<view>>    
24-05-2017 AIRBSNLEWA West Bengal seeks a meeting from CGM CTD <<< Letter>>>  
24-05-2017 Circle Secretary writes to Pr CCA Kolkata highlighting the problems of pensioners. Earlier we have received the reply of our earlier letter to Pr CCA dated 24-4-2017. Read << The Reply>>   << our letter>>    
25-04-2017 Circle Secretary Writes to Pr CCA Kolkate  <<CLICK>>   
02-04-2017 MEETING WITH Pr CCA Kolkata and GM(Fin) WBTC. 
Our office bearers met GM(Fin) WBTC and discussed the problem of Medical Bill Payment and pending 78.2 % cases of Kharagpur SSA. GM informed that most of the pending medical bills are cleared in March 2017. The pending cases are mainly because of non submission of "Mandate" by the pensioners. She requested to advice Kolkata based pensioners to submit the mandate form to Sri Ramesh JAO at Circle Office. Still if someone's medical bills are pending for long time the details may be submitted to his office immediately.

Next they met Pr CCA Kolkata and discussed the status of pending 78.2% Cases. They informed that from the list published in website it appears that priority is not maintained. Pr CCA asked to submit such cases with details. She  informed that whenever any error is noticed in fixation, the same is informed to the Area and the service book is returned to them. She also informed that the list of completed cases in March 2017 will be uploaded by 15th April 2017 and expect to complete the pending received cases by June 2017. Calcutta Telephones is yet to send many service books.

It is therefore requested to the CTD pensioners who have not yet received the sanction memo and feels that they are being superseded to submit the following information for taking up with Pr CCA.
a. Name, Date of retirement, Area,
b. Date of submission of his S Book to CCA by Area.
c. Name of the pensioner who has superseded him.
d. Date of submission of his S Book and date when CCA issued the memo.

Once the information are received we shall compile them and take up with Pr CCA again.

02-04-2017 KYC form to be submitted by pensioners of CTD to respective SDE/Staff for getting Medical Reimbursement.  <<<KYC FORM>>>   
13-03-2017   Letters addressed to Pr CCA Kolkata on delay in settling 78.2% cases  <<Read>>
 27-02-2017  Letters addressed to GM HR CTD on Medical Issues <<<one>>>   <<<two>>> 
 23-02-2017  Calcutta Telephones issued FAQs on BSNLMRS on our consistence effort  <<< CLICK>>>   
 16-02-2017  New System of Authorization for treatment in non empanelled hospitals on emergency <<<ORDER>>    
                    2nd list from HQ area                                              <<click>>
                    2ND LIST FROM PLG AREA                                        <<CLICK>>
                    3rd  LIST OF PLG AREA                                           <<CLICK>>
                    LIST OF CASES SENT FROM CTD/Jadavpur AREA TO CCA /HQ         <<CLICK>>
                    LIST OF CASES SENT FROM CTD/Alipur AREA TO CCA                <<CLICK>>
                    LIST OF CASES SENT FROM CTD/CENTRAL AREA TO CCA             <<CLICK>>
                    LIST OF CASES SENT FROM CTD/CS AREA TO CCA                   <<CLICK>>
                    LIST OF CASES SENT FROM CTD/CS (2nd list) AREA TO CCA           <<CLICK>>


                    2nd list from HQ area                                              <<click>>
                    2ND LIST FROM PLG AREA                                        <<CLICK>>
                    3rd  LIST OF PLG AREA                                           <<CLICK>>
                    LIST OF CASES SENT FROM CTD/Jadavpur AREA TO CCA /HQ         <<CLICK>>
                    LIST OF CASES SENT FROM CTD/Alipur AREA TO CCA                <<CLICK>>
                    LIST OF CASES SENT FROM CTD/CENTRAL AREA TO CCA             <<CLICK>>


This year the Picnic is arranged at "SEN BAGAN" Pakhiralaya, Shalimar Rathtala Stoppage. The place is 3rd culvert after Kamal Gazi Flyover. From Kabi Subhash Metro by Auto to Pakhiralaya. Date 11th January Wednesday. Pl Contact Animesh Mitra for details 9433098823. Last date of application 4th January 2017
22.10.2016:  Yesterday Circle office Bearers of West Bengal Circle Met CCA & Deputy CCA CTD for finding the progress of 78.2% IDA merger issue. It is learnt that only about 700 service books are received by them which is only 12% of the total figure. They requested to issue a reminder to CGM CTD for expediting the work. It is also learnt that the cases received will be settled in FIFO basis. Copy of the revised PPO issued to the BANK will also be send to the concerned pensioners simultaneously.

Next they had a meeting with PGM CTD and discussed
 1 ) Empanelment of Hospitals on Cash Basis Treatment at CGHS rate as per BSNL CO order.
 2)  Inclusion of 17 more hospitals in the approved list of 233 Hospitals.
 3)  Issuing guidelines to the areas for following uniformity of rules on various points.

PGM agreed on all the points and instructed to process the issues. 

19.10.2016:   ORDERS ARE ISSUED BY West Bengal Telecom Circle : As reported by us yesterday, as a follow up action of our yesterdays SIT IN STARVATION and the decisions taken in the subsequent meeting with the CGM, WBTC today issued two letters one addressed to our Association and other to All SSA heads. The decision of stopping of collecting written information from pensioners has not mentioned in the letters. We have pointed out the same and expect  a corrective letter tomorrow. <<<<<< Click for the letters>>>>>
As notified the SIT IN STARVATION program started before CGM WBTC sharp at 10 AM today to protest against  inaction to implement 78.2% IDA merger work and non payment of Medical Bills since February 2016. As We just started the SIT IN program, Senior GM (F) Mrs Rupa Paul Chaudhury came to the corridor and requested us not to sit in the corridor as she fell ashamed to see the seniors in this condition. She requested to come and sit us in her chamber instead. We politely refused and said that we shall observe the program as scheduled. She went to her chamber and send water bottles for us.

Next, CGM entered in his chamber and immediately called us for discussion as he will be leaving for another meeting with the Chief Secretary West bengal at 11 AM. Sh Amit Gupta on behalf of the Association went to his chamber and informed that our discussion cannot be held in a hurried way. Let him complete the meeting with the Chief Secretary, we may hold our meeting afterwards. CGM expressed his sorrow and requested not to sit in the corridor, instead we may sit in some room. We said that we are comfortable in the corridor and wait for his return.

On his return the meeting took place at 3 PM. From our Side Coms D Biswas, S Sarkar, P M Chattaopadhayay, M Roy, S Mukherjee, A Gupta, T Mukherjee, P.Ghosh, P K Samanta, S Chatterjee, and from Management side, CGM, GM (HR), Sr GM(F), DGM(F), AGM(HR), AO(Cash) etc participated. At the outset CGM expressed his sorrow again for this developments which led us to stage this SIT IN STARVATION and said that he never knew that such frustration has developed in the mind of the pensioners, He requested the officers on management side to behave polite and gentle to the elders and to the ladies even if they speak irrelevant. He further said quoting in Sanskrit that whatever is due to anybody has to be paid in due time otherwise it loose its importance. He also mentioned that such inefficiency he has inherited due to legacy but he shall try to improve the situation.

In reply we pointed out that we are also not happy to stage such demonstration at this old age and sitting in the floor for so many hours in starvation, but the situation has compelled us to do so. The situation could have been avoided if management held the discussion one day early. We pointed out the stereo typed letter send to us by email yesterday signed by DGM(F). In the said letter it was claimed that " West Bengal Telecom Circle is well aware of its responsibility on both reimbursement of medical bill as well as work related to 78.2% IDA merger". <<<Click for letter>>> But the fact is that after issue of the 78.2% IDA order by BSNL, 3 months have elapsed but circle office could not send even 3 service books to CCA office. Also on medical issue bills are pending for nine months and now it is mentioned in the same letter that 60 more days are required. Under this situation how the management can put a tall claim that it is well aware of its responsibility. We mentioned that as per corporate office guidelines medical bills are to be paid within 30 days of claim but here it is being officially said that the period will be of one year.
On 78.2% issue we pointed out that unless the fixation is done by 31st October and the service books are send to the CCA office, we cannot get the payment by 31st December as notified by DOT since further works are involved in CCA office and in respective banks.. Further the practice introduced by WBTC to fill up a form mentioning personal details of the pensioners should immediately be stopped. Because it will never be possible to contact all pensioners particularly family pensioners and gr D pensioners who are now away to their native places in Bihar and UP and therefore their particulars cant be obtained from them and as a result their pension will remain unrevised. We demanded suitable time bound action so that we get the payment as scheduled.

In reply Sr GM(F) has fully appreciated our points and appealed us to give some time to rectify the work procedure of circle. She also while recalling her old experience with many of us expressed her sorrow for the harassments caused to us and assured that she will take care so that similar situation do not repeat again. Ultimately the following decisions are taken as per our suggestion and demand.

1) Hence forth the format of the claim form for medical bill will have two more items:

  • The HR No or Vendor Code : For those pensioners who had HR NO at the time of retirement shall mention the same and those who did not have will leave the item blank for the first bill. Circle Office will issue a Vendor Code from the pool and fill it up in the blank and simultaneously intimate the pensioner on his mobile. From next bill onwards the pensioner will have to mention the same in the claim form.
  • There won't be any TDS for the medical bills for pensioners hence fourth. For this at the end of the form a declaration will be there stating that the TDS may not be done and the required I Tax will be paid by the pensioner.
    The revised claim form will be issued by the circle shortly. We shall upload the same in our website in due course.

2) The present practice of filling up the format by the pensioners will be stopped by all SSAs. Necessary fixation work for 50% of Pre 2007 cases and 50% of post 2007 cases are to be completed by all SSAs by 31st October and sent to the CCA. Remaining 50% work to be completed by 15th Nov 2016 by all SSAs.

3) Sr GM (F) Mentioned that as per her knowledge no medical bills are pending before April 2016. If any such cases are there the Association may submit those directly to her. However all Pending bills from April to Sept 2016 will be paid by 15th Nov 2016 positively. We request all pensioners to submit the details of the pending bills submitted before April 2016 by SMS to 9433000088 mentioning Name, Designation, HR no, Office, Date, Amount etc immediately for further submission to Sr GM(F).

4) One Form for ERP to be submitted by all pensioners who did not have HR NO. The Form will be issued by AGM (HR) soon. We shall upload the same when received.

The meeting ended with a happy note and with CGM's comment that "we will meet again on 1st December to review the situation".

Necessary executive order mentioning the above points will be issued tommorow(19/10). We shall upload them as and when received.

Thus today's SIT IN STARVATION program is a great success. It will extend required benefit to all the pensioners. About 80 members of AIRBSNLEWA took part in the program. We salute them. As committed by AIRBSNLEWA to protect the pensioners right of pension and medical, this is another victory for all pensioners executive or non executive. <<<<click to view glimpses>>>>

05.10.2016:   AIRBSNLEWA served notice for "Sit In Starvation" before CGM WBTC's chamber on 18-10-2016 to protest aginst indifferent attitude in solving the issues of pensioners. <<VIEW THE NOTICE>>
3rd Circle conference of West Bengal State held on 1-10-2016 at CTO auditorium Kolkata. From CHQ New Delhi Com GS & Com President has attended the conference. CHQ office bearers from Kolkata VP, AGS-1 & OS (E) also attended. It was also attended by 300+ members. 11 new life  members were enrolled and 58 life members have cleared their donation. The meeting started at 2.15 PM with president's address and observation of 2 mins silence in memory of departed pensioners. Circle Secretary Com Sitanshu Sarkar placed his report , which was unanimously accepted by the house. <<REPORT>>. Financial audited report for last 3 years placed by Com Prasun Madhab Chattopadhyay was also accepted. <<<FIN Reort>>> President CHQ Com Rakesh Srivastava and GS Com Kishan Singh in their deliberations covered all the achievements of this Association and also present developments of various issues. Com P Mukhopadhyay CS/CTD and Com A Bose acting CS/WBTC also graced the occasion. New committee was formed at the end of the meeting,
<<<<< Glimpses>>>>    <<<<< New State Committee>>>>>
15.09.2016:     As a Follow up action of our meeting with GM(HR) Calcutta Telephones on 24-08-2016, the CTD management has issued orders on
1) On Time Bound Programme for 78.2% Fixation Work    CLICK FOR ORDER
2) On Submission of monthly report on Medical Bills          CLICK FOR ORDER
05.09.2016:                        3rd CIRCLE CONFERENCE of West Bengal    
AIRBSNLEWA West Bengal has notified its 3rd Circle conference at CTO Auditorium on 1st October 2016 at 13-00 Hrs. President and GS CHQ will attend the occation. click for the Notice
05.09.2016:(13-00 hrs)    MEETING WITH CCA WEST BENGAL: Com Amit Gupta, Sadhan Chatterjee and Manas Roy met Shri Abhoy Singh CCA West Bengal today morning. Sh Joydeep Guha Jt CCA was also present. Two CAOs were also in the meeting. Our discussion was centered on the letter submitted on 31-08-2016. <<CLICK>> We highlighted the difficulties if ADHAR is linked with pension revision. CCA informed that they had already taken decision on last Friday and necessary order delinking ADHAR will be issued today. It was further clarified by him that for pre 2007 pensioners Service Book need not be sent by the SSAs, the same has to be sent for post 2007 pensioners. Single service book should not be sent, it has to be sent in batches of 10 service books or more. He also informed that 3 consultants are being appointed from pensioners by interview to complete the Pension Revision work within scheduled date.  

Further the CCA discussed some issues of pensioners which are being planned by DOT/CCA Office.
1) Holding of Pensioners Meet in SSAs on Regular Basis : On 22nd Sept '16 One Pensioners Meeting will be arranged at Asansol. About 20 PPOs will be handed over to the pensioners retired recently. The problem and suggestion from  the pensioners/ pensioner Association also will be heard. Similarly another meeting will be arranged in Siliguri in November. The Ultimate plan of the CCA office is to hold monthly (First week of the month)  pensioner meets at Five SSAs which are Buisness Heads. In these meeting PPOs of the pensioners of nearby SSAs who retired in previous month will be handed over. Thus present delay caused by the banks will be avoided.
2) Functioning of CCA office as Pension Disbursement Office (PDO) : Along with the present method of pension disbursement through Banks and Post Offices, CCA office will disburse the pension directly to the account of the pensioners. This system will be optional and pensioner can choose this method if he desires. We pointed out that the system is good but there may be difficulty in submission of life certificate which presently done in banks or Post Offices near to pensioners address. CCA appreciated the point and assured to find out a solution of this difficulty in the proposed system.
The Meeting lasted for 45 Mins. in a very congenial atmosphere.
31.08.2016:   Meeting with Different officers: Com Amit Gupta & Com Sadhan Chatterjee met various officers on pensioners issue on 31-08-2016:
1) Sr GM(Fin) West Bengal Circle : They met Smt Rupa Pal Choudhuri Sr GM(F) and discussed the problem developed due to the letter of CCA WB making ADHAR as mandatory item for pension revision work. Copy of our letter to CCA was given to her for necessary action. She appreciated the problem and assured to discuss with CCA WB. She also requested us to inform the outcome of our meeting with CCA WB next week.  
2) CGM West Bengal Telecom Circle: They met CGM WBTC Sri R N Jha and appraised him also the problem developed. CGM was of the opinion that since linking of ADHAR is a policy of present central Govt. there is nothing wrong to link it with pension revision work. ADHAR No and PAN no has to be entered in the service book. They informed him about the KYP drive undertaken by Pr. CCA last year and almost information of 9000 pensioners are already available with Pr CCA which can easily be shared by CCA WB instead of repeating the whole process by the SSA heads of WBTC. CGM appreciated our view and assured to initiate necessary action in consultation with his management.
3) CCA Calcutta Telephones: They met Sri Dekhu Turwar CCA Kolkata in the afternoon and discussed the issue of 78.2% IDA merger from 1-1-2007and consequent pension revision. They pointed out the provision of the order that the Job has to be completed by 31-12-2016. They requested him to issue a letter to Calcutta Telephones for early sending of the service books and fixation memos with a time limit so that the time frame given by DOT materializes. The whole issue was discussed at length for about 30 minutes and it was explained to him that this issue is a different one than the implementation of 7th CPC order. Sri Turwar assured to take necessary action within next Monday.

4) They also met DGM (S&M) CTD, DE (HCU) CTD regarding empanelment of CGHS approved Hospitals on cash basis at CGHS rates and on disposing the cases registered in CPGRAMS with vague remarks. Both has assured for early action on respective issues.


25-8-2016 : Meeting With GM (HR) Calcutta Telephones. As scheduled and with GM(F) West Bengal Telecom Circle.

Com D Biswas, Swapan Mukherjee, and Amit Gupta met Sri P K Mahapatra GM HR CTD and discussed following points. The discussion lasted for about 2 hours.
1. 78.2% IDA merger for pensioners : GM assured the delegation that this work is now in his priority list. He immediately called DGM HR & AGM (Staff-II) in the meeting and discussed the issue. It was decided that existing practice of pension settlement will be followed for present pension revision by merging 78.2% IDA for both pre & post pensioners. For JTOs and below, areas will do the calculations, enter the revised pension in service book and send the service book to AGM(Staff II) HQ, who will check the calculations prepare the sanction memo and send the service book with revised sanction memo to CCA Kolkata. For SDE & above complete work will be done by area and the service book with revised sanction memo and LPC will be sent to CCA Kolkata. GM also agreed to monitor the progress for ensuring payment by 31st December 2016 to all.
2. Empanelment of Hospitals for Indoor treatment on cash basis at CGHS rate: DE (HCU) ,who was also present in the meeting, informed that after issuance of the order of BSNL CO he has already processed for empanelment of 9 CGHS hospitals including B M Birla, Desun, Netaji Subash Institue (Debi Shethy) etc. We requested the GM HR to approve the file and also mentioned that in the agreement proper clauses to be included so that the Hospitals actually bill as per CGHS and certify the same so that the beneficiaries get smooth reimbursement. GM agreed to cosider for incorporating the same.
3. Issuing clarifications to the areas for implementation of BSNL MRS rules. GM request us to mention specific cases for issuing the clarification. We agreed to supply the same at an early date.
4. Paying the medical claims of the pensioners within one month time as per BSNL CO order.: We mentioned that although the overall situation is better now still in some areas the delay is prevailing. After discussion GM agreed to issue necessary instructions.
The meeting was held in a congenial atmosphere. At the end we extended thanks and gratitude for granting us the meeting.

Com M k Roy, D Biswas, Sadhan Chatterjee, Tapas Mukherjee & Tapan Mallick met GM (F) WBTC Smt. Rupa Pal Chowdhury on 24th at 3pm as scheduled and discussed about fixation of 78.2%DA merger issue in WBTC. We appraised her total orders including 60:40 issue also. We submitted all latest orders copies for reference. She gave a patience hearing from us. We requested her to bring out the correct lists of pensioners, to initiate the process. She gave some suggestions of collecting service books fm SSAs to central locations to expedite the issue. We welcome the suggestion, if feasible. We also requested for early payments of pending medical bills due from March '16 onwards &some old cases also. We are hopeful about outcome of the meet.

17.08.2016:   Yesterday Our CS West Bengal Com Sitanshu Sarkar, ACS Com K C Samaddar and com S N Das visited CGM ETP office for early implementation of 78.2% IDA merger issue of Pensioners. They met GM (HQ) and DGM (Fin). both has assured early action. They also met DGM (Alipore) CTD, who is located in the same office  and requested to complete the 78.2% related job quickly.
31.07.2016:  West Bengal Circle of AIRBSNLEWA has prepared the list of the pensioners (both Executive and Non Executive), who retired between 1-1-2007 to 9-06-2013, and submitted to administration for immediate initiation of pay fixation work by the Areas. As a responsible organisation AIRBSNLEWA always worked  for the entire community of BSNL pensioners, now also they prepared the list of both Executives and Non Executives. the lists are placed at the top of the website. Pensioners may verify their names and other details, This circle is also trying to prepare similar lists for other CGMs of West Bengal.  If any other circle has taken similar initiative, they may intimate for uploading in the website.




04.08.2016:   Rreports of meetings in WBTC & ETR on 03/08/2016:-
Com Manas Roy VP CHQ, Prasun ghose, Biswajit Guha, Sadhan Chatterjee ,Swapan Ghose ex AGM admin ETR met Sri Anupam Majhi GM ETR now acting CGM along with DGM admin,AGM admin and discussed the 78.2 BSNL order for early implementation information to Sub units of ETR . He assured us for the same.Some medical cases also discussed as told by Biswajit Guha. GM told his AGM to look into. We met him at 1400hrs. Before that we met Sri Chatterjee SDE admin at TBZ bldng and requested him for pensioners list from 2000 to 2013 in ETR. He assured to provide it on Fri, on 5th.
Then they along with our president D. Biswas and P K Samanta(KGP) met CGM WBTC at 1500hrs. We appraised him about 78.2% IDA merger order and requested for early endorsement to all units and SSAs under him. He assured us and asked to meet his GM HR also for this purpose. Accordingly we met GM HR Mr.Bhattacharjee who wanted the BSNL order instantly from us. We appraised him also. He told about sending service book problem to CCAs. We assured him  our assistance in this regards. He assured all help to us.
They then met DFA along with Tapas Mukherjee,ex DFA and T K Mallik da exDGM(F) as GM Fin madam was not available. Discussed about pending med bills. He expressed his inability due to ERP process and asked some more time to settle it earliest. Regarding 78,2 order- after administrative order only he will take care . Regarding pensionets list he assured to provide it by Friday 5th to the extent possible as some official are on leave. They have also planned to meet CGM Store, Factory, ETP at the earliest.
14.07.2016:   As scheduled a mammoth GB meeting of WB Circle of AIRBSNLEWA was held yesterday at CTO Auditorium Kolkata. More than 400 pensioners attended the meeting which lasted for more than 3 hours. 29 new members enrolled as life member. Newly elected CHQ Office Bearers Shri Swapan Mukherjee OS (East) and Shri Amit Kumar Gupta AGS, Sh Prasun Mukhopadhayay CS AIBSNLEA were felicitated by the circle body. Com Sitansu Sarkar in his address has congratulated the CHQ for this remarkable achievements of 78.2% IDA merger and abolition of 60:40 pension sharing system. He particularly congratulated Sh Amit Gupta for his foresightedness and brining into light the draconian 60:40 cabinet decision through series of RTIs. He mentioned that today many including the 'armchair association' is claiming the credit of achieving the demands but in reality they did nothing about it. If their websites are surfed for old news, it will be very well seen that they never spent a single word on 60:40 issue. He expressed his extreme happiness for the settlement which he described as the best reward of his life.
Com Amit Gupta in his address described in details the development of 60:40 issue, how it was mischievously kept secret from all and how it was unveiled through RTI. He mentioned that AIRBSNLEWA was always informed that the 78.2% IDA merger and 60:450 issues are interlinked and cannot be settled in isolation. The same thing happened now. Even the method of 78.2% IDA merger as was informed by us even 2 years back has taken place today in exactly in same manner. The '
armchair association' and 'the minister dependent association' had been giving various misleading information causing harassment to the pensioners during the period and now claiming credit in such a manner that the success has come only due to them and all other are useless. This attitude is called One Up Manship.
Sri Gupta further elaborated the loss being caused to the pensioners due to non payment of pension and pensionary benefit arrears up to 9-6-2013. The amount pensioners are not getting is much more than what they are getting. He explained the situation by citing two sample cases one of Pre 2007 and other of Post 2007 and assured the members that AIRBSNLEWA CHQ will take appropriate action at the correct moment. Now let us concentrate for implementation of the order under issue by DOT. He also clarified other issues like 3rd PRC, Medical etc and explained the actions being taken by AIRBSNLEWA. Click for the glimpses.  
30-06.2016:   Yesterday the office bearers of West Bengal AIRBSNLEWA met new CGM Sh Sitala Prasad Tripathi and new GM (HR) Sh P K Mahapatra and felicitated them with flower bouquet. A letter was given to both of them highlighting the situation of pensioners of Calcutta Telephones. A meeting has been fixed with GM(HR) on 21-7-2016 to discuss both Indoor and Outdoor issues.  
26-05.2016:  Circle Secretary wrote to CGM for 1) Improper Application of Medical Rules 2) For empanelment of 17 more Hospitals. Click   one    two annex      
Com Sunil Kumar Roy DE/Extl Telephone Bhavan expired on 13-03-2016 afternoon. He was suffering from urinary cancer since long. We offer our condolence to the bereaved family. May his soul rest in peace in heavenly abode.
03-03.2016:  AGITATION BY WB CIRCLE AIRBSNLEWA:   As a follow up action of the Agitation, which was deferred after firm  commitment of CTD management , two reminders were issued yesterday. As there is a little contradiction between the letters, we requested them to correct it. Read the orders   One   Two 
 25-02.2016:    West Bengal Circle's Agitation. As a follow up action on the settlement reached on 16-2-2016, CTD administration issued order to all Addl GMs/DGMs.  READ THE CONTENT  
16-02.2016:   REMARKABLE VICTORY BY AIRBSNLEWA WEST BENGAL: As per the notice served, "SIT IN BEFORE CGM'S CHAMBER" was to be held on 17th Feb from 10 AM to 7 PM for settlement of long pending medical bills and other medical related issues of the pensioners. Today morning CGM called our AGS Com Amit Gupta and requested him not to hold the programme. It was pointed out to him that since issue of the notice, no discussion with the administration has taken place and now all pensioners are ready for the programme. Unless discussion took place and some firm commitment is received from the administration we cannot think of even defer the programme. CGM immediately acted and our circle secretary com Sitansu Sarkar received call from GM(HR & Admn) at 8.30 AM to attend the meeting on 12.00 PM at PGM CTD,s chamber.
At scheduled time Com D Biswas President, Com Sitansu Sarkar Secretary, Com Debabrata Roy Org Secretary and Com Amit Gupta AGS/CHQ went for the meeting. From management side Sh Apurba Kundu PGM, Sh S K Samanta GM (HR&Admn). Sh S Kujur GM (Finance) CTD were present. the meeting was held in very congenial atmosphere. All the harassments and sufferings faced by the pensioners to get their medical claims settled was highlighted. Management did not dispute any point and expressed their sorrow for the difficulties faced by the retired employees. Association wanted written time bound commitment to which management responded positively and assured in writing that all medical bills as on 29th February 2016 will be settled on or before 31st March 2016. The proposal of nominating one nodal officer at each area is also considered actively. They also requested to withdraw the agitation. In response to the written commitment, AIRBSNLEWA West Bengal has deferred both SIT IN on 17th Feb and SIT IN STARVATION from 22nd Feb till 31st March 2016. We congratulate all the pensioners of West Bengal for the success of the agitation. Read  letter from Administration      Deferment of Agitation
15-02.2016:    Agitation by West Bengal Circle : As per the notice served to CGM CTD, pensioners will stage "SIT IN" before CGM on 17th Feb and "SIT IN STARVATION" from 22nd Feb indefinitely. Since December 2015 management has issued as many as 7 orders to clear medical bills of the pensioners and to send a report by 10th Feb. As per the information only one area has submitted the report. Another order is issued on 11th Feb and also some SMSs. In spite of all these some areas are not bothered at all and some areas have taken some minor action which is insufficient to end the harassment of the pensioners. The agitation is covered in the leading daily newspaper Anandabazar Patrika on 14-02-16. Mobilise to make the agitation successful. Click for the latest order  Newspaper coverage.    
03-02.2016:    On receipt of "Notice" from AIRBSNLEWA West Bengal , GM (HR &Admn) CTD issued a letter to all DGMs enclosing the notice. "....It absolutely shows callousness and indifferent attitude and failure to monitor the work of the concerned executives and non executives...." Read full text 
28.01.2016:   West Bengal Circle on Agitation. : AIRBSNLEWA WB has served notice today to the CGM CTD for agitational actions to end the stalemate on payment of Medical Bills. Earlier they issued two letters on 05-12-2015 and 15-1-2016 but no significant action has been taken to end the crisis. Outdoor Medical Claims of the pensioners are pending for more than one year and Indoor claims for 2-3 years. Due to such inaction more than 50% pensioners have stopped prefering their claims. The Demand Placed as below :

1)      Settlement of all outdoor and indoor claims submitted by 31st December 2015 within 15 th February 2016. Further the claims submitted by 31st January 2016 by 15 th March 2016 so on and so forth. (As per BSNL Order BSNL/Admn.I/30-6/15 dt 23-10-15)

2)      Supervision at every level to settle the disputed cases. For example the cases are pending at area level or the cases pending at CSC for final payment. There are many instances where the area has sent the approved bill for payment but payment is not made and the pensioner is shuttling between Hare Street and Area Office.

3)      Nominating one officer at every area as “Nodal Officer” to whom the pensioners will send their problems by SMS or Whatsapp. The Nodal Officer in turn will enquire the dispute and communicate back to the pensioner by SMS or Whatsapp. A second stage nodal officer be nominated at GM level to settle the disputes not settled at area. The name, designation and mobile numbers may be suitably notified.

4)      Suitable action by the management to bring back the confidence of the pensioners, so that they exercise their right and resume preferring medical claims.

Agitational Programme:

ü  “Sit in” before the chamber of CGM from 10 AM to 7 PM on 17-02-2016 for drawing the attention of the management.

ü   “Sit in Starvation” from 22-02-2016 before the chamber of CGM indefinitely till settlement of the demands.

      All members are requested to attend the programme punctually. This is a fight to establish the right of the pensioners. Inform all pensioners executive and non executive and solicit their support.

14.01.2016: ABNORMAL DELAY IN SETTLEMENT OF MEDICAL CLAIMS BY CTD OF THE PENSIONERS : Our West Bengal Circle has issued a letter addressed to CGM CTD and copy to GM(F) CTD again requesting him to clear all medical bills of the pensioners within one month. Click 
14.01.2016:  "Family Picnic" organised by West Bengal Circle. On 13-1-2016 our West Bengal circle organised a family picnic at a picnic spot at Kolkata. Total 167 pensioners and their family members participated including 40 ladies. Sports events and Singing sessions were the added attraction. Delicious mouth watering breakfast and lunch was appreciated by all. Total programme was well organized. As a trend here also 5 pensioners are enrolled as life members of AIRBSNLEWA. View the Glimpses.    
05.01.2016:   Family Picnic has been arranged by West Bengal Circle on 13-1-2016 at 'Nuner Bheri' Kolkata. The place is opposite to Bartaman News Paper office on E M Bypass. Bus stop Metropolitan. 7 minutes walking from main road in eastern direction. Break Fast at 09.00 AM followed by Songs and sports by the pensioners and their Family Members with coffee and pakoda. Lunch at 14.00 hrs and prize distribution in the afternoon. Contribution Rs 350/- per head. Pl enroll by 07-01-2015. Contact Sitanshu 94330 98414
05.01.2016:  Yesterday the office bearers of West Bengal Circle met with the senior officers of Calcutta Telephones and DoT Cell. They handed over the one page calendar of 2016 and set of writing pads brought out by them for the New Year 2016. Principal CCA and Joint CCA has taken keen interest to listen the problems mainly the 78.2% IDA merger issue and assured their support.
31.12.2015:   Our West Bengal Circle had earlier submitted a letter to CGM CTD highlighting the difficulties faced by the pensioners in getting settlement of their medical claims. It is also intimated that the pensioners will sit for hunger strike before the chamber of CGM if the issues are not resolved in a months time. Read the letter. In response to the said letter no of instructions have been issued.  one    two   three   four   five.   Unfortunately we are not finding any improvement and the suffering of the pensioners in spite of so many orders. Perhaps we are left with no other alternatives than to go for the agitation.    
17.12.2015:   West Bengal Circle has published 2nd issue of their House Journal AIRBSNLEWA VOICE. As the main article is in Bengali read its English Version  along with other items of the Journal.   
05.12.2015:   Today we have submitted a letter to CGM CTD highlighting the difficulties faced by the pensioners in getting settlement of their medical claims. It is also intimated that the pensioners will sit for hunger strike before the chamber of CGM if the issues are not resolved in a months time. Read the letter     
26.11.2015:  Annual Meet cum "Bijoya Sanmiloni" of AIRBSNLEWA, WB State Branch will be held on 2nd Dec 2015 at 1 PM at CTO Hall. CGM CTD and GM(F) CTD will grace the occation. All members and pensioners are requested to attend. Our Journal 2nd issue and Calendar for 2016 will be distributed to all. 
02.11.2015:  As reported, today the Circle Body had a meeting with G M (West) CTD who is in charge of Serampur, Howrah, North, Barackpur areas. DGMs and AOs of those areas also were present in the meeting. The problems of payment of medical bills for pensioners were discussed for about two hours. After which GM instructed to clear all Medical bills of pensioners received upto 31-10-2015 within 20th Nov 2015. Review will take place on 11th of Nov by which 50% of the bills will be cleared, then on 15th and 20th for 75% and 100% clearance respectively. GM also instructed to complete the allocation of vendor codes to all pre2007 pensioners within this target period. An order to this effect will be issued shortly. We are very much thankful to G M (South) for his concern for the pensioners.       
30.10.2015:  On 28-10-2015 Circle Body of AIRBSNLEWA met GM(South) CTD Sri K C Ghosh to discuss the burning issue of payment of outdoor medical bill for the pensioners. DGM(F) South and AO(Cash) of Alipore South and Jadavpur were also present. It was pointed out that after ERP implementation no pensioner has received any payment. It was reveled in the meeting that about 600 claims are waiting for payment. It was decided in the meeting that about 400 claims will be settled by end of November end amd remaining will be cleared by December end. It was also decided that hence fourth, in South and Alipore area, Oudoor medical claims will be received by AO (cash) office instead of SDE(Staff) as at present. DGM(F) will issue an order to this effect. Further the SDE(Staff) of the areas will complete the Job of allotment of "Vender Code" to pre 2007 pensioners by November 2015.                                    
29.09.2015:  West Bengal Circle Body met DGM(Finance -EB), who is in charge of ERP implementation in CTD and discussed reasons for deadlock in paying the outdoor medical claims of the pensioners. It is gathered that under ERP total CTD is divided into Five business areas for all sorts of payments as below :
South Business Area : Comprises existing Alipore, Jadavpur and South Areas. Name of the
                                            Claim officer for Medical Bill - Sri Krishna Nag. Office at Bally Place
East Business Area    : Comprises existing Bidhan Nagar, City and Central Areas. Name of the
                                            Claim officer for Medical Bill - Sri Debashis Biswas. Office at Barabazar
North Business Area : Comprises existing Barrackpur and North Areas. Name of the
                                            Claim officer for Medical Bill - Sri Partha Datta. Office at Bagbazar
West Business Area :   Comprises existing Serampore and Howrah Areas. Name of the
                                            Claim officer for Medical Bill - Sri Jayanta Saha. Office at Satyabala
HQ Business Area :       Comprises existing HQ,CS,Plg,Works,CMTS and RTTC Areas. Name of
                                            the Claim officer for Medical Bill - Smt Parbati Bhattacharya. Office at TB
All civil unit are with East and electrical units with East and North Business Areas.

Pensioners has to submit their claims as at present in the same Area Offices, from where after approval by the competent authority the bills will be sent to respective business areas. The Claim officers will then enter the bill in the ERP for payment. For entering the bills in ERP, vendor code will be required for each pensioners. The unique vendor code is derived from the HR number pensioners were possessing  before retirement. Therefore now onwards the pensioners have to mention their vendor code in their medical claim forms.Click to know your vendor code <<List 1>> <<List 2>>  For the pensioners who retired before 2007 and did not had any HR number, a unique vendor code will be generated by the staff section of the areas on submission of "Mandate Form". << click for mandate form>> This Vendor code has to be mentioned in the claim forms. 5000 unique vendor code has been allotted to the Areas for this purpose.

We requested to clear the backlog early by approving them and sending them to the respective claim officers early. A cut off date may be fixed for the purpose. DGM (Fin-EB) agreed to do the needful. A letter also deposited at GM(F) office.


28.08.2015:   As schduled the "Pensioners' Meet" was held on 24-08-2015 at CTO auditorium, Kolkata under the President ship of Com D Biswas President. Com P Venugopal President/AIBSNLEA, Com Prahalad Rai GS/AIBSNLEA and our Chief Patron, Com Prasun Mulhopadhayay CS, CTD/AIBSNLEA and Com Tapash Ghosh CS,WBTC/SNEA attended and deliberated in the meeting. Before their deliberation the present status of the pensioners in respect of various issues on their welfare were explained by Com Sitansu Sarkar State Secretary and Com Amit Gupta AGS/CHQ. Com Prahalad Rai in his speech elaborated different issues like 78.2% IDA fixation, Pension Revision, Security of Pension etc. The house appreciated the actions taken by Com P Rai for the cause of the pensioners and passed a resolution. About 600 pensioners attended the meeting, many of which could not enter the hall for paucity of space and attended the deliberations from outside lobby. 38 new members took the life membership of AIRBSNLEWA on that day and many of them took forms and will submit later. Click for  Resolution    Glimpses  of the meeting.
Pl Attend "Pensioners' Meet" on 24-08-2015 at CTO Auditorium, Kolkata at 14-00 HRS. Com Prahalad Rai will be the main speaker and all issues of Pensioners will be discussed.

The " Know Your Pensioners" Form will be distributed and pensioners can fill them up with all his details including PPO NO and enclose copies of Aadhar Card , PAN Card as directed and can submit at 8 Hare Street Pr CCA office which is next Building or may hand over to us for submission.

12.08.2015:  As scheduled "Pensioners Meet" was organised by West Bengal State Branch for pensioners residing at South West Kolkata at Alipore DGM Office on 11-08-2015. 98 Pensioners attended the meeting and all vital issues of pensioners which are being dealt by AIRBSNLEWA only has been discussed at length. The meeting contnued for about 3 1/2 hours. 30 pensioners enrolled as life members and many took the enrollment forms to be submitted later. The meeting was a grand success. Click for Glimpses         
09.08.2015:  As scheduled West Bengal State Branch has organised "Pensioner's Meet" at Panihati Telephone Exchange, Kolkata for pensioners residing in north Kolkata. 58 pensioners attended the meeting and 10 enrolled themselves as life member. Com Pallab Bose Circle Secretary UP(East) circle, AIRBSNLEWA , who happens to be at Kolkata also attended and addressed the meeting. All vital issues of pensioners on medical and pension discussed in the meeting. All pensioners present has approved the stand taken by AIRBSNLEWA on the welfare of pensioners. Click for glimpses.


01.08.2015:  Due to extreme bad weather condition the "Pensioners' Meet" arranged by West Bengal Circle at Alipore Telephone Exchage today at 14-00 hours, is deferred to 11th August (Tuesday) at same venue and time. All pensioners are requested to note the change and attend.
25.07.2015:   Our weekly meeting on next Wednesday (29-7-15) will not be held as the same room will be used by AIBSNLEA for their CWC preparation.     
 25.07.2015:  AIRBSNLEWA, WEST BENGAL STATE BRANCH has released its Mouth Organ "AIRBSNLEWA VOICE" and dispatched to 1600 pensioners. Click to view e version of the Journal.     
 24.07.2015:   West Bengal State Branch of AIRBSNLEWA has notified two GB meetings as below and requested  all pensioners in the vicinity to attend these meetings:

                     1) At Alipore Area Managers Office, 3rd Floor, Conf Room at 14.00 hrs on 01-08-2015
                     2) At Panihati Tele Exchange, Recreation Club at 14-00 Hrs on 08-08-2015
All Pensioners are requested to attend and highlight their problems.  
 08-07-2015 Shri Sudeb Kumar Koyal Ex GM(HR) Calcutta Telephones took membership of AIRBSNLEWA today. He is an aborbee ITS Officer and known to be person with profound knowledge of rules and regulations. AIRBSNLEWA  heartily welcome him in their family.  
05-07-2015 Howrah Branch of West Bengal Circle AIRBSNLEWA organised a special G B Meeting at Uttarpara Telephone Exchange Recreation Club on 4-7-2015 afternoon. All pensioners residing at Chinsurah, Serampore, Uttarpara Area were invited. 84 Pensioners attended the meeting and 22 pensioners took enrollment as Life Members. Remaing were already member of AIRBSNLEWA  and they paid the Donation for year 2015. Sh D Biswas State President presided over the meeting. Sh Sitangsu Sarkar State Secretary and Sh Amit Gupta explained the various issues pertaining to the pensioners and activities of this Association in safe guarding the rights of the pensioners. The meeting lasted for about 3 hours. State body acknowledged the pain taken by S/Sri Umesh Sarkar, R S Banerjee, N C Palye and B.N.Kundu in organising the meeting.  Click for Gimpses of the meeting. 
29.06.2015 Special General Body Meeting of AIRBSNLEWA will be held at Uttarpara Telephone Exchange on 4-7-2015 (Saturday) at 16-00 Hrs. All Pensioners residing at Howrah and Hoogly are cordially requested to attend.  
29.06.2015 Calcutta Telephones issed fresh list of Empanelled Hospitals for Indoor Medical Treatment of Pensioners on CASH & CREDIT basis.   Click for Order  We have requested the Administration to empanel at least one hospital specialised for Heart Treatment. It is informed that although not in the panel but B M Birla Heart Reserch is accepting BSNL patients for tretment at CGHS (NABH) rate at present. However negotiations are going on with some other Hospitals also.
17.06.2015:     State Secretary Sh Sitansu Sarkar along with his office bearers met Sh K C Ghosh GM (NWO) CTD for implementation of the order on Guideline For Settlement of Outdoor Medical Claims by the pensioners. GM assured that he will call a meeting of Area DGMs next week for necessary action
10.06.2015:    Calcutta Telephone has issued order on norms to be followed for settlement of outdoor medical bills for retired employees. The order contains all the points discussed in the CGM's meeting with this Association on 09-04-2015. All Branches are requested to follow up the order for proper implementation at area level.
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18.05.2015:    Office Bearers of AIRBSNLEWA West Bengal (State Secretary, President, Financial Secretary and Organising Secretary) met Shri Amit Bhattacharya New CGM Calcutta Telephones and felicities him with a flower bouquet. The delegation assured full cooperation and requested to sort out the problems of pensioners particularly on medical issues.
24.04.2015:  As scheduled the meeting was held at Howrah 60 exchange. More than 50 pensioners attended the meeting. 13 new pensioners were enrolled as members of AIRBSNLEWA in the said meeting. From State Body Com President, State Secretary, Organizing Secretary, Financial Secretary and other office bearers were present. Com AGS/CHQ was also present. The present issues like 78.2% IDA merger, 60-40 issue, Medical issues were explained to the pensioners. There was nice interaction with them after the deliberation which further cleared many doubts. The state body thanked com R S Banerjee and Com Umesh Sarkar for organising the meeting. It was decided that a similar meeting will be organised at Srirampur soon.
13.04.2015: A meeting of pensioners will be held at Howrah '60' Exchange on 16-04-2015 at 14-00 Hrs to discuss the burning issues of BSNL pensioners like 78.2% IDA merger, 60-40 pension sharing, application under Rule 206 for Telecom Engineering Retirees etc, All pensioners of Howrah and around are requested to attend. The Office Bearers of AIRBSNLEWA will be present.
10.04.2015:Our West Bengal Circle had a meeting with CGM (Calcutta Telephones) on burning medical problems of the circle faced by pensioners. The meeting was attended by the CGM, PGM(CFA), GM (Fin), All 5 GM operations, DGMs, AGMs , DE(HCU). From Association side Com Amit Gupta AGS, Com D. Biswas President, Com S. Sarkar Circle Secretary, Com D. Roy Exe. Member were present. Healthy and Fruitful discussions were held for about an hour on the agenda submitted. CGM agreed to implement the proposals submitted in principal and directed all to ensure justice to the pensioners. He also directed to issue a minute of the discussions and decisions, which is expected shortly. Click for The Agenda.